February 19, 2012 in Useless Vlog

I’m on a roll of uploading videos. This one was made ages ago but was blocked by both Youtube and Facebook. Finally i uploaded it on Vimeo.


PONPONPON by Misogirlz wtf.


Misogirlz’s first video is here.


I might be doing video update during my 3 week’s stay in Japan. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you like. ^^

18 people cheesed “PONPONPON!”

  1. i cant bliv i laugh for this, no i stil cant bliv it haha. tks making my day ;)

  2. I would love to see cheesie in decora. :3

  3. someone mail this to kyary!

  4. watching this without sound is pretty awkward for all i know

  5. Ponponpon, bitch!

  6. OMG! Why did Audrey wear her yukata like a dead person!! O A O She folded the right over the left ; A ;

  7. PONPONPON all the way! <33 Love this song to bits! X3

  8. I wanted to watch it so bad but it didn’t work on YT, so thanks for re-uploading! :mrgreen:

  9. You and Aud are so cute ;)

  10. do you understand what does “wtf” means?
    you use it in almost all the sentence and it doesn’t make sense hahaha. just saying:D

  11. awkward addictions are awkward wtf

  12. LOL cute ^^ That is what Kyary does to you hahaha

    xx THT Christina

  13. hahaha, really cute!

  14. both of you are so cute together! i would totally buy whatever Misogirlz is selling wtf.

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