If you are even vaguely familiar with chinese pop music, you will know Fish Leong!

She is a Malaysia born (in fact, from my hometown) singer who is now internationally famous. i used to sing (albeit tuneless) all her songs when i go Karaoke!

And guess what????

I get to meet her up clooooose!!

It’s all thanks to Pure Beauty, a skin care line from Korea exclusively sold in Watson who recently just appointed Fish as their brand ambassador.

Was invited to the exclusive event with a few other bloggers to have a face to face chat session with Fish, who shared with us about her beauty tips.


She is 33 now, but her skin quality is even better than mine!!! T_T #ashamed

At first everyone was a little shy but Fish was so nice she asked us questions instead lol. Then we slowly warmed up to her friendliness and shot her a lot of questions, including why she named herself Fish, her thoughts about Pure Beauty products, if she does any exercise, and if she’s planning to have kids wtf (that was me).


She shared with us her secret facial massage technique for a younger looking skin and all of us were like =).

What have we been missing out!!
She later had am appearance + ambassador signing ceremony at Sunway Pyramid. So many people queuing up for her autograph!


Aud and i at the event


And Cindy.


Of course, i also brought home the whole range of Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant products!

I have never used any product formulated with pomegranate extracts, but this one really sounds promising, with pomegranate being rich with energizing nutrients and antioxidants.

I have always heard about the goodness of antioxidant, and Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant range can protect skin from free radicals by detoxifying and neatralizing skin, it also uses our own skin’s regeneration mechanism to to reverse the effects of aging!

The whole range contains:

1. Foam Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Essence

4. Gel Cream

5. Night Cream

6. Eye Cream

Although i use the whole range of the products, my favorite are the cleanser, toner and eye cream!

This cleanser has a dual function. It could be used as a daily cleanser, and also a mask!! Just apply a thick layer of it on your face and leave it for 5 minutes, wash it off for a purified complexion.

Next it is the toner. I love it because the texture is light like water yet it gives a very fresh and moisturizing effect to your skin.

Then there’s the eye cream! It combines nourishing pomegranate oil and fruit extract in a unique formula that fights dark circles and puffiness. I really hope this can save my horrible dark circles and fine lines around my eyes. Doing my best to cheat age. T___T.

Pure Beauty range is can be found exclusively in your nearest Watson outlet. And the best thing is, it is super affordable! Prices start from RM19.90-RM43.90.

More info on their facebook page!