Liz Lisa Love!

November 24, 2011 in Photoshoot / Useless fashion

This post is to fulfill my daily blog promise!!!

Also i promised that i’d blog more about fashion, and here’s a super fashion post!

All the pictures below are taken by this amazing photographer called Mr Remote Control in my Liz Lisa themed room!! Tricia was holding the remote most of the time and try to hide it when the camera clicks lol.

We took a million photos but here are some!!!


Cheesie: Rosebullet Angola set (green) from minimaos

Tricia: Rosebullet Angola set (pink)


MA*RS pink leopard print shopping bag from minimaos.


Duffy and Shelliemay 70cm both from minimaos


Cheesie: Liz Lisa Winter Coat, Liz Lisa white laced top and Liz Lisa Corduroy Shorts all from minimaos

Tricia: Liz Lisa White Winer Coat, Nordic Rose top


Cheesie: Liz Lisa Knee High Boots from minimaos

Tricia: Liz Lisa style laced up boots from minimaos


Special feature: Large Champouf in pale pink from minimaos

Cheesie: Liz Lisa Maxi Romper (in white) from minimaos

Tricia: Liz Lisa floral top (her own)

That’s all!

I think Tricia will send me more pictures when she has time to sort it out! Will blog more then.

But it was sooo fun to hang out with her and she’s extremely sweet too <3


Noticed hao many times i mentioned the word fashion in this post? *hint hint*


for i will be forever your hardworking fashion blogger, and more.



38 responses to “Liz Lisa Love!”

  1. PuiYi Lee says:

    I wanna join you guys T.T♥♥

  2. Love all the clothes~!!! <3
    Voted! 😉

  3. Danielle says:

    u two actually look alike 😯

  4. Glo-w says:

    😯 she look like she could be ur SIS! you guys look very similar! n omg mr remote is awesome! isi with the EPM? a very nice fashion post ^^ like like vote VOTE!

  5. Pris says:

    omgg. you guys are so pretty <3

  6. Kf says:

    wao.. she looks like makiyo in the first pict 😥

  7. melody says:

    WOW!!!!!!!! both of you look like you guys just came out of a mag!!!!!!!!
    Super duper pretty!!!!!!
    so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

  8. Michelle♥ says:

    She looks like a blonde version of you 😀
    The photos are so so so pretty ♥

  9. diao says:

    love this post! sweet atmosphere <3<3<3

  10. Anna says:

    And I still don’t know why you’re the cover girl for each LL campaign. Seriously, you look so much better than any of the professional models they hire.

  11. she is slumberdoll on lookbook!! have been in awe of her sweet girly style for a while now 😀 u 2 look like sisters. so kawaii ^^

  12. Kimui says:

    Hey Cheesie, I wanna buy the Liz lisa laced boots, but I’m only 150cm. Would it fit for me, since the boots looks like its made for tall ppl 😥 ?

  13. Jessica says:

    Voted for you again!! 😀

  14. Joan says:

    Super Dooper CUTE!!!!!
    Tricia, super ganda mo talaga ^_^

  15. Synchroflash says:

    Wouah ! one word : gorgeous !

  16. Michael says:

    I wish I could have been Mr Remote Control. 2+1=3 😉
    You two look lovely together!!

  17. Jessica says:

    These photos are so cute!! They’re like real ads 🙂 You guys look very pretty. I love Japanese brand clothes but it’s so hard to find them over here in Canada 🙁 so jealous!

  18. Rai says:

    Ahh, you both look so cute!! I love the outfits! 😀

  19. omg twins! you should add aud next time. we’ll get to see some triplets!

  20. Noukster says:

    🙄 i’ve voted for you 😈 😆 yaaaaaay

  21. KY says:

    oo she’s le hawt

    and yes pls vote vote vote for me toooo 😀

  22. Emeryn says:

    nice photos and the outfit! n ur room too!

  23. lissy says:

    such gorgeous photos!
    i wish i had your room~

  24. -lyne says:

    wow the photos look so dreamy! u have succeeded in pulling votes! 😉

  25. jacqueline says:

    omg all the photos r so nice!definitely voting u! 😉

  26. bendan says:

    Wow~ lovely!! You girls looks exactly like dolls!! Like it much when the photos comes with a bit dimmer color like these!! 😛

  27. FiSh says:

    the hairstyle looks so similar! and the face too. i can only distinguish u both from the hair color lols

  28. Klara says:

    You are so cute!! 😉 ^^ Love the clothes 😈

  29. alodia says:

    OMG CHEESIE!! I’m so disappointed that you got involved with this fake bitch! That’s right! Tricia Gosingtian is one of the most hated blogger in the Philippines! She’s a copycat, brags alot, Attention-seeking whore! And wow she photoshops her pics a lot. She doesn’t even look like that in person. Don’t ever make friends with this trashy social-climbing bitch.

    • to alodia says:

      so i guess cheesie was right to name her top fashion blogger bcoz haters are popping out whenever someone is on top. 🙂

  30. Anonymous says:

    To the faker-Alodia above. Troll harder. Your flag says Australia.

    • kiasu says:

      Troll or not the girl above is right. Tricia is a fake social-climbing bitch. She thinks she’s on top of everybody. Seriously, Tricia sucks big time!

      • autumn says:

        Tricia’s a witty blogger, just accept it. And you guys are just jealous, obviously. 😀 Pity.

        • Tampinesgirl says:

          ahahaha. She’s not witty at all. And no, nobody’s jealous of her. All of the things she’s posting and other Filipino “fashion” bloggers are just the same shit. Seriously I’m so tired of them -_-

  31. Jessica K. says:

    Where can I get this Mr Remote Control? 🙂

  32. Patricia says:

    Where did u get the wall paper? loving it

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