When you start to run out of things to blog, you can always blog about your foot. Or feet. The more the merrier.

You can always organize like a Feet Party and take lotsa pictures of feet and blog about them. That’s how you have an awesome blog. You’re welcome.

And also this is one of the most disgusting blog post i have written. Well apart from the time i blogged about 600 pictures of my face in a row.

Since it is a disgusting blog post i shall start it off with an ambiguously disturbing photo.

You have been forewarned.

I mean you should be looking forward to seeing the breakfast you ate this morning on your keyboard. But then again if you’re too curious to read what kind of disturbing shit i can come up with, you can always squint through the pictures. Who knows they may end up looking lovely.

At least i will have nice toe nail polish.



This is a picture of… my feet. After like an 8-hours walking from my 4-inches heels.

What? So this isn’t what you expect to see when someone tells you she’s writing a blog post about foot?



The blisters from squeezing my tiny feet in tinier shoes. Ouch.


And because i am ultimately vain, i don’t only do masks for my face, but for my feet too. Probably the most unseen body part after… nevermind.

Anyway this Actizen foot mask is supposed to treat roughness, chapped skin, callus, cracked heels and other unslightly and embarrassing foot problems.


There are two pouches from the package. I took it out, and cut along the dotted lines.


Wear the masks on both feet as if you’re wearing socks. Peel off the stickers and press them together, so that the treatment essence doesn’t flow out.


TADA. I bet you have never seen a pair of socks funkier than this.


Useless Fashion Pic of the Day. Epic win.

Okay so you will have to wear the foot masks for 120 minutes. At first i was like whaaaaaat but then i surf a few porn sites 9gag and 2 hours was gone. Wheeeew. Gone like that.

If you have sensitive skin, wear it for 90 mins and leave the top open (do not have to press the stickers together) so that the essence will work on the dead skin on your soles only.


So after 120 minutes i removed the masks. And this was how my feet looked. I was like hmmm okay. So what’s so great about this mask?!

I conveniently forgot about it until about four days later, i went to someone else’s house and i walked around and i kept feeling the floor is very dirty and i secretly thought why this person so untidy wtf so i brushed my feet and i felt that there were a lot of stuff stuck on them wtf and the more i brush them off the more crusty it became.

And then i lifted my feet and looked and i went

My foot was….

wait for it







Once you notice the first signs of peeling, soak your feet in warm water for a minimum of 30 minutes to loosen up the dead skin so that it can be rubbed off easily to reveal baby smooth skin!



*peels peels peels

The peeling might look abit scary to you but it is completely painless. In fact…. it is addictive :X

*Feels like a snake.


It was very disgusting i know but let me tell you it was also ultimate pleasure peeling off those dead skin i kid you not. I would say it surpasses the satisfaction of popping a bubble wrap I AM SERIOUS.  #sweetjesusface

Screen shot 2011-09-05 at 10.18.16 PM

I think i wanna do it again. #addicted.

And i swear after the peeling is done you feel like your feet is REBORN.

They are given BRAND NEW SOLES! #pun

You can apply lotion to protect your baby smooth feet once all the dead skin is removed.

I guess the only drawback of this awesome foot mask is that somebody may steal your toe-print-skin for identity theft wtf.

Just kidding. I mean, the worst they could do is probably make it into packaged deep-fried snacks. Onomnom.



Human skin potato chips.


Highly recommended!

If you are curious, this foot mask is made of a variety of fruit acids and keratin softening compositions, and it contains no Salicylic Acid.

First time users are advised to use the Foot Mask twice in the first month (once every two weeks) and once every month after for maintenance.


Actizen Foot Mask retails at RM 38 in WM & RM 41 in EM only!


West M’sia: Buy 3 pairs, get FREE courier shipping

Buy 5 pairs, get 1 pair FREE + courier shipping

East M’sia: Buy 6 pairs get 1 pair FREE + courier shipping

To place an order, e-mail Actizen at info@actizen.net or contact their office at 03-91023186 / 03-9101 2688 / 012- 661 3938. All products are sent on the same working day for payments cleared before 1.30pm.

To place an order, e-mail Actizen at info@actizen.net or contact their office at 03-9102
3186 / 03-9101 2688 / 012- 661 3938. All products are sent on the same working day for
payments cleared before 1.30pm.

Alternatively, locate your nearest retailer from Actizen’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/actizen


Actizen Foot Mask will be available in all Guardian outlets in Singapore in mid-October.