If you haven’t, you can watch this video again since much efforts were put in to film it!

This is a video about the usual antisocial me whose life revolves around internet memes and Futurama on Friday nights and all of them happen at my very home, including work, sleep, play AND (virtual) social life.


Until i discover something awesome, possibly legendary that is coming to town. No, not Santa Claus.


Did you guess it? Well, sort of? πŸ˜€

With all the *hint hint* quotes i dropped here and there from Peter Pan? πŸ˜€

“But, Peter, how do we get to Never Land?”

“Fly, of course.”


Club NEVERLAND is the hottest new club in town.

I know!! Me too am bored of all the usual night hang out place in KL!

It offers interactive live performances in a trendy and stylish environment.

Check out their hot dancers!!!

NEVERLAND will be located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at 1, Jalan Kia Peng and will also boast a fully refurbished stand-alone 900 seating capacity with an on-site car park of 500 cars.

No more getting tulan spending 30 minutes looking for a parking until your clubbing mood all gone!

The pre-launch is happening on the 7th October, 2011.

Want to be the FIRST EVER people who go to the hottest new club in town? (And can later go all hipster and tell your friends “meh, i clubbed in Neverland before it was cool”)

I’m picking 10 lucky winners to win 1o exclusive invites to Club Neverland’s Pre-Launch. Each of the 10 lucky winners will be able to bring 1 + 1 people for the Pre-Launch. (Winner A can bring friend B, and friend B can bring a +1)


1. Go to Neverland’s Facebook Page and LIKE it.

2. Tell me what would be an ideal Friday clubbing night out for you.

I will pick the 10 best answers! SUPER EASY!

Giveaway ends: 2nd October 2011, Sunday.

Please also include your email and phone number so that it’s easier to contact you!

Look forward to seeing you guys and your BFFs ^^

Oh, and of course each ticket comes with a free drink! πŸ˜‰

Good luck!