I really enjoy going clubbing occasionally and recently i have clubbed in SG and Berlin. It was so much fun compared to clubbing in KL, not that don’t support local business or whatever, but it really was only for one reason—-non-smoking clubs.

I told all my friends overseas how lucky they are to have non-smoking clubs in their city. It will NEVER happen in Malaysia. If a non-smoking club opens in Malaysia it will zhap lap the next day.

I cannot stress enough how much i HATE smoky clubs. Nobody likes clubbing with me in KL because every 5 minutes i will have to go outside and take a breather. I dunno about you guys but how the hell do people tahan such polluted, suffocating, nicotine-filled air within a confined space?! Not to mention the occasional cigarette burns by oblivious octopus dancers (waving hands frantically WHILE holding a lit up cigarette) FFFFUUUUUUUU.jpg.

Oh and also, i dunno how girls can wear contact lenses in a club. How is that possible?! After just 5 minutes it feels like i will go blind! It dries out my eyes so much and your eyes get red and watery. Oh ya and also remember how your smell AFTER a few hours of lepaking in a club? Even a corpse’s armpit smell better.

Just typing this alone makes me angry.

Which is why clubbing in non-smoking clubs in SG and Berlin was like a breath of fresh air to me, literally.



Nobody is seen puffing away in a club in Berlin.

I dunno how many times i have mentioned this but i really, REALLY cannot tahan people who litter cigarette butts. I want to pick them up and shove it into the litter bug’s mouth until they bite the dust (HAHA SORRY).


When i was on the canal cruise in Amsterdam, i saw the captain (!!!) smoke outside the boat, and then just conveniently flicked his cigarette butts into the river. It left me speechless. It was such a beautiful place polluted by such ignorant attitude. Every time i see a cigarette butt lying in a garden or park, it hurts a little inside. How can people have the heart to ruin a beautiful place as such? 🙁

I really wish Malaysians would smoke less. Not like i have anything against smokers. By all means go ahead, it’s your own dai ji if you want to live a shorter life, none of my business, but smoke it discreetly and don’t harm other innocent people in the progress of killing yourself. That’s really ultimately selfish. And it’s really upsetting if my loved ones won’t quit smoking because that shows how little they care about not only their own health, but mine too. But i’m lucky most of the people close to me don’t smoke. And if you’re not a smoker i will immediately like you more :P.

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