Number76 & karaoke with QiuQiu and Xiaxue

February 22, 2012 in Happenings

(i’m just challenging myself to think of the most unchallenging blog post title. Now it is a win. I didn’t even put in that much effort.)

Last week QiuQiu and Xiaxue came to KL!!

This post is cheating again because most of the pictures here is stolen from QiuQiu’s blog . The only difference is that the pictures here are smaller, out of respect and humility. NO LA HAHA i just too lazy to change size from flickr lolol.



QQ and her “cancer patient” hat, according to Xiaxue.






Nao she passed her cancer to me wtf.


Brought QQ and XX to number76 because good things are to be shared hehehe. Also i really cannot tahan QQ’s sao ba hair, i really wanted to see if it can be salvaged by 76’s magical treatment.



My fav salon


A before pic of the 3 of us.


Did  the magical treatment as usual!


XX already cut her hair super short in SG and when she came to 76 she cut it even shorter i was like =) =) =)

But looks so good on her!!! Good for her la i think i sure regret wan if i cut it that short.



Before and after! Ok la it’s just treatment, touch up and trim so not that much different.









Ok la at least it looks like hair on that day lolol.

I also very jelly that she has super ash color because she has a lot of highlight so the ashy tones really come out super super nice. You can’t really see from the pictures here but maybe she got post more close up on her blog go stalk!



3 of us


And the reason why i am not wearing my hipster glasses is because XX stole them -_-











Make your booking for awesome hair at


Number76 Mid Valley:
ADDRESS:A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley CIty, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utra 59200 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 2287 0661/0662



Ok finished shouting.

After hair pampering, we went karaoke!!!

Actually this was the second time we went karaoke, and the first time actually happened liddis wan:


So these two mad women were staying over at my place and we were chilling on my couch la. Then very bored the 3 of us so we were playing games on our phones and then this mad QQ started singing karaoke to her phone wtf. Then all of us joined la.

Then these two mad women suddenly 突发奇想 say WHY DON’T WE JUST GO FOR REAL KARAOKE?!


At this point i must emphasize that it was 1:30AM, y’all.


Karaoke closes at 3am.

So i drove out to the nearest karaoke, we rushed like mad, reached 2am, sang 1 hour and bye bye. It’s hellish torture ok, who the hell sings karaoke for 1 hour?!?

IT’S LIKE HAVING BLUE BALLS ON YOUR THROAT. If that’s how it feels. No offense, guys. I’m not entirely sure how blue balls work.


The story of this cake also very funny one.

So right, these two women bought me cheesecake (yay) and we had to bring it along to karaoke la, then XX was very worried because i think in SG you cannot bring food inside karaoke wan. So she was like shit how should we hide it?!

I was like, just tell them it’s my birthday. She was like CAN ONE MEH!?!? And i was like #challengeaccepted.

So i went to the counter and explained that we have this birthday cake and the receptionist went oh sure!! DO YOU NEED CANDLES?!


And there was like a 3 seconds silent and in unison we exclaimed, with a little too much fake enthusiasm, SURRRRREEEEE!

I have no idea why i’m even telling you all this. Anyway, that was the story of the fake birthday cake.


Then when we were escorted inside our room THE TV STARTED PLAYING BIRTHDAY SONG HAHAHHAHAHA

Then the waiter brought in our fake birthday cake WITH A LIT UP CANDLE HAHAHHAAH.

Then we had no choice but to sing happy birthday at QQ HAHAHHAHA


Anyway as you can see in the first pic i was singing a Malay song because the two mad women were like OMG YOU ARE MALAYSIAN PLS SING A MALAY SONG so i did and they were apparently very amused.


We sang 6 hours that day. End of karaoke story.




The next day.




Useless fashion of the day with special guests.


OK that’s all!


I have reached Tokyo!! i’m nao sitting at hotel lobby waiting for the rest of the representatives (apparently got 6) to arrive at 5pm cuz i’m the first. Purposely bought a macbook for this trip but boooooo hotel room only has LAN cable. And my pocket wifi not working T_T

Update soon!

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41 responses to “Number76 & karaoke with QiuQiu and Xiaxue”

  1. cheesie says:

    SHOW MY FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Arrow says:

    i loveee your full bangs!!! i have really thin hair so i look bald wtf.

  3. Glow says:

    3 weeks there! woot! eat ALL the mentaiko!~ and making Malaysia proud ^^ Looking forward to all the updates cos I dunno any other way to know whats happening there =( Ganbatte kudasai chiji-chan~

  4. Michelle Ho says:

    AWESOME POST! <3 😉

  5. yezi says:

    Saw your tweet so I’m here to comment V^^V and also to show u our same flag! 😛

    I’m studying in Japan and when u and Audrey came to Osaka on new year 2012 I was also around Osaka and kept mention to my bf that how I wish I got luck to meet u both (just to say Hi and for photo snapping if u guys dun mind) but I had bad luck!! 😥

    Discovered your blog since months ago and I’m keep following! 😆 support u always~ <3

  6. Enrico says:

    The cheesecake all the way from sg?

  7. Yvonne says:

    Cheesie!!! JIA YOU!!! Love reading your blog and I keep anticipating your new blog post! Last but not least…. HAVE FUN IN JAPAN!! 😈

  8. shanjae says:

    Love that nerdy schoolgirl outfit in #21. So cute!! 😀
    Oops, what happened to your pocket wifi? I used that too when I was living in Japan, and it served me really well for 1+ year. However it also got cranky quite often but will later recover again for unknown reasons. Hope yours works again soon so we can get timely updates wherever you go! 😉

  9. babyesthet says:

    Like your hipster style.. you definitely look younger.. 😉

  10. Christina says:

    LOLOL about the karaoke story… That’s awesome, karaoke at 3am… And cheesecake for Cheesie ^^ Everybody has such nice hair! I want to do something to mine naoo~~ But I won’t because I want it LONGER >.>

    xx THT Christina

  11. Rara says:

    hahahahhahaha u really sing that malay song ah? jamal abdillah & siti sarah.. can’t imagine that. 😀

  12. Chels says:

    Hey pretty, may i know how long does the hair treatment last? Tq.

  13. Sha says:

    hey cheesie ! .. I realized your recent blogpost you put much less eye make up : )
    You look prettier (if thats even possible ; ) *suck up * hoho
    .. mind doing a tutorial ? please <3

  14. jas says:

    have fun in japan cheesieeee!!!! <3

  15. Baladlady says:

    Cheesiee you three look so gorgeous!!! <3

    I love the hipster glasses on you! no wonder XX stole them! I would too! I've been looking for those all over the place, but I live in N. America and it's hard to find here (lenseless glasses must be more of an Asian thing…). Do you know if I can buy them online? I would be SO happy if you could link me! 😛
    Also, what is your hair treatment called? I would definitely ask for it too next time I am in a salon!~~ 😛

  16. evo says:

    i really like your hairstyle.. i once told my hairstylist to cut the fringe like yours but she comment that my forehead not wide enough… sad…

    btw, is there a name for the hair treatment?

    Hope to see your post on Japan real soon! enjoy! 😉

  17. NaTT says:

    I love all your photographs! You look really cute*o* (and your friends too!)

  18. Cuteness overload man!

  19. YiTing says:

    Oh oh! i saw Xia Xue when you all went cheong k at Red Box, The Gardens.. 😛

  20. Dealy says:

    Haha, I love when you post about other bloggers. Usually I love their blogs too and I stay watching them. More pls, so I get to know more awesome blog 😉

    Regards, ♥

  21. eternaldays says:

    o.o why cheesecake? cheesecake for cheesie lol.

  22. jiaying says:

    you are so cute! :3
    i love your country-ish outfit in #21~~
    you inspire me to test dress in different clothes, but it’s disheartening because my kareshi like to pick at my dressing. D: booo~

  23. melody says:

    So so so so super duper PROUD!!!!
    Cheesie winsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  24. Cat Cat says:

    What is the brand name and color of your contact lens you’re wearing in the picture at the karaoke? Looks like grayish blue and very pretty. Would love to get a pair. Can I buy them online?

  25. Ben McC says:

    You can’t properly karaoke in one hour! Love your flag!!! Glad to have you back in Japan.

  26. Anna says:

    Haha! You laydies are so funny and cute! 1 hour for karaoke is not enough. lol. I thought 1 hour is enough until i started singing. 😛

    Good luck in Japan and have fun! 😛

  27. Mia says:

    wow..Malay song meh..hehe:DD

  28. Koko says:

    How come Audrey not with u guys?

  29. yt says:

    Hi! regular reader of ur blog but have never posted anything! Really want to ask you.. is your hair rebonded? If so, then how long did you have to wait before you curled it w a curling tong? because I just got my hair done recently and I’m not sure when I can actually tong it…..

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