September 29, 2011 in Commercial Break

If you haven’t, you can watch this video again since much efforts were put in to film it!

This is a video about the usual antisocial me whose life revolves around internet memes and Futurama on Friday nights and all of them happen at my very home, including work, sleep, play AND (virtual) social life.


Until i discover something awesome, possibly legendary that is coming to town. No, not Santa Claus.


Did you guess it? Well, sort of? 😀

With all the *hint hint* quotes i dropped here and there from Peter Pan? 😀

“But, Peter, how do we get to Never Land?”

“Fly, of course.”


Club NEVERLAND is the hottest new club in town.

I know!! Me too am bored of all the usual night hang out place in KL!

It offers interactive live performances in a trendy and stylish environment.

Check out their hot dancers!!!

NEVERLAND will be located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at 1, Jalan Kia Peng and will also boast a fully refurbished stand-alone 900 seating capacity with an on-site car park of 500 cars.

No more getting tulan spending 30 minutes looking for a parking until your clubbing mood all gone!

The pre-launch is happening on the 7th October, 2011.

Want to be the FIRST EVER people who go to the hottest new club in town? (And can later go all hipster and tell your friends “meh, i clubbed in Neverland before it was cool”)

I’m picking 10 lucky winners to win 1o exclusive invites to Club Neverland’s Pre-Launch. Each of the 10 lucky winners will be able to bring 1 + 1 people for the Pre-Launch. (Winner A can bring friend B, and friend B can bring a +1)


1. Go to Neverland’s Facebook Page and LIKE it.

2. Tell me what would be an ideal Friday clubbing night out for you.

I will pick the 10 best answers! SUPER EASY!

Giveaway ends: 2nd October 2011, Sunday.

Please also include your email and phone number so that it’s easier to contact you!

Look forward to seeing you guys and your BFFs ^^

Oh, and of course each ticket comes with a free drink! 😉

Good luck!

76 responses to “Neverland”

  1. Qian says:

    Ideal friday clubbing night? Friends all wearing in a theme (preferably sexy theme la), guy friends helping the girl to camwhore, drinking until tipsy at 1am, going for Ramlee burger afterwards. Then some girls talk and sleep until the next noon… Wohoo..

  2. MrLonely says:


    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. Chloe wang says:

    They best party night ever is with dolled up bffs, we solo at e stage and tried to b sexy at that mins end up our table won the Sexiest Dancer wtf. So we’ve got some goodies then shares among and that moment just so unforgettable. Afterwards went somewhr else to chill till the stars falling LOL.

    Best party moment most probs link with those happening people 🙄 . Is that a reason y most ppl being superlicious or dress-up for party heheee? So it’s better to have a camera men to capture the superlicious moment to make it more memorable, and include pep in the photos so there is more interaction. There will be exposure when people rmb it and do talk abt it. 😀 😀

  4. Best Friday Night clubbing~Hmmmm
    Should be SLEEPLESS and Club the whole night! Since Saturday is half day working hour, some even not working why not just club till 5am in the morning!!!! 😀

    Me and my friend always hope club close at 5am, So we can dance till morning!
    This is why people come out with FRIDAY NIGHT at club! Am I right~?

    For me clubbing wasn’t for a drink or drunk. If want to drunk I can just buy few dozen of beer or few bottle of black label and drunk at home, is more comfortable to drunk at home. For me Dance with my friends till the night end is the best!
    But the club me and my friend always go don’t really have enough space for us to dance 👿

    We don’t care to dolled up ourselves too much simple and light make up will do. We go club to ENJOY the WILD night~ wooHoo!! 😈 😈 😈


  5. DSvT says:

    Ideal friday clubbing night?

    Never been into clubbing before, but I personally enjoys beer-ing and chit-chat time with friends or stranger to bullshit or to sharing…

    • ==” my god! My comment didnt sent in! Lost my mood! Anyway, trying to recall what i wrote! 🙁 🙁

      Of cause is SLEEPLESS and ENDLESS night. Since Saturday people work half day, some even not working.
      Me and my friends always hope club close at 5pm. So we can dance till the night end. Before getting home, when for dim sum as breakfast. *NAIS* 💡

      For me go to club isn’t for the alcohol or getting drunk. If I want to drunk why not I buy dozen of beer or few bottle of black label and drunk myself at home, is more comfortable to drunk at home.

      Me and my friends prefer dance and crazy till the night end. But most of the club we when is over crowded, They don’t really enough place to fit all people in. :@


    • ==” my god! My comment didnt sent in! Lost my mood! Anyway, trying to recall what i wrote! 🙁 🙁

      Of cause is SLEEPLESS and ENDLESS night. Since Saturday people work half day, some even not working.
      Me and my friends always hope club close at 5pm. So we can dance till the night end. Before getting home, when for dim sum as breakfast. *NAIS* 💡

      For me go to club isn’t for the alcohol or getting drunk. If I want to drunk why not I buy dozen of beer or few bottle of black label and drunk myself at home, is more comfortable to drunk at home.

      Me and my friends prefer dance and crazy till the night end. But most of the club we when is over crowded, They don’t really enough place to fit all people in. :@


      how come i cant see any of the comment i have commented

  6. Lotus says:

    Ideal friday clubbing night would be dressed to thrrill with best gal pals at a cool club and all comfortable yet tipsy..and supper thereafter! yay!
    I’m from Singapore but I’ll be in K.L on 7 Oct and would love to check out Neverland! Thanks for this blog post 🙂

  7. IfOnlyIHadIt says:

    I would love to be clubbing with you Cheesie. The best party ever is partying with Cheesie !!

  8. Dora says:

    My ideal Friday clubbing night out will be an all-girls-night-out. The fun will kick start with meeting up my BFFs for dinner after work (We need to fill our stomach before partying! Consuming alcohol and liquor with empty stomach is really bad for health too).

    After that, we will head to one of our house to get dolled up together! We will help each other do our hair, paint our nails and even make up. Once ready, we shall cam-whore together nicely before our makeup fade / melt!

    We will then zoom to the club with only ONE car! This will save fuel burning and lesser carbon monoxide emitted from the exhaust pipe! We are sort of doing our part to save the planet. LOL! Besides that, we can also save on parking fees!

    When we arrived, we will step into the club like a boss and start to boost ourselves with some drinks. While still sober, we will take lotsa lotsa pictures! Once tipsy, we will hit to the dance floor and dance our asses off till the club is close!

    A night out will not be complete if we did not go to mamak for Teh O Ais Limau and Maggi Goreng. A stop here will help to sober up as well (and also help us to gain weight too, unfortunately).

    Last but not least, we will then go back to the house we got dolled up and continue on with slumber party!

    All these will spell a word, FUN! 😉

  9. Dora says:

    I am from Malaysia by the way.. I don’t know why the flag in the previous comment shown otherwise.. 😳

  10. Angeline says:

    My ideal clubbing night would be drinking good liquor & getting tipsy with my girlfriends, dancing the night away together on the dance floor, laughing at everything when we’re high like retards and basically just having a fun girls’ night out. And like all typical M’sian clubbers, we’ll all head to the mamak for supper after that. Then, we’ll have a sleepover at one of my girlfriends house, and talk nonsense for hours wtf. That’s it. Typical, but i can imagine it to be super fun max, esp with my group of freaking retarded friends 🙂 kthxbye.

  11. Hali says:

    I think you meant this post lol. Messed up x) i want 😀

  12. YingYi Chai says:

    Ticket izit still available? Can i have the ticket please?

    i’ve been bored in other clubs and looking for some new spot to hang out with my friends.

    No: 012 6530619


  13. Jasmine says:

    My ideal friday clubbing night would be chilling out with all my friends with lots of wine and dance! Gotta Sweat and drink off those weekdays working stress! And the best would be going to a brand new hottest club in town and brag about it on Monday morning! LOL

    Cheesie, pick me pick me!

    Jasmine (

  14. queenie says:

    my ideal friday club night, of course firstly have a good makeup & good hair day! blemish free skin and nicely styled hair, with perfect dress and comfortable shoe that i can move around the dark club easily without stepping on other people’s toe. and of course, a good camera that can capture best picture with flash. Usually normal digital cameras would flash too bright, either all of our face looks oily, sweaty, red eyes and some can’t even capture the background.
    Sip down some drinks and get yourself ready to hit the podium! Climb to the podium and don’t need to squeeze with other people below the dance floor. Move ya body along with the music. The best would be leave the place 20-30 mins before it close to avoid squeezing with other people. After that, will go to nearby 24hour cafes to have supper/breakfast, go home & sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp~~~ LOL

    That’s my ideal clubbing night <3. which i will be doing it too on this Saturday 😛

  15. Hali ding says:

    It would be an ideal clubbing night because it I’ll get to see cheesie and so many other beautiful people :O! It will give me a reason to put on my favourite dress and to doll up 😀 It will make me feel like a vip too before i leave overseas next year. I would want to have some cool pictures with cheesie and others before i leave :/ It will definitely unforgettable ideal clubbing night experience 🙂 please pick me!! 😀

  16. cheesie says:

    Guys, don’t forget to leave your email address and (if possible) tel number!! And also if you are from Malaysia but your flag states otherwise, pls specify!

  17. cheesie says:

    Sorry for overseas readers because you all will have to physically go collect the ticket from Nuffnang office T_T.

  18. h0ney says:

    When it comes to Friday…everyone thinking of entertainment, enjoyment to the max. Well, of coz when it comes to clubs, we (mostly ladies) will think what to wear. We even tend to shop coz we want look good, sexy, hot…come on ladies, ADMIT IT! 😉

    Anyway, my point is why don’t we just have something that we don’t have to think much…PYJAMAS PARTY!!! Once in a while turn this Neverland into DREAMLAND. Pyjamas can be sexy too n not to mention kawaii also 😛

    PS: For those who got wasted… just jump to their bed n sleep well 😆

  19. Hali says:

    Malaysia ! 😀 lol! i look so stupid seeing so many comments from myself. Excited* 0176283709

  20. Enrico says:

    Can I be the +1 that bring you???

  21. Aleanor says:

    An ideal Friday night clubbing…

    A beautiful dress that I just manage to squeeze into.

    Perfect make up.

    Bunch of fun loving friends who love to dance going together…

    A pretty boy on my arm.

    Plenty of drinks on the table.

    Gorgeous, smiling people in the club having fun.

    Perfect night.

  22. hikki says:

    I don’t club that often but my ideal Friday Clubbing Night Out is to have a clubbing session with less lame hamsap lou(s) around. Perhaps Neverland? =P

  23. Joey says:

    An ideal Friday clubbing night would definitely being able to meet up and snap some lovely pictures with my idol ie: Ringo Tan! I am your biggest fan ever as I will never fail to visit your blog every single day! Kudos to you,Ringo! I would be grateful if I would be the chosen one to be given the opportunity to club at NEVERLAND and in additional get to meet YOU in person! Please pick me,Cheesie and your pick is very much being appreciated! I really wanna be one of the few first peeps to enter this awesome club!!!!!!!!

    Joey , , 0129369372

  24. Yyan Poon says:

    My ideal friday clubbing night would be 5 GOOD!
    No one will like to go a club with boring music 🙁
    No one will like to go a club with bad drinks taste :@
    No one will like to go a club that small space to party rock!
    As what you writed :
    *Neverland is a fully refurbished stand-alone 900 seating capacity* 😈
    *It offers interactive live performances in a trendy and stylish environment* 😈

    A best Club also can be affected by the Name of Club! I love NEVERLAND! Never say Never!
    Hope to see you Cheesie! ♥

  25. Summer C says:

    My ideal Friday Night is to get drunk and feel alive in my own Neverland! 🙄

  26. Joanne says:

    Best ideal Friday clubbing… every Friday is the best day of all weeks.
    Ideal clubbing with besties/BF, meeting peoples (esp handsome/pretty one :blush: ), be someone wild~ present the most second personality of me~ Drink all i could! (of cause without getting drunk). I’ll love dancing on the dancing pool!! 😈

    Joanne Tan,, 0173262900

  27. Lala says:

    A perfect Friday night would go like this ….
    1. Push up the milkshakes
    2. Squeeze the ass into a tight dress( hide bulges – must require good undies)
    3. 5 inch killer heels
    4. Powder the nose, shade the cheekbones, 5 layers of mascara
    5. Withdraw money from atm ( salary must be f*cking in! a nice fat bonus perhaps)
    6. Sassy down the entrance ( do not fall in those heels!)
    7. Flash the shy smile and fleeting eyes to cute guys ( practise for 2 hours before leaving)
    8. Order Grey Goose Vodka
    9. Down a few glasses and loosened up those limbs ….
    and …. then …
    10. Shake it …. shake the moneymakers! …. shake it
    and when comes 3am …
    11. Sassy down the exit ( Please dear God, do not let me fall, my world is spinning)
    12. Remove heels in car, text husband on the way back baby)
    and the most important thing is ….
    13. Husband ” How was your night? Did you flirt with any guys?”
    Me ” U silly man. Never”
    Proceed to the bathroom to wash face and remove contact lens and smile to the mirror
    and say in your heart ” Damn girl! That night was hot!

    P.s: – KL, Malaysia

  28. S.May says:

    ok. so, the besstt clubbing night is when ALL and i mean ALL club-kakis of mine are available to go drink, drank, drunk! not really drunk laa. TIPSY is good enuff! clubbing time is the only time we girls can put WAAAYY-TOO-HEAVY makeup without being too cliche. HEH!
    and of course! the NICE NICE clothes we put on, SEXY to the max without being too slutty. OHHH! don’t we just love dressing up like a DOLL! EEKS! i likeeyy~
    and OF CUZ the boozee! best la if GIRLS don’t need to pay cuz it’s all on the tab from the guys! YAY! don’t we just LOVE being a GIRL *bats fake lashies*
    and then! the DANCE FLOOR! yoohoo! time for some shaky shaky and get those FATS off! DANCE off all the stress! work hard, PLAY HARDER! WOOOTS!
    GAHH! just typing all these makes me wanna get down to a CLUB like right noww!

    email : (email me for me numbaa~)

  29. yenshann says:

    just went to my first ever club in my life…0.0 and i m 20 …0.0 x2
    i think the ideal friday clubbing night for me is to go with a bunch of good friends and have a great time with them…though i still prefer yamcha XD

  30. Ruby says:

    I think for my case, having an ideal Friday night would be to have a non-virtual social life on a Friday night. And this surely calls for a trip to Neverland ! ( without flying… ) 😀 😀 😀

  31. Po Leen says:

    My ideal friday clubbing night out would be able to drink, dance and hitting on guys with my girlfriends!

  32. Quistreous says:

    My ideal friday night for 10/07 would be to spend some time with one of my close friend who will be getting married soon. I intend to give him a time of his life before he gets hitched by bringing him drinking, dancing and just enjoying the night without any restrictions. Since I am from Penang, its going to be even more memorable since I am taking the effort to plan everything before hand. I hope he gets his “Neverland” when I am down 🙂

  33. May Kuan says:

    My ideal Friday clubbing night would be:

    1. Dress sexily in little black dress and make up gao gao (like this is one of the few times that we get to make up a lot)
    2. Wearing five inches high heels
    3. Being driven to club by handsome gentlemen friends (so I could drink without worrying about driving back home)
    4. Drinking some alcohol (not too much since I prefer to keep myself sane)
    5. Dancing the night away with lots of girlfriends and hitting on guys!
    6. Bumping into you, Audrey and Bobo in clubs and getting to be friends with you all (yes, I read their blogs too!!!) because three of you inspired my make up style and fashion sense!

    Al these would be perfect if they are being done n Neverland!

  34. cheesie says:

    Hey thanks, thanks so so much for all the comments!! You guys are SUPER awesome!!

    Unfortunately i can only pick 10 of you, and i must say all the entries are great, i enjoyed reading every one of them. However for convenient sake, i will also give priority to those who put in contact details for easier communication.

    Winners will be picked today 🙂

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