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September 26, 2011 in Cheesellaneous

Ok the title is misleading but that kind of is the whole point.

I don’t always post picture of my house but when i do, they are still not pictures of my house trolololol.

It’s because i’ve moved in here three years, and it had never been a point where i could keep it decently livable (by common standard, not mine) for more than 5 hours.

There was a point i had to walk like my floor is a minesweeper game wtf.

But i recently had a minor makeover for my house, i changed my ceiling lights, bought a few cabinets, a big ass wall mirror, a new desk (and almost a new imac wtf), and it miraculously stayed neat till today.

I guess it is all about effort and commitment.

It was so simple. I just had to stop throwing everything on my couch, and start putting things back where they belong, one at a time.

If i can commit to keeping my house clean, man i can commit to doing many other things. It’s one power i never realized i had.



Shoe cabinet



Book shelves. You can make a guess of 3 books i love to bits, 3 i rolled my eyes from the beginning till the end and 3 i couldn’t even bother to read wtf.



My new accessory case.


New cabinet to store my make up. Was given a whole series of new make up stuff for review. Soon!!!


New bedside lamp in my room.


Duffies and Shelliemay. Yea they are gay.


This is Classical teddies and a mini Champouf!


My large pink Champouf is finally here!!! Cute until dunno what. Get it from minimaos.

My house is totally mess-free now and awesome!!! Except…


48 responses to “mai haos”

  1. prinsezz says:

    Love your place…its so girly. How I wish mine was like this.

  2. Arrow says:

    omg I LOVE your accessory case and your stuffed animals!!!

  3. Ah Jern says:

    I love the vintage feel of your new bedside lamp! 😈

  4. Jie Ying says:

    :twisted:cute and sweet space for a sweet heart like you^^dai suki des!

  5. Yuenny says:

    super love your accessory case! where you got from? 😀

    I’m guessing Nick Hornby books are your fav ahhaha got so many of em

  6. Glo-w says:

    you should get lil cabinet thingy for your make up. lols good luck with the mess that should not be seen ^^ you can do it! ^^ 😈

  7. yumii says:

    I can imagine you doing this:

    “Bought new stuff. Unpack new stuff, prance around the house happily. Put new stuff nicely around your house, neatly and at their right places. Look at packaging of new stuff. Hold ze packaging. Walk to ze guest room. Open ze door. Then, shot put ze packaging into ze room. Close door. Ze End.”

  8. Dorothy says:

    Your room is very tastefully decorated, especially the soft toys. The wallpaper reminds me of when I was walking past the shops in Otaru near Marchen Square! (:

  9. novia says:

    wahhh so many candy doll products. jelly 😯

  10. agnes sim says:

    wow..all cute thingy!

  11. aud says:

    cheat wan no real picture of your place it’s all your things hahahaha

  12. Momoneeeko says:

    Everything look nice but the last one 😯 Hahaha! My room was the same way, I took 3days to cleaned it OTL

    Shoes and everything Grr!! Want ’em all 😥

  13. weyjin says:

    i wan see your real house 💡

  14. $moke says:

    omg cheesie i love your room, so neat and clean! (except the last picture, is it your store room or something? 🙄 ) Show us your wardrobe! 😆 your teddies are so cute are fluffy! love them!

  15. yinee says:

    Hi cheesie your pictures are so beautiful.May i ask what camera are you using to achieve the dreamy effect?


    is this free and still got stocks ? sorry for disturbing but I really don’t know about that website .. If I want to order one of it , how can I order ????

  17. sarah says:

    please say P.S. I Love You was one of those you rolled your eyes at!! I can’t be the only one in the world who despises that book

  18. saltvinegar says:

    Ha ha looking forward to seeing more of your house!

  19. Joee says:

    I was thinking my room is a total disaster lol, but seems like that corner of yours is win XD

  20. Christy says:

    where you get your table lamp? And whats the thing beside your table lamp? White with ribbon so cute!

  21. Jamilla says:

    Well done! You can get the rest organized!

  22. Jay says:

    you have heaps of nick hornby so i guess u love him?
    which book out of your bookshelf would you most recommend reading?

  23. Christy says:

    Lovely room! 😀 wish i have a room like that. Anyway, can tell which book you like the best? Always wanted to buy book to read but don’t know which one is nice. One 5th avenue looks nice! Haha

  24. gillian says:

    omg, i looove ur bedside lamp <3… cn u plz tell me whr to get it, cheesie?

  25. wintergurl says:

    nice and beautiful room . love ur room wallpapers.

  26. neko says:

    WAAAHHH the small green room! i feel so much better about my own room,

  27. Lirou says:

    love your bedrooooom till the max.

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