Searching for…

September 23, 2011 in Commercial Break

Temporarily not #foreveralone, because something big and exciting is coming to KL!

And here’s a video to watch…

It was just my daily #foreveralone life with my iMac and massive wardrobe. However, something that’s happening will change this.

You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll be waiting.

I hope i will never be #foreveralone again. And never is an awfully long time.

Everyone is looking forward to this. Here’s what Eiling thinks about it. 🙂

38 responses to “Searching for…”

  1. KY says:

    not sure if foreveralone……..
    ……. or got camera man

  2. Chuckei says:

    🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

  3. Glo-w says:

    Neverland? or Never alone land? Just 2nd star to the right and straight on till morning right? ^^ CANT WAIT!

  4. Huai Bin says:

    I love your video Cheesie!

    Yours has good cut scenes. 😀


  5. Luke says:

    JYEAH!!! NICE 🙂

  6. agnes sim says:

    who took the video? looks fun!

  7. Michael says:

    I see, Michael Jackson is coming back as party zombie then.

  8. JxDecimo says:

    Sounds ‘Peter Pan’-ish. ~.~

  9. ian says:

    nice video.. and that’s a very nice mr-s 😈

  10. Pinkystar says:

    Great video, i like it & watch it many times! 🙂


  11. Angel says:

    at first i thought someone was moving in with you 👿 or that you were getting married LOL but when i saw the video i realized it’s nothing like that 😀

  12. Lee says:

    wow all the videos has cheesie entering the club at the end. and cheesie has the best smile 😀 😈

  13. j says:

    what’s neverland? why is this post related to “who wants to adopt cheddie?”

  14. melody says:

    Love your vidsssss
    prefer short ones!!!!!
    Ahhhhh neverland!!!!!!!!

  15. Michelle says:

    😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

    Neverland?? Cute boots by the way! 😉

    [url=][color=orange]♥♥ ♥♥[/color][/url]

  16. Minnie Vee says:

    Hey Cheesie’ how old are youu?? 💡

  17. Peter says:

    What is that ! cant wait !!!

  18. […] Then this video is from Cheesie of Cheeserland look it up here […]

  19. b34st says:

    A carreer in music?
    Better than most Asian stuff I have heard, you should do well, speaking Japanese will also help
    Good luck Ringo Star

  20. Paranoid_Android says:

    Saw a giant Neverland banner on Jalan Kia Peng today…

  21. Atiqah says:

    Hello! Your Hello Kitty phone was bought from minimaos is it? If it is, just asking, is the settings (like the whole function) is english or chinese? Cause I’m thinking of getting it, but I can’t read Chinese ><

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