The rest of Taiwan

February 10, 2012 in Taiwan

Sorry for the lack of update since Taiwan! Been very busy…. with stuff! That’s all! Saying more will sound like i’m bragging wtf.

Here’s the rest of my insta-Trip of Taiwan!


#UFOD at Tou Cheng.



With my manager



Me and my iPhone wtf.


Charcoal eating doggy


Dunno how this fella can survive for so long


Stopped by a seaside



Went to JiuFen




I love the suburb areas in Taiwan!!! I feel that Taipei city is a place you get bored after second visit. But there are many more places outside Taipei to be explored!


A shop at JiuFen


Cute shit in the shop


Some peanut ice cream crepe thing. Yummy!


Taiwan Niu Rou Mian!


These are all candies!!!!! =)=)=)


Condom-shape candy wtf.


This one is for Edward Cullen wtf.


Spongebob Dorayaki


On top of JiuFen




Lu Wei stall that has like a 200km queue -_-


Liang Mian!!!! It’s just yellow noodle with some taukeh and cucumber and sesame sauce but it was EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD=)


Dan Hua Tang


Feeling super duper sleepy yet still force self to shop


Some artist Anthony Neely, whom i supposed is quite famous had an autograph session at Xi Men Ding. Wa i think there are a grand total of like 50 fans there until the promoters had to hard sell their album. Super sad if i were them.


Some other band, which guitarist had to go topless to attract fans wtf see the amount of people there :X Even Foruchizu can gather more supporters :X


Valentine’s business opportunity


My shop! Haha



Baby Shiba Inu 


We passed by Xi Men DIng square and saw someone arranging heart shape balloons on the ground and it started to attract kepoh bystanders like myself to stop and look.

Then we concluded that confirm it was a proposal cuz there was also a diamond ring balloon in the middle!


Proposal bouquet that has roses of the most beautiful soft baby pink i’ve ever seen!!!!


Proposal puppies wtf.


Finally the romantic dude appeared and he stood in the cold for like 20 minutes. Felt so nervous for him!!! Everybody started taking out their phones and standby to video this epic proposal i think he basically covered all 360 video angles wtf. And more and more people surround him and watch it was almost like a live show.

Maybe Anthony Neely and that topless band should learn from this.


The girl finally came into the circle in shock and her first reaction is keep punching her new fiance HAHAHA.

FTS all these guys spoil market nao make every girl want something epic also -_-

That was our last day in Taipei!

The next day we flew home!


At Taoyuan airport


My Hello Kitty  luggage tag


One day imma fly this to Japan.


good news for self: I’m flying to Tokyo again in less than two weeks for NHK filming!!!! And it’s all still like an incepted dream for me so pardon me if i sound very stoical. Natural emotional defense wtf.

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26 responses to “The rest of Taiwan”

  1. Glow says:

    I think the doggie either has really nice teeth or never had diarrhea ~ ah the cute animal paintings are selling in Gurney Plaza! got pillow and mouse pad! bought a husky and shih tzu mousepad so effing cute >_<" So nice you can hop on a plane and have fun. me, for now I can only let go planes…. 😥

  2. shanjae says:

    Love those leopard print shoes & the Hello Kitty plane (^^)b
    And congrats for the chance to film with NHK again!!! You are totally living the dream of us commoners who adore Japan. Hee~ 撮影頑張ってね! 😉

  3. Tina says:

    You Deserve all the good stuff !!! Jia You!!

  4. That is one dramatic and amazing proposal!! The girlfriend’s reaction must’ve been so funny to watch xD And omg shiba inu!!! They are such cute dogs >.<
    Looking forward to seeing you filming with NHK again! It will be so much fun for you ^^

    xx THT Christina

  5. Sidney says:

    Your leopard shoes are gorgeous! I love all the pictures! These make me miss Taiwan so much. I really want to go back there. And the proposal is so adorable. <3
    Pose Posh Post

  6. sweetie says:

    hey ringo, i’m planning for a budget trip to Tokyo in coming July, i heard it’s summer & izzit really uncomfortably hot to travel? any super duper cheap accommodations to stay, e,g <RM100 per nite…. thanks ^^


  8. yumii says:

    i really like you with minimal make up like that. 😀 the best!

  9. Andrea says:

    i want to japan for NHK filming too!

    but im too poor :<

  10. meitzeu says:

    Gambate gambate! 🙂 I love the scenery at JiuFen oo~~ 🙂

  11. Dealy says:

    Yaaaay, Japan again! Excited, hoping to see your video about Japan soon 😉

  12. Dealy says:

    Gnaaa, why didn’t you post you stupid browser?! Anyways what I was saying was that I’m hoping and excited for your video about Japan 😉

  13. haein says:

    Hey Cheesie! What camera did you use for the piccies with a black border? Like pic 7 and 41… Cos the photos look ah-may-zing. The effect makes all the little features look so cute and detailed!

  14. Jace says:

    #8 mermaid? 😛

  15. Loversville says:

    Amazing taiwan 🙂 Valentine’s day coming soon, planning to reveal your special someone 🙂 ?

  16. melody says:

    u are getting more and more and more gorgeouss!!!!!!
    super super super gorgeoussssssssssssss!!!!!!
    why the proposal soooooooo niceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
    Wish you have the best Valentine’s Day filled with love and happiness forever!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Arrow says:

    Taiwan is beautiful!!! esp. that photo of you by the seaside! also: Taiwan Niu Rou Mian is sooo gooddd yumyum 😛

  18. I laughed when I read “This one is for Edward Cullen wtf.” LOLOLOLOLs Totally thought the same thing when I saw the picture hahaaa Hope you had good time there =)


  19. hitomineko says:

    omgish~ i am seriously of super jealous of u of all ur travels !)@($)!#*(!(#*(!)#(*)!$^)!~!!!!!

    such lucky girl!! I heart all the pictures! & especially the HK ones! die of cuteness!!!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoox
    i’m hosting a giveaway ^^

  20. -lyne says:

    omg the proposal is really very nice! he really spoil the market for the rest of the guys lolol

  21. Meijing says:

    cheesie you look damn good without all those coloured contact lenses!! and ahh I LOVE YOUR HAIR IN THE SUNLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe really your travel entries FOREVER A FAN OF YOURS

  22. Sweet Jesus I am jealous of your life.

  23. FionaChan says:

    I thought Anthony Neely is quite famous, and pretty good looking too. Oh well, poor guy. :p

    What app do you use for those combined pictures in a slanted way? o.o

  24. Cupcake says:

    Wow, you travel to the coolest places!! That proposal was so cute, I hope she said yes!

  25. anon says:

    you look really pretty without make up too T_T

  26. L says:

    cheesie, can we travel together??! I follow your blog along with your numerous travels around the world and I’m tired with envy.. You seem like a great travel partner, likes the arts, culture, and shopping!!

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