NHK Kawaii Of The World and Tokyo Girls Collection is over finally!

Unfortunately i can’t reveal the winner, you guys will have to catch Tokyo Kawaii TV on the 24th March to find out!

That aside, i had so much fun during the whole competition, and especially yesterday at TGC! Met soooo many models and idols it was too awesome and should be put into an entirely separate long ass blog post.

Now i’m just glad that it is over and i can take a break doing some shopping and sightseeing and some time alone with my kareshi and pak ALL the tor!!!!!!! <3


Here’s a super short video Shiori and i took yesterday.

Oh ya!! Stay tuned to watch Tokyo Kawaii TV this 17th because i will be featured too!

It’s about a World Kawaii Summit, and I will be representing Asia to talk about Japanese Kawaii culture! ^^

Kawaii Of The World episode is out on 24th!