Berlin Zoo!

October 27, 2011 in Germany

I’m just so happy to be here!

It feels like i could do this forever. Traveling and working. As long as the starbucks have free wifi wtf.

Today is a work day at home, but in a different home. I cannot begin to say how lucky i feel and how grateful i am that i can do this. I cannot possibly ask for a better job. The countless people i met across the world because of this blog. Nice people who want to meet me up and show me their beautiful cities. I cannot describe how amazing this makes me feel. Just… thank you, all of you. From the bottom of my heart. To show my gratitude i will offer my brains first when zombie apocalypse happens. You’re welcome.

Here are some pictures i took yesterday.



Useless fashion of the day. Laced boots from minimaos.



Met up with Anna from Berlin, who reads my blog and brought me to the zoo. If you read my long enough you will know i freaking love zoos.

And Berlin Zoo is maybe the most beautiful zoo i’ve ever been to.

Maybe because i love autumn, and i was like omgomgomg this is the best freaking zoo everrrrrr all the time. I think Anna was a bit freaked out by my over-zealousness wtf.



This is part of the zoo. Yeap.



Was a gloomy day and it even rained a little but it was a loooot warmer than the previous sunny days. That’s kind of incomprehensible for someone who comes from Malaysia. So warm that i had to take off my coat and sweater :X



Camho at the lake!



I loooove autumn. Did i say that already?




(Wtf i can’t believe you guys still read my blog till today judging from the way i caption a picture. :X)



Ok i will try to be more precise.




Omg when i was at Sapporo Maruyama Zoo i thought i was close enough to the lions but man was i wrong. Apparently there’s a sign that says don’t get too close to the cage because the lions might piss on you HAHAHHAHA)



Hakuna Matata wtf.



Penguins. I’m more intrigued by the colorful flowers/bush on the hill.



Feeding time!! (don’t dare to name the animal cuz no idea what they are :X )



This is the second time i saw snow wolves but this is even better cuz i’ve not seen a white one!!



Love love love!!!! *pretends Princess Mononoke



Wolves are my favorite animal so they deserve 3 pictures.



Omg i totally want one of these. I didn’t know what it was until Anna told me about it. It’s a Polar Fox! I know. Even i can’t make that shit up.

There’s a white one.

Wait for it.



A  polar fox with heterochromia!

And here comes the best picture i’ve taken yesterday.






Die pigs, DIE!!!!!!!



Petting zoo with a pony <333



AWW! We have same same eyelash wtf.



I have no idea how this dude got on the bench.



Sheepishly camwhored with it lolol.



Anna with the goat.



Donkey….err… i guess? In dreadlocks.



Nao i know the whole obsession of Japanese with Alpaka. IT IS SO FREAKING STUPIDLY CUTE.

Ok that marks the end of the animals.


It wasn’t a very big zoo but it was most definitely beautiful.




With some furniture shop mascot right outside the zoo. Apparently i stand a chance to win like 100,000 euro or something if i take a picture with it wtf. If i do i swear i will spend it on brains to save the world from zombie apocalypse. Oh wait.


Ending the post with a hipster picture!!

More update soon!  If i bother to take pictures! 😀

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95 responses to “Berlin Zoo!”

  1. ken says:

    i wanna see more pics of Anna!! 😛

  2. Jessie says:

    wtf your thighs are so skinny! O_O i iz jealouz!

  3. stella lee says:

    omg autumn in berlin is soooo pretty!!!
    living in a tropical country like indonesia, i wish i could try 4 seasons like japan or europe countries have. its really whimsical and pretty!

    youre really lucky to be there! 😀

    • cheesie says:

      i know!!!!!! i wish msia can have that too T___T

    • MilkySorbet says:

      Yeah, you think that, but truth is we actually have three seasons:
      Moderately cold,
      and shitass cold.

      And as soon as it’s winter and it rains on top of the snow and everything turns into dirty puddles looking like things we’d better not describe here, it’s not whimsical and pretty at all anymore 🙁

      I’d glady swap with you!

  4. :-) says:

    are u using Olympus PEN mini to take all this pictures ? 🙂

  5. Jaclyn says:

    T___T fox!! FURRRRRRR I wanttttttt 😯

  6. cheesie says:

    SHOW MY FLAG AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  7. melody says:

    WOOT WOOT!!!!!
    Update more please!!!!!
    Super super super happy you updated!
    and every single pic is super duper gorgeous!!!
    angry birdsssss!!!!
    love the polar fox with heterochromia
    good thing is goat is nice!!! hahaha remember got one goat in alpha project? wakakakaka
    HAVE A SUPER DUPER AWESOME TRIP!!!!!! From the bottom of my heart!!!!

  8. Jarrett Starkid says:

    I love the polar fox!!! AND the angry birds!!! xD and i love the picture with the penguins!!! 😀 😆

  9. Huai Bin says:

    I thought that animal was a Ilama!

  10. AWWWWW…Anna looks so pretty with her bright lipstick. And cheesie, love the trench coat! Wait..isit a trench coat…..?

  11. Jamilla says:

    You went to the zoo at the perfect time of year! I love Berlin!

  12. Chloe says:

    LOVE THIS POST and those animals! thumbssss up!

  13. Liya says:

    I wish I could have been there and meet you… Berlin isn’t even that far away from me. 😳 I hope you like Germany, your photos are really cute!

  14. gunila says:

    soo cool! 😈 I like white long neck animal most of all! And you in that green pullover are super adorable!!

  15. Ann says:

    Beautiful photos! The editing is perfect! Looks like you two had fun…oh and that animal, I believe, is a Koati 🙂

  16. Yuki says:

    wow super gorgeous photos!!! the animals are sooo cute!! and i LOVE ur coat!! >..< lol

  17. Sushi says:

    OMG OMG OMG polar fox w/ heterochromia!!! OMG foxes are my favorite animals!!! The pictures are beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. winnie says:

    u say u’re a blogger. is that the only thing u do?
    how do you afford to travel so often?

  19. mandy says:

    bloody hell! why so pretty one!!!!!

  20. b34 says:

    I have finaly worked out how you make a living

    You are an international shop lifter, maybe also a cat burglar and trader in the pelts of endangered species (Chinese trait )

    Cashmere suits you, more grown up and classy rather than the Jap school girl look
    Now that you are nearly 30! 😛

  21. meitzeu says:

    You got all the best things that many people would love to have. One word – “Awesome”. That’s why you have a lot of readers/ friends who would love to bring you around locally when you travelled. 🙂

    SO nice!


  22. Anna says:

    LOL I wasn’t freaked out at all, haha don’t worry. I forgot to give you the link to the gallery fml. Wah anyway, see ya in 2 hrs!

  23. Js says:

    I love your hair! Are u wearing extensions? Cuz i rmb u had mermaid perm but this time the curls are diff

  24. sharon says:

    when are u coming to madrid??????????

  25. Jay says:

    alpacas are so cute, they look like they’re pouting all the time :cheh: :cheh:
    have a lovely time x

  26. Trixiebella says:

    polar fox w/ heterochromia!!! so freaking cute, however wolf is still my fav animals to the extent that i want one haha though the closest i can get is a husky which i’d galdly have one haha <3

  27. Kiwi says:

    Omg I want a polar fox!!! They’re so pretty and so cute =3
    I really love your yellow trench coat. Is it also from minimaos?

  28. Amy says:

    When you mentioned the lions I thought you were gonna say they might grab someone, not piss on them, fts

  29. Khatsii says:

    Awesome blog entry! Autumn is my favorite season too. I just love your photo with the beautiful autumn leaves behind you!! Gorgeous!

  30. Glo-w says:

    I love autumn too! not too cold not too warm and the colours are so vibrant! Pic 2 u look a lil like Cindy lols…now I’m really itching to get an EPM >_<" so I can me gusta too~

  31. KY says:

    the goat didn’t eat ur dress this time? and no monkey chewing on blackberry either?

  32. Linda says:


  33. SC says:

    Omg! I love your yellow coat? Where did you buy it??

  34. Joyce says:

    I love the pictures and the effect of the camera. How much is it?!

  35. j says:

    #2 anna looks like a porcelain doll, so pretty! love all your pics! #25 is a hipster donkey 😆

  36. jodie says:

    omgomgomg the animals are sooo cute *_* polar fox is uber cooool! esp the one with eh.. heterochromia?!? oh gosh the lion. be careful.. of the piss
    anyway. alpaccas zomg, i actually have a friend who owns one and she put alpacca poop in her compost column for science LOLOLOL
    berlin is sooo boootifuuulll zamgaaa @_@ more pics more pics
    p.s i love your boots <


  37. KLk says:

    Germany is such a beautiful country! Love the pictures!! thank you for sharing 😈 😀

  38. ahlost says:

    Can’t wait for more updates !!! 😉

  39. FiSh says:

    the pictures taken by this camera is gorgeous! 😀 olympus is so awesome?

  40. David says:


    Great photo set!

    There can be no gloomy day when you light up the world for those with you!!

    Zoos are indeed marvelous places. You have to visit Animal Kingdom at Disney world someday, that’s the ultimate zoo!!

    Those leggings are great!


  41. Stina says:

    aaah no too bad I only read this now, I wold’ve loved to meet you here in Germany T___T*

  42. 😀 OMG WOLVES ARE CUTE! <3 =3

  43. Jo says:

    I love those foxes! They look so docile yet they can be harzardous at times. I actually love your sweater and boots as well.

    Good day!

  44. hitomineko says:

    Ur job is wonderful! i wish I have it too =P

    love ur blog ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  45. Cheesie says:

    Czech out my flag!!!!!! Wahahaha

  46. Aki says:

    wow!!! beautiful zoo!!! I love the snow foxes!!! チージィーのスタイル大好きだよ!

  47. SK says:

    hi love your pictures ! will i be able to take part in the olympus camera competition if i’m from singapore ?? 🙂

  48. rika says:

    i envy that goat have v-shape face with big rounded eyes… 😛
    i read Anna’s blog… she’s perfectly amazing with makeups!
    great zoo story! :mrgreen:

  49. Angie says:

    you were hanging out w/ all these animals thats why I didn’t get to hang out w/ you when I visited Aud T___________________________T

  50. june hew says:

    dream like pictures.nice.

  51. -lyne says:

    aw i just got back from europe not long ago and you are making me want to travel again!

  52. agnes sim says:

    really lovely!! the scenery is beautiful!

  53. June says:

    Oh Cheesie! Please visit me someday. Hannover is known its Zoo and here is also a zoo where you can drive around with your car. SO COME HERE!

  54. Berlin zoo looks really cool and Autumn is one of the best times of year to visit 🙂

    Japan Australia

  55. zimay says:

    are all your recent pictures in europe taken with pen mini un-edited?

  56. Jennifer :3 says:

    OMG you look so beautiful! and i can’t believe you meeted up with Anna xD i follow both your blogs and its really amazing * ^* Wish you could visit holland too haha!

  57. EvaRuri says:

    #17 look so much like my dog LOL

  58. B says:

    hi there,

    Can you please share with me which model / brand of camera are you using? the photos are amazing!

  59. :mrgreen: I just went to the 円山zoo yesterday, my favorite was the giraffes

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