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December 8, 2011 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Hokkaido / Japan

Long overdue blog post from my Otaru, Hokkaido trip with Xiaxue, sponsored by Park Hotel Group. One of the best holiday EVER.

This post is not funny because i only have 20 minutes to write before i go off for a radio interview later! But it has like super a lot of camho pictures so i guess we’re even now.



Famous Otaru canal view.


Looks so so different from what i saw the previous winter <3



Super beautiful



Was totally in a floral dress and sun hat mood. The weather couldn’t be more perfect. Was a cool and breezy summer around maybe 22 C.



Touristy picture at the most touristy spot in Otaru.



Xiaxue bought a rubber band gun for Mike from this ancient kung-ku master looking dude at the roadside.



Lotsa handmade souvenir along the canal.



We made our own necklace for 800 yen <333



Sofuto Kurimu!!! Xiaxue bought this! At first i was like, meh boring vanilla flavored ice cream but then after i tried it i was like man…. #sweetjesus.jpg



Went to music box workshop! I <3 Aoyama Thelma.



Lady selling grilled Hokkaido corn and Hokkaido live scallop zomg



Our our meals are included by the genorous Grand Park Otaru hotel but we still made room for snacks. I MISS THIS SO MUCH!!




You can get it here in KL too, in Isetan for like RM140 or so. ONE melon. I forgot how much was this slice, maybe 350 yen or something but it was seriously so good i couldn’t speak.


A year ago i took this picture during my fist trip to Otaru.

Doing it again this time around too lol.

This woman obviously hornier than me wtf.



The Real Sapporo Beer!



Our dinner at a sushi restaurant!

I forgot to take a picture but the chef made us this sushi that’s made of the insides of the prawn’s head and it is just one whole patch of green gooey thingie on top of the sushi rice. After i know what it was i was like


Then i was like #challengeaccepted and IT TASTED SURPRISINGLY GOOD.

A bit like sea urchin. Xiaxue kept saying she can’t believe i actually ate that stuff.



Other sushi



A whole bowl of uni for us!!!!! 😀



At night we went for Purikura at the shopping mall next to our hotel!

Read my Guide to Purikura if you have time.



We love taking picture inside the purikura booth because the lighting is SO awesome! I know you do it too!!!





Again it’s some big eye purikura machine that enlarged our eyes by 500 times. Now i just look like an alien.


Love this picture!!!! Haha now only i notice the bunny i wonder XX will dress her Igloo like that wtf.







Going for another Purikura lol tak berhabis habis.


Kinda miss my long fringe sigh why are human like this.



My shoe broke lol. It was a long story. Xiaxue was extremely perplexed that ii refused to buy a pair of new shoes because “it won’t match my outfits” and i insisted wearing it until the wedges came off BUT I TAPE IT TOGETHER WITH SCOTCH TAPE WTF. Then i wore it for a bit more until the other shoe also give up on me. The strap broke.

So i had no choice but wear Xiaxue’s newly bought shoes instead lolol.



We had a happy night staying in the hotel because WE CAN HAZ MELON!!!


I forgot how much we paid for this melon anymore. I think it’s something like RM80.




Ok end gotta go!




Before i leave, and to make up for this unfunny post, there’s something else for you to read!!! I was the guest blogger for R U READY on budget traveling!

I know you guys have been asking questions like how the hell do i afford to travel so much and stuff, so here’s a whole entry dedicated to traveling on a budget, tips so save money etc , based on my own experience.

You can read my article HERE! 😀

26 responses to “Otaru this summer”

  1. zOee says:

    Love your article on budget travelling. In fact love all ur posts and photos of travelling!! So… TRAVEL MORE!!! Never stop your holi-year 😛

  2. agnes sim says:

    great!!! and fun trip 😉

  3. i can’t wait to go to japan myself!

  4. miffyy says:

    😈 nice trip++

  5. dblchin says:

    even though is been a while since u came bk from jpn, i still truly enjy the pics u posted! they are superrrrrrrr awesome!!! thanks for sharing cheesie and hope u like the hankie.

  6. Sharon says:

    wah!! I will go to Otaru one day! But do view my blog too! I blog a lot about Japan =) My recent post is about Autumn… hehehe…. 😛

  7. D says:

    long overdue pose beat no post! 😈 😀

  8. elin says:

    The sushis look so appealing even though I don’t eat raw 😈

  9. k.rah says:

    feels like dejavu, was some posted @ xiaxue. hahas. awww. love japan ! & raw food XD

  10. Rii says:

    You look so cute on the Purikura! ♥

  11. Jolene says:

    Hi Cheesie! Am a regular reader of your blog since 2008, but didn’t really comment each time. However this time, I want to seek your opinion on universities! I’m tied up between 3 options, Kyung Hee University (Korea), HZ University (Netherlands, staying at AMSTERDAM!!), HTW Chur (Switzerland, located in the alps!).

    Since you have been to this 3 countries, I’d like to know which of this 3 countries appeal to you the most? Based on $$, people, environment?

    I’m majoring in tourism by the way. 🙂

    *So sorry for posting such a comment that is non-related to your blogpost!! But you are the only person that I can seek opinion on because you’ve been to this 3 countries. T_T

    Thanks alot! 😀

  12. Arrow says:

    ooo cool you guys made your own necklaces!!! i want oneee!!!
    you girls look gorg as usu.

  13. anon says:

    wow the pictures taken are very clear! can i ask what camera did you use for this trip?

  14. ShuShu ♥ says:

    arrrw my dear you look so pretty *Q* it seems like awesome memories, i wish to go to otaru someday, too >.<"

    ShuShu ♥

  15. ben says:

    Nice pictures and you make Otaru look really fun. I want to go back there for the Snow Gleaming Festival in February. Very romantic.

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