End of the world

September 22, 2011 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

The predicted date is 21 December, 2012.

If it is true, then it leaves us like really just one year and a little more. I know it is silly to think about things that may not even happen. Or… is it really?

Most prophecies predict an apocalyptical event that will lead to the end of the world and human civilization. Others say those theories could be interpreted  as a just major transformative event that will make an impact but might not kill everyone of us living on this planet.

We survived many predicted “end of the world” days before and many that awkward moment when the world didn’t end.

I really hope the world is not gonna end in one year, man. I am really quite happy with my life right now and it will suck if i cannot live till i can see my prefect straight teeth after my invisalign. Also i have some exciting projects yet to finalized that will hopefully bring better money and personal satisfaction. It will be shitty if i die.

Just say, hypothetically, if it’s super fucking confirmed that the world is gonna end next year December, what will you do?

One year is not a lot, but it is still a lot of time, compared to like, “oh say you’re gonna die tomorrow, what will you do?”.

Will you still work as hard knowing that everything is going to end in a year?

If i stop making plans outside a one-year time frame, things suddenly become so different. I don’t have to worry about the future anymore. I don’t need to think about having a family, especially not kids cuz i so sanfu waste time get pregnant give birth then BAM my baby dies wtf? Together with everyone else WTF?

So that’s actually a very comforting thought, knowing that i dont have to go through that anymore, because it has been bothering me quite abit for awhile now (the whole… baby thing) (omg i just disgusted myself typing it out) and i secretly wanted one. On my own obviously since no one is marrying me anytime soon.

Anyway. Oh then also i will stop most of my work and spent most of my savings doing whatever the hell i want. Err.. mainly traveling, i guess. See the world, whatever. Cliches like that. But the phrase see the world is now more appropriate than ever to use, because, you know, like, see it before it ends.

But it will be wise to still keep aside enough money as an emergency fund for that awkward moment… just in case i survive the apocalypse wtf. I will be so fucked if all my money is gone and the world doesn’t end :X

And also i think i can afford to be less vain because if i’m gonna die in one year, i don’t really care if i die 5KG fatter. So chances are i will also eat whatever the hell i want and fuck being healthy. I will sapu all the expensive sushi in Japan i could just drool at. Arigatou.

I think that’s all for now la. I’m not even half-joking. I really think i should at least check off a few things on my bucket list before i see one bright light flash before me and everyone else and i go, damn, i should have shaken Nakata Yasutaka’s hand and seen what Greece is like wtf *dies


What would you do if the world is going to end next year?






(back to reality and resumes life :X )


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37 responses to “End of the world”

  1. evon t says:

    f*cking spend all the money in the bank . . and borrow more if I can :p
    SHOPPING TIME !!!!!!!!!!!! *die fashionably* 😉

  2. ivy says:

    hahahah! this is sucha interesting post.

    I would eat everything I could, meet up all the people I wanna meet in my life,tell the people I love how much they are to me and Do a whole lot of crazy stuff which I never dare to do. WOOO~

  3. Co0kies says:

    O BOY O BOY O BOY!! Will u b coming to KK?

  4. WP says:

    I wouldn’t believe it…haha. Did you hear about someone who sued their doctor because the doctor predicted that they would die, then they finished up their money but didn’t die? (really, I read it in an article…I just don’t remember where :/ )

  5. melody says:

    i think i will be even more vain!!!! hahahaha
    wanna die pretty!!!!!!!!
    still work as hard (coz of that awkward moment!!!) and play harder!!!!!!!!!!!
    love more be kinder and nicer!!!!!

  6. Michael says:

    Meh, Greece is just poor right now, nothing else 😳

    The world isn’t going to end anyways. They just turn off the internet, make money obsolete and hand out pillows for everyone (for the war, you know). So prepare yourself! 😀

  7. yumii says:

    I don’t really believe in it but in case it happens, I am now planning lists and lists of travelling destinations for next year. /kiasuness

    No lah, I just really want to travel a lot when I’m still err.. young? Dun wanna end up as an old geezer who grumbles about “oh… when I was young, I work everyday, no travel. Now I wanna travel oso my legs are not working blah blah blah” . Yep.

    BTW, I just came back from Japan!!!!!! >_< WHY THEIR KONBINI SO FAWESOME!!! and I hate M'sia even more now /sob.

    • cheesie says:

      OMG FINALLY!!! how was it!!! im so happy for u!! was it your own holiday?

      • yumii says:

        yeshhh! my own holiday!!! It was superb! Number 1 customer service in the world for sure! and and and I DUNNO LAH I LOVE everything there!!! T___T Dun wanna come back loh seriously. I went cycling in Kyoto to stalk some Maiko toooo <3

        but then sad, coz didn't get to show off my flag here T___T

      • yumii says:

        my own holiday!!! it was superb! there are so much to see and experience! I felt like eight days is not enough! now planning another trip there next year!!! if possible i wanna go there every yearrrrr!! >_< I love Japan before I went there and I love the country even more now! ;__; really dun wanna come back loh seriously!

        I went cycling in Kyoto to stalk some maiko in Gion too!! <3 When I saw them, I was like, 'there, my whole trip is now complete!' hahaha

        but sad, coz I didn't get to show off my flag here T______T I will try next year! I will pay that 100yen per 10mins just to get on Cheeserland!!!!

  8. stella lee says:

    spend all the money for traveling and doing crazy stuffs, things that i wont do when im sober and pelit spending money 😥

  9. angie says:

    💡 😈 appreciate now life….

  10. Rob a bank, we’re gonna die soon who would care to chase me :p and if “the end of the world” doesn’t happen im still gonna continue robbing for fun :p

  11. I have the same thought since end of last year and I have been living within the “end of the world” time frame.

    I travel more, appreciate life more, enjoy more with life, family and friends! It’s really helps to have a “here & now” moments. Makes you less bother about stress or sucky stuff/ppl.

    Of course, I too have the thought of still keeping in the line for the ‘awkward moment’

    so i think you do well too! 😉 😈

  12. Pinkystar says:

    I’m so confused about the end of the world thing… Sometimes i think its real but sometimes i think its just a movie.

    If its really gonna end next year, i will cherish what i have now more, enjoy myself to the fullest, live happily and plan everything to only next year!


  13. Jay says:

    Even without the end of the World, everyone should still be grateful & appreciative of everything, travel more, live more etc… and honestly you are your own worst enemy so go wild and eat whatever you like because you only live once. x

  14. Jan says:

    if everybody stops working and starts travelling to “see the world”, i’m afraid there won’t be much to see and njoy anyway. coz chefs also stop working, department stores don’t get any new stock (becoz factory stop working) and their salesppl all quit.

    what a horrible thot 😀 better live life normally 😀 lol

    • cheesie says:

      haha thats what i think too! i dont think it works that way :X that’s why it is kept a secret form us, so that this world will still function properly. For as long as it can.

  15. eiling says:

    The video is very nicely done!

  16. TSAC says:

    God, I’m going to go eat some cupcakes without feeling guilty, and hope they go straight to my boobs.

  17. Constance says:

    Just an opinion/fact. No one knows when. It’s all in the Bible. Jesus said that He will come “as quiet as a thief” so that no one would be prepared and hypocritical. Only our love and faith for God will save us during Jesus’ second coming. So, do not be deceived if anyone tells you that they know the time, because it is only a false prophecy. If you like reading, you may want to read the Bible and start from Revelation if you are so interested in how the world will be, when it all ends.

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