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I really enjoy going clubbing occasionally and recently i have clubbed in SG and Berlin. It was so much fun compared to clubbing in KL, not that don’t support local business or whatever, but it really was only for one reason—-non-smoking clubs.

I told all my friends overseas how lucky they are to have non-smoking clubs in their city. It will NEVER happen in Malaysia. If a non-smoking club opens in Malaysia it will zhap lap the next day.

I cannot stress enough how much i HATE smoky clubs. Nobody likes clubbing with me in KL because every 5 minutes i will have to go outside and take a breather. I dunno about you guys but how the hell do people tahan such polluted, suffocating, nicotine-filled air within a confined space?! Not to mention the occasional cigarette burns by oblivious octopus dancers (waving hands frantically WHILE holding a lit up cigarette) FFFFUUUUUUUU.jpg.

Oh and also, i dunno how girls can wear contact lenses in a club. How is that possible?! After just 5 minutes it feels like i will go blind! It dries out my eyes so much and your eyes get red and watery. Oh ya and also remember how your smell AFTER a few hours of lepaking in a club? Even a corpse’s armpit smell better.

Just typing this alone makes me angry.

Which is why clubbing in non-smoking clubs in SG and Berlin was like a breath of fresh air to me, literally.



Nobody is seen puffing away in a club in Berlin.

I dunno how many times i have mentioned this but i really, REALLY cannot tahan people who litter cigarette butts. I want to pick them up and shove it into the litter bug’s mouth until they bite the dust (HAHA SORRY).


When i was on the canal cruise in Amsterdam, i saw the captain (!!!) smoke outside the boat, and then just conveniently flicked his cigarette butts into the river. It left me speechless. It was such a beautiful place polluted by such ignorant attitude. Every time i see a cigarette butt lying in a garden or park, it hurts a little inside. How can people have the heart to ruin a beautiful place as such? 🙁

I really wish Malaysians would smoke less. Not like i have anything against smokers. By all means go ahead, it’s your own dai ji if you want to live a shorter life, none of my business, but smoke it discreetly and don’t harm other innocent people in the progress of killing yourself. That’s really ultimately selfish. And it’s really upsetting if my loved ones won’t quit smoking because that shows how little they care about not only their own health, but mine too. But i’m lucky most of the people close to me don’t smoke. And if you’re not a smoker i will immediately like you more :P.

So, please say TAK NAK to smoking. Join me to LIKE together!!

Please support a healthier lifestyle among Malaysians, by logging on to, where you can also win cash prizes by just creating the awareness of TAK NAK campaign.

Just submit a photo portraying TAK NAK to smoking. The photos for this Tak Nak Rokok picture contest can be broadened to smoking kills or the dangers of being a second hand smoker. The most creative photos will win:

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30 responses to “Smoking”

  1. Ash says:

    I hate smokers to the core because it hits me personally.
    My father’s a smoker. Just a casual smoker. And due to his smoking, he’s had heart attacks. Not one, but three heart attacks. When he had his second heart attack, I told my mum that if he had a third, I wouldn’t cry anymore because he deserves it (I did cry when I found out he had his third heart attack though). I mean, three heart attacks. THREE. Not everyone survives one heart attack, he’s damn lucky he survived three. He did try to quit but in the end he gave in to temptation and addiction.

    After his first and second heart attacks, he was able to bounce back. He started body building and controlling his health but he did not quit smoking. He smoked less than before, but the point is, he did not stop. His third was last year and there aren’t any signs showing that he’s getting better. He’s my weight now (50 kg) and he can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without panting. Doctor said that almost half of his heart died and there’s nothing they can do about it.

    So I tell everyone: it’s almost impossible to quit. One you touch that cigarette, god damn it, you’re not going back. You can try, but it’s not easy. The only sure cure is prevention. Don’t you even dare trying it. Sure, everyone’s going to die one day but do you really want to suffer when you’re not even on the way there?

    Probably too personal to tell, but I just feel the need to let it out. Sorry, Cheesie. x

  2. Kf says:

    thanks for liking me more cause i dont smoke 🙄

  3. jane says:

    i feel like u literally wrote a whole entire blog post of how i feel when it comes to this issue too. I hav never step foot in a club bcos of the smoking environment. I feel like my life span got shorten everytime I inhale those smoke. i rather forever be a club virgin than goin to any of those club. My friend told me I shud try singapore’s club bcos ppl dun smoke there. I was skeptical about what he said till i read ur post. ^.^

  4. Tan says:

    awww~~~ i hate the smell on my hair and my clothes after i came out from club!! and the smell on your hair will only wear off after two days even you have poured the whole bottle of shampoo to wash your smelly hair!! I heard that Sunway Euphoria has non-smoking area, will go there in future when i reached 21! =D

  5. sweatniggazz says:

    i guess u’ve missed the MOS Euphoria Club @ Sunway which is a non-smoking club too? anyway i never been there althou i’ve longed to go there, juz not my time anymore.. too bad~~

  6. amelia says:

    i second you! i dun really club but I HATEEEEEEE going to clubs where 90% of the people smoke inside! It’s really really suffocating! Same thing with clubs in Jakarta and China. They’re just freaking smelly and I really hate how I smell like a freaking ciggy after clubbing. That’s why I prefer clubs in SG too ^^

  7. jiaying says:

    I wish smoking is not bad or harmful.. just like eating and breathing.. 🙁
    it sucks to have someone close who does. it sucks to want to take away something that one claims to be part of his life and keeping him alive and functioning.

  8. Riri says:

    I have lots of friends that smoke, and they know to stay downwind of me and dispose of the butts properly when smoking in my presence! I live in a small, student-dominated city so I don’t encounter this problem much nowadays, but I used to see people just stomping on cig butts on the ground all the time when I used to live in the capital! Shocking that fully grown adults have less manner than students… and I ACTUALLY would confront them when I saw it. I could care less if people smoke, just as long as I don’t have to smell it. I detest the smell of ciggy but love clubbing too… I def would give up clubbing if it meant smelling cigs the whole time D: sucks that you have to suffer the smokers when you club :(( Counter with strong perfume!

  9. Hiroko says:

    I hate it when the driver of Bus Express smoke on the bus!!!
    I almost suffocated all the way from JB – KL
    Do we have the right to complaint and will they even bother to do something about it? =/

  10. kozu sato says:

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  11. Debbie Raina says:

    I used to get really irritated when I saw a bunch of youngsters smoking outside the bus stop at school and literally stinking the entire place down to high heaven. The most irritating thing was how smug they looked when they were smoking (like as if it’s so cool)

    I told my bf if he ever picked up smoking i’ll kill him. HELLO NOBODY WANTS TO KISS AN ASHTRAY RIGHT! (rant rant rant rant)

    Anyway my friend suggested that governments should give smokers a taste of their own medicine by creating smoking rooms without ventilation and making smoking outside of these rooms illegal so that they smoke themselves and each other to death within the confines of the room

    rant over

  12. ShaolinTiger says:

    You kidding? MOS is non-smoking, has been since it opened and no – it hasn’t closed shop yet 😛

  13. tricia says:

    i totally agree with you cheesie!
    im so glad that the sg govt decided to ban smoking in all the clubs! but actually now all the smokers gather outside the club to smoke… so dont linger ard outside the club..
    am also v glad that they banned smoking at coffeeshops (only allowed at designated area) and at bus stops (can only smoke like 1-3m away i think).. and u will be fined (haha) if u get caught smoking in these areas!
    less pollution for everyone! 😈

  14. Gabie Som says:

    Woah it is okay to smoke in clubs in Malaysa?

    Here in Canada it’s strictly prohibited to smoke indoors, whether it’s in a club, bar, at school, work, etc. The only place you can smoke indoors is at your own house.

    I hope Malaysa adopts a similar law, because it’s a serious big health issue there! Second hand smoke is just as harmful as smoking. And God knows how many times someone got their hair or clothes burnt from a stupid cigarette …

  15. Laura Bee says:

    I feel the same way too! I’ve never been to a smoking club but for sure I know that I will leave right away.
    You’re right, how can people just ruin beautiful places with their cigarette butts?! They probably just think, it’s just 1 little piece of trash, but when you times that by millions of people that smoke, that is a lot of trash! Act locally, think globally!

  16. zOee says:

    AGREE & SUPPORT!! *hand & feet up* You are exactly describing many people feelings!! 😈 x 1000

  17. yulucia says:

    I am glad most public buildings in the US are ban to smoke, including college campus. Although many students protected on my campus few years ago (and casually you can still spot few rebels that smoking even though it is now a smoke-free campus (Come on! Nobody enjoy bath in your secondhand-smoke while walking around on campus!)

  18. Don says:

    normally i wont comment, but this post kinda makes me MUST COMMENT AND WRITE SOMETHING!!
    coz God damn it, you are so TRUE,
    1) smoke it discreetly and don’t harm other innocent people in the progress of killing yourself –> TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2) how your smell AFTER a few hours of lepaking in a club? Even a corpse’s armpit smell better. –> TRUE UNTIL DON’T KNOW LIKE WHAT wtf

    3) I really, REALLY cannot tahan people who litter cigarette butts. I want to pick them up and shove it into the litter bug’s mouth until they bite the dust –> MY SENTIMENT EXACTLY!

    i hate hate hate smoker so much until sometimes i feel like go splash my drinks on them wtf.

    my paling cannot tahan case is WHEN THOSE IDIOT SMOKER SMOKE AND THROW THE CIGARATTE BUTT IN THE LIFT!!!!! then i actually complain to my condo management for 7 freaking times, but they said they can’t do anything about it,
    why they don’t just suck from the exhaust, since they choose to die younger then better do something good for the environment. =.=

    Sorry ah, i must use all cap letter to express the cannot tahan-ness. And I need to stop now or else this comment will become a blog post wtf..

    so.. meow, have a good day… =.=

  19. Misa says:

    My dad’s a smoker and so I’m a secondhand smoker.
    I’ve already accepted the fact that I might die soon due to this.

    Seriously, one thing I hate about this country is the ignorant people won’t stop smoking… no matter how many times you have warned them and no matter how many times you tell them you’re killing me indirectly.

    Ugh. *end of rant*

  20. Jess says:

    lol the Dutch not just smoke lor. they smoke marijuana on the streets. so smelly… i actually have low opinions of the Dutch. sorry. but I had a horrid Dutch boss once….

  21. Kate says:

    Is so freaking true!! And, they don’t dress as lala as what v can see in Malaysia. LOL.

  22. Dealy says:

    One of the things I love in Germany 🙂 Finally I can go clubbing, too.

  23. Courtney says:

    Come to Canada! No smoking in most clubs….at least…where I’ve been…soooooo nice, you don’t feel OR smell like death after dancing all night!!11~

  24. Jwxwei says:

    I seriously cannot tahan smoking. The slightest stench of it just makes me cough and my mood terrible, to say the least. And honestly, I really don’t like that some restaurants allow smoking.

  25. AD says:

    Yea. Sunway euphoria is THE non smoking club in KL. But non in kuching.

  26. Arrow says:

    i can’t stand the smell of cigarettes either :(.

  27. RachinMelb says:

    Hey Cheesie, just saw this and I get you ..the last time I was back in KL, I smelt worse than the ashtray after leaving a club…and the hotel I stayed in gave me towels that smelt like ciggerate smoke (the helpdesk copped a earful). I hope the culture of non -smoking clubs catches in KL soon…don’t why Singapore can implement all this policies but so susah in Malaysia? Fortunately in Melbourne, there are now also non-smoking bars and clubs.

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