Cheesie X Leftblock Junk Sale!

November 21, 2011 in Happenings / Useless fashion

Thanks to you all, i made enough $$$ to buy more new clothes to vie for Best Fashion Blogger title!!!! *trollface.jpg

It was my first ever attempt to hold an actual on ground fashion sales, all thanks to Leftblock! <333 This is the fastest way to get rid of clothes you won’t wear anymore, albeit very heavy heartedly T_T

Here are some pictures (mixed with instagram pix because no time to take pictures at all T_T)



A pic of me before leaving my haos. Hair nicely tied up and all with nicely curled fringe at a perfect angle but after all the moving around and sweating and panicking i was just in a fuck hair style mood.


Setting up my corner at Ecoba!


Before and after!

I loaded and unloaded at least 60389KG worth of junk four times… wait, only 3 because the unsold stuff still sits quietly inside my car now cuz too lazy to unpack T_____T

Seriously how do boutique owners do it every weekend?!??! Although potentially good money, this is way too exhausting!!!

Ok i take that back.

I used to help my aunty and late uncle at a veggie stall in the morning market back in Seremban. I saw them wake up at 5AM and start up the stall EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I take everything back. THIS IS NOTHING. *emo



At 12noon the crowd started to become too overwhelming for me to handle, i guess because i asked all of you to come earlier to grab the nice stuff! AND YOU ALL SO GUAI ONE LISTENED TO ME!!! <3


I think almost 80% of the sales was made before 1PM.


Thank Cheesus for Erica who helped me out that day!


Erica who is so inhumaely white she made me look like this could be a “if you see it you will shit bricks” picture FML.


Wider view of Ecoba. Many fashion bloggers and blogshop owners that day!!


I was so lucky that my corner was indoor :X


This is my “Premium Rack”!! Most of the stuff here are gone within an hour. Early birds get the cheese etc etc! The unsold ones maybe i’ll sell it online or something later. If i actually bother to T_T


Eh i quite proud of my set up k!!! Even my haos not as neat haha!


This is taken later when the crowd faded. Looks like proud boutique owner anot HAHA. #inmydream T_T

You can see my iMac box behind i used it to transport my clothes lolol





I tweeted this and a reader replied “sorry that’s my BF photobombing you” HAHAHAHHA so cute one!!!




Also a small corner on my table selling reaaaaally cute accessories by, go visit!

Then picture with my customers haha


First customer!! (i think)


Celine! I think she’s 14 or 16 she is sooooooo shy but sooooooo cute, who came with her fashionable mom, who kept insisting that her daughter reads my blog everyday, which made me feel very paiseh (zomg must blog parent-friendly!!!) and they bought 3 apparels and a bag from me <3


All my customer damn pretty!



Finally time for a break and lunch.


Amanda from NineteenNintySeven (Yes she is 14 WTF) who gave me free macarons!



Nah here’s proof.

SEE ANOT!!! #iMadeIt

Then she also asked for my autograph for herself and her friend lolol so cute!!! #superstar



Joyce, without whom i wouldn’t even have a spot at this event. BIG LOVE!!!!


Chelsia bought a RM10 hair bow from me lolol looks so cute on her!!!



GUESS WHO CAME ALL THE WAY TO VISIT ME!!!!!! <33333 #addiction




Ok la that’s all!

Anyway i still receive lotsa emails asking if certain items are sold out. Actually a lot of the items are sponsored by minimaos and you can get brand new ones there!! Like the Dazzlin Fur Coat, Lipsy Grecian Dress and most of the Liz Lisa stuff. They also have new updates!!! 😀

SO! AM I HARDWORKING OR WHAT!! Except yesterday, which was a much needed rest day for me, i am blogging everyday!!! I’m trying to keep my blog everyday promise, so


ever two hours la!

*goes off to think of other legitimate bribes*

31 responses to “Cheesie X Leftblock Junk Sale!”

  1. Simon Seow says:

    Okay. Okay. I’ll go vote again since the 2 hrs is up after my last vote. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve voted wtf.

  2. Cutebun says:

    wow!!! 😯 u sold a lot!

  3. Yvonne says:

    I loveeee your leopard print jacket! Pray tell, where did you get it :O

  4. Kf says:

    me votez as much as me facebook-ing. 😈

  5. jane says:

    i love the fact u super hardworking these days…!!! 😀 vote vote for sure. 😆

  6. melody says:

    wakakakakaka yayyyyy!!! happy that you are blogging everyday!!!!
    initially tak dapat vote coz forgot fb password!
    seriously guessed so many times my pw but all wrong
    anyway finally all changed and been voting!!!!!
    Please vote for cheesie!!!!! dun stop!!!!

  7. cherri says:

    please please sell the rest online! ~♥

  8. B34st says:

    One day you will be a billionaire

  9. ash :) says:

    Have you done a tutorial on your eye make in here? Looks so pretty! <3

  10. Ashley Chellis says:

    I love love love all those hair bows. I wish I could’ve come, but I live in the US. Are any of those hair bows left ? I can’t find any like those here.

  11. Glo-w says:

    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈
    Voted voting shall vote. OMG my uncle used to work in sban pasar too! I would sit in his shop and try to help but too shy. I was horrified of the bengali fish seller up stairs 😯 he always made fun of me 😥 Yea! supporting my seremban girl!

  12. Amanda says:

    Heeeey Cheesie! 😀 Thank you thank you for uploading the picture and thank you for your signature! I’ll be hoping to meeting you again!

    and yes, I still am voting for every 2 hours for you! :3

  13. Suetyii says:

    sell more online! then sure more ppl vote for you!! 😀 😀 😀

  14. agnes sim says:

    where is ecoba actually? :p

  15. Beverly says:

    I have voted for you cheesie! Love your blog to the max! If only you could make some time to come down to Kota Kinabalu,Sabah to visit! You have lots of readers here! =) Take care and dont stop being awesome!


  16. Wahhhh I want your leopard print!

    PS: In one of your blog banners, which is gorgeous by the way, one of the feathers in the background looks like a penis coming out of your chest. No offense – just saying. :blush:

  17. Voted for you~ 😉
    I really love your blog~! //w//<

  18. Sarah says:

    seriously, i am addicted to your blog! voting again right now!

  19. Rai says:

    Whaaa ~ Your stuff is all soo cute!
    If I could’ve, I would have traveled all the way there from Hawaii!! 😀

  20. Yuenny says:

    *bribe convinced*

  21. shanjae says:

    All the best for the awards~ I hope you win!! (^^)b
    And pls keep blogging about Japanese fashion! 😉

  22. Kiwi says:

    Wow. With all your stuff, I think you could’ve really opened up a boutique haha. (Jokes)

    And best of luck for you on the awards!! 🙂

  23. Fion says:

    hey cheesie, 🙂

    where was the sale been held?

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