November 7, 2011 in Holland

Not a blog post.


Just to show you how beautiful Holland is.

Cheesie in the Land Of Cheese.

I’m back in Berlin now and will be back home to Malaysia in two days time 🙂

Update again soon. 🙂

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  1. Waah 😀 didn’t know my own country could be so pretty! I neeeeed to go to Volendam! ^__^ (omg got a good idea! I’ll go play tourist-in-my-own-country with my bf!)

    Was awesome to see you last week 😀 I’ve been craving indonesian food ever since… T_T

  2. The first photo looks like it’s a scene from out of a movie *_* So pretty.

  3. WOW!!! Never holland is soooo beautiful!!!!!
    Super super super beautifuL!!!!

  4. Wow. The pictures are super beautiful. Did you buy my some space cake? 😛

  5. It’s a horizontal France flag! Prettyyy.

  6. The photos look amazing! Enjoy yourself there! Miss your blogging!

  7. you are so cute <3 <3 <3 i swear i am not a stalker lolol
    love your fashion sense

  8. i missed you blogging too!! be safe!! 😀

  9. oh you are in Berlin.. how nice! im in germany too but i live in the south.. do you know karlsruhe? its near stuttgart! im happy you like holland its a very nice country! btw you are soo cute! hihi love from karlsruhe!

  10. Two lips from Amsterdam ? 😛

    Have you ever heard the story about the little dutch boy who stuck his finger in a dyke?
    ( there really is such a story)
    No wonder the Dutch have such a reputation 😀

  11. I can’t wait to live in holland in a few years for college 😀 It’s so beautiful 😈

  12. OMG, you were here?! Too bad I haven’t seen you 🙁
    I’m glad that you had a good time. And did you buy ‘wooden shoes’? 😛


  13. i’m really glad you had a wonderful time here in Holland~
    the pics are beautiful!

  14. 😯


    beautiful Holland, reminded me of Prison Break Season2, whereby the crazy convict trying to build a raft to Holland… hahaha… as he saw the beautiful picture of Holland at that blind woman house..

  15. That first picture is seriously beautiful!! Is it in Zaanse Schans?

  16. It’s so cool that you came to Holland! (where I live) 🙂 Did you only go to Volendam or other cities as well? Volendam is kind of famous in Holland because a lot of dutch singers were born there. I don’t like their music though (look up ‘jan smit – als de morgen is gekomen’ on youtube, I think you’ll agree!)

  17. Noooo, I cannot believe you have been here in holland and I didnt know! (and now I sound scary too. fml). Too bad I did not see you! I hope you liked it here! It’s so damn cold! Have you been to any other places here too? I have never even been to Volendam haha…

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