So this is an awesome blog? Awesome my foot.

October 1, 2011 in Commercial Break


When you start to run out of things to blog, you can always blog about your foot. Or feet. The more the merrier.

You can always organize like a Feet Party and take lotsa pictures of feet and blog about them. That’s how you have an awesome blog. You’re welcome.

And also this is one of the most disgusting blog post i have written. Well apart from the time i blogged about 600 pictures of my face in a row.

Since it is a disgusting blog post i shall start it off with an ambiguously disturbing photo.

You have been forewarned.

I mean you should be looking forward to seeing the breakfast you ate this morning on your keyboard. But then again if you’re too curious to read what kind of disturbing shit i can come up with, you can always squint through the pictures. Who knows they may end up looking lovely.

At least i will have nice toe nail polish.



This is a picture of… my feet. After like an 8-hours walking from my 4-inches heels.

What? So this isn’t what you expect to see when someone tells you she’s writing a blog post about foot?



The blisters from squeezing my tiny feet in tinier shoes. Ouch.


And because i am ultimately vain, i don’t only do masks for my face, but for my feet too. Probably the most unseen body part after… nevermind.

Anyway this Actizen foot mask is supposed to treat roughness, chapped skin, callus, cracked heels and other unslightly and embarrassing foot problems.


There are two pouches from the package. I took it out, and cut along the dotted lines.


Wear the masks on both feet as if you’re wearing socks. Peel off the stickers and press them together, so that the treatment essence doesn’t flow out.


TADA. I bet you have never seen a pair of socks funkier than this.


Useless Fashion Pic of the Day. Epic win.

Okay so you will have to wear the foot masks for 120 minutes. At first i was like whaaaaaat but then i surf a few porn sites 9gag and 2 hours was gone. Wheeeew. Gone like that.

If you have sensitive skin, wear it for 90 mins and leave the top open (do not have to press the stickers together) so that the essence will work on the dead skin on your soles only.


So after 120 minutes i removed the masks. And this was how my feet looked. I was like hmmm okay. So what’s so great about this mask?!

I conveniently forgot about it until about four days later, i went to someone else’s house and i walked around and i kept feeling the floor is very dirty and i secretly thought why this person so untidy wtf so i brushed my feet and i felt that there were a lot of stuff stuck on them wtf and the more i brush them off the more crusty it became.

And then i lifted my feet and looked and i went

My foot was….

wait for it







Once you notice the first signs of peeling, soak your feet in warm water for a minimum of 30 minutes to loosen up the dead skin so that it can be rubbed off easily to reveal baby smooth skin!



*peels peels peels

The peeling might look abit scary to you but it is completely painless. In fact…. it is addictive :X

*Feels like a snake.


It was very disgusting i know but let me tell you it was also ultimate pleasure peeling off those dead skin i kid you not. I would say it surpasses the satisfaction of popping a bubble wrap I AM SERIOUS.  #sweetjesusface

Screen shot 2011-09-05 at 10.18.16 PM

I think i wanna do it again. #addicted.

And i swear after the peeling is done you feel like your feet is REBORN.

They are given BRAND NEW SOLES! #pun

You can apply lotion to protect your baby smooth feet once all the dead skin is removed.

I guess the only drawback of this awesome foot mask is that somebody may steal your toe-print-skin for identity theft wtf.

Just kidding. I mean, the worst they could do is probably make it into packaged deep-fried snacks. Onomnom.



Human skin potato chips.


Highly recommended!

If you are curious, this foot mask is made of a variety of fruit acids and keratin softening compositions, and it contains no Salicylic Acid.

First time users are advised to use the Foot Mask twice in the first month (once every two weeks) and once every month after for maintenance.


Actizen Foot Mask retails at RM 38 in WM & RM 41 in EM only!


West M’sia: Buy 3 pairs, get FREE courier shipping

Buy 5 pairs, get 1 pair FREE + courier shipping

East M’sia: Buy 6 pairs get 1 pair FREE + courier shipping

To place an order, e-mail Actizen at or contact their office at 03-91023186 / 03-9101 2688 / 012- 661 3938. All products are sent on the same working day for payments cleared before 1.30pm.

To place an order, e-mail Actizen at or contact their office at 03-9102
3186 / 03-9101 2688 / 012- 661 3938. All products are sent on the same working day for
payments cleared before 1.30pm.

Alternatively, locate your nearest retailer from Actizen’s Facebook page:


Actizen Foot Mask will be available in all Guardian outlets in Singapore in mid-October.

57 responses to “So this is an awesome blog? Awesome my foot.”

  1. puddiing says:

    I wanna try too! this is really cool! can’t wait to have it in SG! thanks cheesie for sharing this!

  2. Shmuberry says:

    Omg want!!! I need to find a way to get these in Canada!!!

  3. Saya.Lii says:

    Oh my god!! <3 I had the exact same reaction as you , cept I tried the Baby foot I got in japan! I remember sitting on the couch thinking"REBORNNNNNNN" while I peeled too! XD it loos disgusting but I completely agree with you! It is so so so addictive!

  4. That’s why I always wonder: How do people walk in super high heels!

    Even with flats, my feet do get cracked from walking too long…

    Thanks for sharing this product. I use a diff. brand that I bought from HK Watson but I think this looks pretty effective too!

  5. Li Ean says:

    omg LOLOL so brave to post this!
    Will get a bunch of these when I get back to malaysia!

  6. Sakura says:

    I do have to say! This was not disgusting but really intriguing i now want to try this out!
    And also please keep blogging as i find ur blog is the one i read the most and i always feel inspired to blog more. Also i seen u wanted a boomerang! If u wish for one let me know i will send you one since im in Australia now my email is

  7. Dorothy says:

    That is awesome! And as my mother’s birthday is in two months, I know exactly what to get for her 🙂 Not saying that her skin’s feet is bad but it’s pretty much chapped. So yeah 🙂 Thanks Cheesy!

  8. Pam Song says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. I hardly ever comment on blogs but… this post totally made me laugh my butt off! So much so that I couldn’t resist telling you. Eh, you got damn a lot of feet skin, mannnn… But the way you talk about the peeling, say until so addictive, I also feel like peeling mine. Haha. Good post. Thanks for making my day.

  9. Beatrice says:

    Thank you for introducing this product to us! 🙂 I can’t wait to get my feet on them! I love peeling skin too 😉

  10. aud says:

    #3 – how did you use two hands to cut the thing and take a photo at the same time? *inglip.jpg #inception

  11. Victoria says:

    “Surf a few porn sites” ….. “MOTHER OF FOOT.”


    And this stuff looks amazing. Hope I can find a place in the USA that carries it. =]


  12. xian says:

    wow! it would be awesomemax if they sell facial mask!

  13. WP says:

    Wow…looks amazing! Though the peeling part really looks kinda scary. But it’s rather expensive (I don’t usually spend so much on my feet lol)…no free sample? lol

  14. Angel says:

    awesome! now if only they sell it here 😈

  15. Laura says:

    I need to have this product! why must I live so damn far away!
    Also, damn I have been lurking (read: not commenting) for so long 😮 back to comment spamming 😀

  16. Naima says:

    Actizen foot mask is a super good product!! I’ve been using this since last year. Their skincare is also very effective 😀

  17. Jess says:

    wow the potato-chip pic IS disgusting but erm.. i want try it . lol but what if it peels off in office. omg gross

  18. gunila says:

    you know, that’s freaky awesome! 😀

  19. CheeseCake says:

    Got in WATSON???
    can’t wait to buy. 😈

  20. Aylin says:

    i laughed hard. i so love your humor!

  21. Pris says:

    heyyy,, i was wondering if i could put this on my face LOL wonder what will happen xD

  22. Marie says:

    I can’t believe I just read an entire post about your feet o_O
    It’s pretty cool though; I need some of those!

  23. Jamilla says:

    TOTALLY AMAZING! I need this! I think you also need to visit a Chiropodist too, and get some reflexology – it’s great.

  24. Emeryn says:

    wow….quite an unbelievable product!

  25. Nina says:

    I loike your review, and definitely i wanna try it too.

    Btw, may i know wer u do ur nails? I love to see them! And how long does it take to do those nails?

    Thanks in advance! 😛

  26. Nat says:

    Omg I’m grateful I managed to hold my gut in by the end of the post but damn that seems like one really awesome product!

  27. EvaRuri says:

    WOW! this is really something new! Can’t wait for its release in SIN

  28. Nao says:

    WOW~ 😯 this is awesome!

  29. Kiwi says:

    Those were some eww-y pictures of the skin peeling off… but I am so glad that you shared this with us lol.
    The product seems really amazing.

  30. ClosetVoyage says:

    ahahahahahaha I laughed so hard!! ‘MOTHER OF FOOT!’ lOLLLLL

  31. Cindy says:

    This post made me laugh.

    But gee golly do I need this! I have an addiction to peeling dead skin off as well! 😆

  32. Jay says:

    that sounds like a lot of fun!


  33. Shervin says:

    YAY!!!! Got my actizen foot masks today!!! Can’t wait to try them 😀 thanx for sharing this with us Rin!!!

  34. hitomineko says:

    I feel like I seem this somewhere b4~

    The peeling looks so satisfying.. haha

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  35. agnes sim says:

    this post is really useful for me!! I got problem on my foot also…i think i will try this soon! Thanks for the sharing!!! 😉

  36. Juju says:

    UR NAILS ♡ ADORE!! where did u get them or had them done ???

  37. sammie says:

    hi cheesie! just want to know if this is available in any watsons in malaysia or in any specific shop? coz asking my friend there to buy one for me..

  38. wow, this so got my attention! will watch out for its SG release, thanks for the info! first time commenter and followerm here, you are hilarious! and pretty! (^_^)

  39. Never heard of this product but looks kewl. xD

  40. ken says:

    oh i see.. from the title i thought you’re gonna shoot down a blog 😛
    but yeah, it’s nice to see the skin all peeled off.. haha!

  41. nail designs says:

    nail designs…

    […] » Blog Archive » So this is an awesome blog? Awesome my foot.[…]…

  42. i received my actizen yesterday
    and try it last night
    cant wait for the progress 😀

  43. Ashley says:

    I am from Canada and bought this mask while in Singapore – it’s pretty amazing.

  44. May says:

    I had the same reaction too 🙂 nnNow expensive already! RM56

  45. Adelene says:

    How long will the baby foot last?

  46. Sophie says:

    We are using in Taiwan too and it works really good.n

  47. Luxa Derme says:

    Thank you for publishing this very informative blog.

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