Just to report that i’m alive

October 25, 2011 in Germany

in Berlin.

Actually i have no idea why i am here. But here i am.

And for the first time i don’t feel compelled to go on the internet eagerly. Actually i am surprised to find out that i was kind of even reluctant to get connected. I didn’t want to know what other people are doing on twitter, nor let people on twitter know what i do. I didn’t even want to blog (sorry). But i kind of have to now, just in case any of you are worried i’m dead.

I guess i’m just finding solace in having some time for myself and all that crap. Doing one thing at a time. Thinking one thing at a time. I thought  that’s what people do but that isn’t really. Until now. I was actually making myself tea and thought, hmmm, i am making myself a cup of tea. And i woke up to birds chirping and i thought, hmm, i’m waking up to birds chirping.

I am completely clueless and have no bloody idea what i am gonna do. And i totally got carried away being completely clueless and having no bloody idea what i am gonna do. Kinda in a good way.

Here’s some hipster pictures i took around this new city. As a random cluelss foreign girl in Berlin.

Man, German is tough. Including the bread.

But yay guess what!! I just created new category for Cheesecapade and imma Show My Flag right after i finish this blog post.























German Darth Vader wtf.



Suppppppppper ginormous bubbles. Made me so happy.



I think Germans are big on rides. Husky sled in the city.





It makes me miss Koyuki so much i could feel my heart bleeding.





With Xuan.



Checkpoint Charlie stamping. On real passports.


Err that’s actually my passport.


I actually paid to have two pages of my passport wasted wtf. After that i feel a little stupid about it because my passport is full as it is mostly with Singaporean stamps and it’s still valid for another  four years but i’ll have to pay RM300 again soon to get a new one done.


More update soon!

Till then,

Love from Berlin.

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53 responses to “Just to report that i’m alive”

  1. Jamilla says:

    I love Berlin! Thanks for the pics!

  2. stella lee says:

    i hope you’d enjoy your trip in germany!
    dont be too stressed out, cheesie, enjoy your life! ^_^ forget work for a moment! 😉

  3. Christie says:

    I hope I can be clueless at Berlin too. At least I’m there. Hahaha. So envy that you actually finished up all your passport pages!! T_T

  4. cheesie says:

    SHOW MY FLAG™ !!!!!!!!!

  5. gunila says:

    Have a good time and relax and whatever there, dear Cheesie! 😉

  6. taley says:

    That’s the way I feel in Europe too! Hope you enjoy your trip! 🙂

  7. b34 says:

    Two things about Die farterland
    Never request a “pudding”
    You will end up with sausage
    Never enter a porno cinema they are even worse than Jap ones apart from being cleaner and more efficient
    The worst job in the world probably has to be the guy that goes around mopping out the booths

  8. HEY I WAS JUST THERE NOT ONE WEEK AGO! 😀 this is a huge surprise!

    I loved that town. so going back there again next year! 😀

  9. MilkySorbet says:

    I hope you enjoy your stay!
    We’re not really as tough as we act sometimes, though lol

  10. Joey says:

    omg I just got back from Berlin yesterday!! Darn, I just missed you.
    I miss the currywurst already which is ridiculous since it’s basically sausages with ketchup and curry powder -.-

  11. Arrow says:

    berlin is beautiful! i wish to go there one day!!!

  12. jean` says:

    I thought there was a special passport which you can use just for going to SG? I’m not 100% sure … and there’s the APEC travel card too (altho not sure if it will save you pages on your passport!)

    have fun 😉

  13. francesca says:

    😈 😈 have fun!!

  14. Glo-w says:

    ware the picture taken with the new Pen? omgomgomg~ <3

  15. agnes sim says:

    your photos are sooo beautiful!!

  16. how come ur Cheesecapade no SG one? 😯

  17. meitzeu says:

    Aww Berlin…. Didn’t have the chance to have a walk back then while studying in UK. 🙁

  18. melody says:

    you are really enjoying yourself!!!!!!!!!
    the moment i saw those huskies i missed koyuki! she’s super brilliant!!!!!
    from the bottom of my heart, come back koyuki! Come back koyuki!

  19. Engel C says:

    “I think Germans are big on rides. Husky sled in the city.”
    i am german and it isn’t normal that Husky sled in the city. Maybe our boys love cars…. 😉 But that all!
    [Sorry for my bad English]

    lovely Regards from Germany-Engel C

  20. Lianne says:

    Germany´s tough, oh yes! Wait till you move downsouth .. it gets even worst, language (dialect) or otherwise but do enjoy it as much as you can. The locals here love their cars, and like hat Engel said, that´s about it and oh, lets not forget their beer 😛

  21. polka says:

    try the kebabs or shaurma there!! its even better then the ones in istanbul!!! 😛 cheap somemore…

  22. Simon Seow says:

    You travel so often nowadays then you should renew to a 64 pages one which will cost RM600 :p

  23. TikkoSS says:

    The place looks familiar.. I think i went there before? maybe in dream or in reality :p .. enjoy over there.. hope you survive conversing in German.. 😛

  24. b34 says:

    Sometimes Cheeser its good not to give a poop and just wander alone in a new place thinking
    “Why am I here ?
    Then return to the familiar hearth and find yourself and what really matters
    Germans are like the Japanese,
    polite, very clean, odd food, fond of public nudity and perverse sexual activity
    Austria is even worse
    Dont go there! 😉

  25. Cher yi says:

    Hello from denmark!

  26. Elli says:

    Oh what a big surprise that you are in germany 😀 😈
    Why are you here? Just for holidays? You should come and visit Hamburg 😆 It’s just 3 hours away 😀

  27. Vaniilla says:

    such a beautiful country >_< planning to go there end of this year 🙂 x

  28. visitor says:

    🙄 a nice place!

  29. Mich- says:

    For the longest time, I wonder, what happened to koyuki??? Plsss blog about koyuki. Missed the Blue eyes :'(

  30. rumiko♥ says:

    love to watch your blog♥♥

  31. David says:


    Great photos!

    Looks you like you had great fun in a great city.

    No doubt the German’s loved having girls from Asia adding beauty to their street scene!


  32. melissa says:

    hey cheesie I really love ur yellow coat, can u tell me where u got that?? thanx

  33. shinn says:

    Woah !

    Both are you are so pretty !

    Hope you had fun there ! Envy you so much for being able to travel around the world ;_;

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