to me.

Although it is kind of considered cheating to use what you wrote for me as my blog post.

Over the years i have received quite a few emails from people, namely you guys, and i really had fun reading them. Except those  about what camera i use, which contact lenses i wear, and where to go in Japan which… i also enjoyed ignoring wtf. NO LA. If i was in a good mood i’d normally reply. So most of the time i don’t. Ok joke! Joke k! I will ask my agent to reply wtf.

Recently i have been receiving some emails from readers, some even from overseas, and these people wrote to me just to tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog, or my fashion, which i feel really honored and touched. I’m posting some here:


From Germany



From France



From France again




Likely fellow Malaysian


From Japan






And lastly, not a mail just like the others


I replied and said, this is exactly the kind of mail who made me want to continue blogging as long as i can.

It also made me realize how incredible lucky i am, i recognized that, and i am really counting my blessing now.

These few years, a lot of my dreams came true, some are a result of hard work, some are out of pure bastardly luck, and some because of all of you.

Really one. I no bluff you.


Thank you so much.

If i compile ALL the nice words you guys ever said to me into a testimony, i might have a chance convincing Satan and buying my way out of hell for the time i laughed at unfortunate people and being mean to cats. :X

I disgust myself for saying this but i am feeling so full of love inside me now.

I am really really glad that this useless blog has somehow made some impact on some people, and i am also very proud that this blog is considered one of the most awesome blogs one has ever read by at least one or two people (including my mom and i).


This is gonna sound cheesy as hell but whatever cuz that’s exactly what i am so I just want to say that one day, your dreams may come true as well, just like mine. 7 years ago i was also just a lazy, bitter and depressed slug who didn’t have any concrete ambition and started a blog so that i had a place to whine and self-pity without having a slushie thrown down my face in college.

7 years later, although still a lazy slug, i am actually less bitter, i am no longer depressed over most things, (except when i think about sickness and death wtf), and dare i say i am actually happy. Shitlessly happy.

It may take time, it may be really hard, it may really include a slushie down your face, literally or metaphorically, but what i learned was really to remind myself to appreciate things more and count my blessing. Because a lot of time i forgot how lucky i am.

And then everything will be better.



Ok finished what i was itching to say. Nao i can go pack.