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November 16, 2011 in Useless fashion

If not i won’t be selling the whole bunch of them >.<

Anyway here’s a (finally) fashion post for you from your latest Best Fashion Blog finalist!!! 😀

Here’s where i’ll be at this Saturday!!

Absynthe cocktails for only RM10 at Ecoba by SLOSH!  Price only valid with pre-buy before 18th Nov!

As promised, these are pictures of some of the stuff i will be letting off! I was appalled at the amount of stuff i have that i don’t need anymore, most of them brand new and still with tag -____-

Here are really just some of the highlights/fav/premium pieces!



Pink winter jacket set RM80



Lipsy Grecian Dress, letting go at RM70 if you want brand new one you can get it from minimaos



DAZZLIN Fur Coat RM120



Pink kimono at RM80



Topshop winter coat RM150



Tailor made vintage trench coat RM100



Liz Lisa Floral Poncho RM80



Liz Lisa Vintage Floral Dress RM80



Liz Lisa Apron Dress RM120



Liz Lisa Fur Jacket RM100



My favorite ever SNIDEL knitted one piece at RM120



SNIDEL laced dress at RM80

If you are alarmed by the prices, that’s just part of it. Here are a whole luggageful of stuff that i plan to let go from as low as RM10!!



I don’t even know how to start!!



Of course there are also bags!



Sexy shoes (i wear size 35 don’t think many can fit my shoes T___T)



Accessoriesssss mostly at RM10 wtf.



Lots of hair bows for the girly girls!!!



And something special haha!!! Hello Kitty Mahjong set!!!

Anyway, i will update more pictures if i have time on instagram, so if you’re on it too feel free to follow me at CHEESERLAND but be prepared for Useless Fashion Spam wtf.

So i will see you guys on Saturday 12pm!! Come early if you want to grab the popular pieces!!! 😛





Nuffnang Blogger Award is open for voting nao!!!!


I’m, of course, voting for myself, and also Xiaxue in Most Influential and KY in food blog! Some categories i have a few friends in it so dunno how to vote wtf. *pokerface.jpg.

And talking about Xiaxue, for me personally i don’t think anyone can be (even close to) as influential as her even if she has to win 5 times in a row in the next 10 years wtf because SHE influenced me as far back as 2004. She is like the definition for blogging when people had to Yahoo/Bing what blogging is all about wtf. Back in 2004, i wouldn’t even have dreamt that one day i would be friends with her, and i could only hope that one day i could also get more than 5 people to read my blog every day. *loser

It’s kind of a secret but very very long time ago i didn’t like her very much cuz she was notoriously mean on her blog. I refused to be so mainstream to read her *hipster* but i also couldn’t help going to her blog and then hate myself for reading her and then hate myself more for absolutely agreeing with her point of view. It was like, man, nasty she is but that woman makes so much sense. And that’s how influential she was. And still is.

So to think that we have traveled to Japan and HK together in the past few years and that she offers to house me when i go to SG and are now on a insult each other out of affection basis, it is really quite the fucking incredible. It is also all thanks to her that i am having so many SG readers right now. <3


So about myself!! To be really honest i’m feeling a little insecure because you can argue that this is not exactly a fashion blog, and i’m up against the most professional fashion bloggers from all over Asia Pacific.

I joined Klout recently (a social media influence analytics site) to find out my influence ranking and what kind  of things i am influential about.

Maybe about fashion??? 😀

Here’s the top 3.


Looks like the only way i can win a blogging award is when the the earth literally shatters, followed by an epic Apocalypse.

Oh well.

Anyway. My blog is so many other things added together. When people ask me, so what do you blog about? My answer has ALWAYS been, Oh you know, all sort of rubbish, really. But AWESOME rubbish. 😛

And fashion is just part of my life, of many other important things. 🙂 I really love Qiuqiu‘s quote on me in her latest blog post:

Not just the runway pics and what’s-hot-this-season and next season. Cheesie’s blog shows how she wears the clothes and the style! Plus her blog got personal touch cox it’s really not just a fashion-fashion blog. It’s her blog but she’s fashionable like that.

*big hug*

And thank you for all of you who congratulated me or have voted yesterday!

Imma show my sincerity by ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE TO TRY TO BLOG EVERYDAY till the voting ends. Hopefully more about fashion!

I guess that’s the only way i could show my sincerity! If you love that i’m making an effort to make this worthwhile for me (and for you all), please vote for me!!

And you can cast a new vote every 2 hours so i expect 12 votes from each of you everyday ah AH HA HA NO LAJUST KIDDING WTF. Just vote when you have the time ok *yaomingface.jpg

Yesterday i said that you all can just vote when you take a break from reading 9gag, then one reader commented that there’s no such thing as a break from 9gag. *INGLIP.jpg Which i have no choice but agree entirely all i could say was, Touché.


Anyway!! I’m Malaysian so i’m more kiasu than others so i’m also bribing you all with giveaways and shit like that. On my Facebook Page!

And also, err, if i really win or something maybe i’ll give out 10 of my fav dresses or something I DUNNO! Haha please suggest how i can bribe you all WTF.

Ok end. *runs out of idea*


Now excuse me i need to go check out some Zombie Fashion.

42 responses to “Really Useless Fashion”

  1. Nana says:

    OMG! I want to buy those clothes but I live in Singapore…. 😥

  2. Isabellmiao says:


    anyways, VOTE FOR YOU!!!

    • Isabellmiao says:

      oh, and i wanted to say that you’re just as influential as Xiaxue.. when you blogged about Blackberries, i got myself one because of you. SERIOUS!
      you changed my make up style, got me into PINK which i hate so much, and so much more!!

      until today, i’m still very regretful that i couldn’t attend the christmas party last year. T____T sobs! WHEN LA I CAN ONLY SEE YOU?!

  3. Dealy says:

    I voted for you and Xiaxue 🙂 Like you both very much.

  4. Vermillion says:

    Good luck! ^^ I’ll be voting for you, I always enjoy reading your blog posts and looking at your photos.

  5. stella lee says:

    I voted for you and Xiaxue! Hope youre gonna win!
    Been reading your blog since before napbas 2009 and really happy that you can become a finalist for this one! <3
    id love to buy the shoes T___T mine is 35 as well and its pretty difficult to find the right size with cute appearance! but i live in indo 🙁

  6. roti says:

    lol you may take reference from xiaxue by using your love story to bribe 😛

  7. KY says:

    don’t need to wait for zombie Apocalypse, i already won the award in a parallel universe! 😀

  8. roti says:

    what’s wrong with the Show My Flag thing? i stay in the same boleh-land as you instead of Australia!

  9. Glo-w says:

    😯 you must be zombie princess in a parallel universe~ will vote^^ 😈

  10. Rebecca says:

    Hair tutorials! Voted 😈

  11. Nikki says:

    Cheesie for the win!! 😈

  12. Joy says:

    was wondering if you’re willing to sell the SNIDEL knitted one piece & ship it over to the US? if not then that’s okay. 🙂

  13. Kiwi says:

    I know I won’t be able to fit into your clothes since I’m so short lol… But I wear size 34 shoes so the size 35 boots would fit me XD
    I wish I could fit into your clothes, though. You have such a nice wardrobe T^T

  14. Cloud says:

    True that I knew your blog through Xiaxue. 🙂 However, your blog contains a lot of information that everyone don’t knows.

  15. Angel says:

    Hi Cheesie ! I’m interested with the hello kitty mahjong ! please email me for more details !!! Thanks =)

  16. Angela says:

    Can I go at 11.30 to snag them????????

  17. wyyv says:

    Voted! The Lipsy Grecian Dress is veru adorable!

  18. CaiE says:

    😈 😈 😈
    *drool* so nice!!!
    see you there cheesie 😆

  19. Dylla Fadzil says:

    im voting for you, xiaxue, hanis zalikha and nara 🙂 voted 3times already today. hehe. goodluck cheesie 🙂 we love youuuuu

  20. B34st says:

    Good God you can’t but a T shirt for that here

    Would give you a better Idea but you never listen

  21. Choo says:

    Voting for you and Xiaxue whenever possible!!! 😈 😀

  22. Choo says:

    Voting for you and Xiaxue whenever possible! 😀 😈

  23. Choo says:

    Well shit, haha, double posting… sorry (see, so excited I click send twice zomg 😳 )

  24. VyRoxy says:

    See you on Sat!!! Cheez

  25. Yoii says:

    Go for it Cheesie! 😉
    If only I lived in Malaysia too…. Then I would buy ALL your clothes!!!! 😆
    And the shoes too of course!
    Vote for you <3

  26. Rika says:

    just raping the vote button… 👿

  27. s says:

    just voted for you!

    Just wanted to say that you have influenced my style too and i have spent over rm300 on minimaos becoz of YOU!!

    haha HOPE YOU WIN!!!!

  28. Defne Low says:

    Hi Cheesie,
    Hello Kitty Mah Jong is sooooooooooooo adorable, how much for it???

    Plus, hope u will win!!

  29. Pui San says:

    Hello cheesie,
    I would like to buy the hello kitty mahjong set very much. Is there any possible way to buy it other than on Saturday itself? wish to have it very much. looking forward for more posting on things for sold..

  30. vote u!
    i want the dress really badly

  31. Suetyii says:

    will the place be open if i go at 11? (:

  32. Anne says:

    omg cheesie i love all your clothes! 😯 would you be selling them online too? 😉

  33. Arrow says:

    ooo can’t believe its that time of the year again. Just voted for both you and XX :)!

  34. Janice says:

    Can I know how much is the Hello Kitty mahjong set? Can I reserved? Kindly let me know, i’ll be going to the flee market but might be late and afraid someone might garb it. Thanks

  35. smaylee says:

    can i reserve the liz lisa flora poncho?i want it since ages ago! ;D 😉

  36. Nicole says:

    maaan. you really need to make a blog sale. like.. international. so much stuff cannot find here in canada!!! ARGGGG

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