#thatawkwardmoment when you buy a box of condom.


Probably more awkward when you are having your period. Or your girl friend is.



And here’s how you can troll your friend at a supermarket.


Haha i have seen people buying condoms before at supermarket, and no matter how liberal the society nowadays is, you still can see the condom buyer pretending to look nonchalant and cool about it which makes it even more awkward hahahah!

When i was in Japan shopping, a few times i was so excited by all the fancy colorful looking items and picked up a few candy bars and went OMG WHAT IS THIS I WANT. Out loud. Only to find out that it was a pack of condom.


Anyway awkward no more!!

Because this is how your condom boxes will look like for your next Le Sexy Time(s).

This is Durex’s limited edition Love-Box!!!

Comes in 8 different designs and it will be available a limited time only!!! They are so cute!!! Haha i don’t even mind buying them now even if i don’t have Le Sexy Time!!! Or will i? LOLOL)

My favorite is… what else, but of course leopard print!!! (Since i’m all fashionably MODE-style now.) I like the pink heart bling design too!

Man, nowadays even buying condom becomes something fashionable to do! Each box contains 3 Durex Fetherlite condoms.

Anyway, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, apart from fashionable Le Sexy Time with your loved one, now you can even stand a chance to win a lovey dovey couple trip to Krabi!!!

Here’s how!

About the contest:

  • “Like” the Durex Malaysia Page on Facebook
  • Allow access to the Durex Love Box Pose and Post Photo Contest Facebook application
  • Register yourself and submit a photo of you and your partner via the Contest Application.
  • Get ALL your friends to vote for you!!

Best part? No proof of purchase needed! (Means #foreveralone people also can join HAHAHA)

Prizes as below:

  • Grand Prize: 4D3N Couple Trip to Krabi worth RM 10,000 x 1
  • 1st Prize: 3D2N Couple Trip to Pangkor Laut Resort worth RM 4,000 x 3
  • Dining Voucher at Cilantro Restaurant and Wine Bar Worth RM 400 x 10
  • Durex Hamper and merchandise worth RM 50 x 20

Durex Love Box is available exclusively at Watson from 1st Feb 2012 onwards (while stock lasts), so GO BUY ALL THE LOVE-BOXES and MAKE ALL THE LOVE!!!

And then after Le Sexy Time(s) you can use the cute boxes to store other stuff! Like memorabilia with your loved ones or an accessory case!

Even if you are #foreveralone, here’s what you can do:



(If you don’t know about the Durex Ballons, watch this!)

Happy Happy Le Sexy Time!!!

And find out more about Durex Love-Box here!