Some random song title (Kaze Wa Fuiteru from AKB48), means it’s Useless Fashion Post again.

Here’s the insta-summary of the past week:


I Love WC Top and Checkered Aimi bag from minimaos.



Lagunamoon lace top from minimaos, grafitti denim from


Hello Kitty quilted bag and Hello Kitty sneakers from


WC denim jacket from minimaos


Helping Ugly People top from WC. Paperback leather pants from Azorias


Skinny pants rom Bershka. I love this pair of pants so much because i don’t have any pants in this color and it fits well…




Seriously how hard is it to make ACTUAL pockets???!?!

FFFFUUUU that’s the number one thing i hate the most about pants/winter coats. HATE!


Lena PU lace dress from minimaos omggggg i love this piece SO MUCH!


Rosebullet Wool One Piece (in Purple, and i changed it to white embroidery collar this time), rabbit fur winter kago from minimaos.

My favorite color this season is Bordeaux!!!

(actually i also had to google it.-_- And i only know how to pronounce it because the katagana says ボルドー. It means dark kind of red like red wine. I just like to sound as if i know alot about fashion wtf)

All from minimaos!!! Get it for your Xmas/CNY whatever!





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Screen shot 2011-12-10 at 6.24.43 PM

Sounds like damn alot right actually i just bought them for RM8 each wtf.  #CheatOne *timid

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