Blogging this on mobile at KLIA! Landed 2pm and have 4 hours to spare while waiting for the kareshi to come back from Japan.

Here’s some pictures from Taiwan for the last 4 days!

My trips are mostly spontaneous but this was probably the most ridiculous one. Got a phone call at 10am from my agent asking me to pack for a flight to Taipei at 3pm wtf. On the same day wtf.


My luggage case. Learnt from past mistake so I’m bringing a 80% empty case.


Been wanting to wear the eye mask next to the right person for the longest time lolol.


My in flight survival kit.


On the plane.


Yuan Shan hotel.


The view from our room.


Kiki’s Cafe for lunch.


Went to Wufenpu for shopping. Didn’t buy anything at all. Was a super miserable day, super cold and raining nonstop and was wet everywhere.

Either I have really gotten bored of Taipei, or I have simply just lost my shopping mojo. 🙁


The next day we left for TouCheng in Yilan. Was still gloomy and drizzling.

The cloud was really strange that day.


Super awesome lunch at DuXiaoYue!


Our accommodation in TouCheng farm.


I love it! I guess I really need to get out of Taipei city and see more of the nature stuff.


Super old school fishing. Of course I caught nothing. Except a potential cold wtf.

Then at night we made Tian Deng (sky lantern)! Apparently you write you wish and then release it to the sky and your wish will come true.


Wished for more love again just to secure it wtf. Hope the sky or whatever can read Japanese wtf.


There were 3 of us and the lantern has 4 sides. So Iyvene and i wrote lots of nonsense to fill the last page hahahha #malaysian. Jeff only wrote one line cuz he is Taiwanese wtf.


Didn’t manage to take a picture of us lighting the lantern but man I flew so high!!!!!!

Look, the big dot is the moon and the small dot was our lantern. Somehow it’s quite a touching experience. If you haven’t you should totally try it!!!!


Ended our day with awesome hot spring bath.

Ok that’s all for now. Sorry this post is not funny or informative i will make it up in the next post with pictures of cute puppies made of unicorn and cupcakes wrapped in bacon. Or something. I’m sitting in Burger King at the arrival hall on my iPhone for hours imma try to take a nap and continue waiting :X