Warning: After reading this post, you might turn orange wtf.

I have visited most big cities of Japan, from Tokyo to Osaka to Nagoya to Sapporo, the only prefecture i haven’t been is Kyushu. Since (the kareshi) and i took a one week break, we flew to Kyushu for sightseeing.

And the moment i set foot in Fukuoka airport, i went crazy.

Come to think of it i’m quite fated with Kyushu. Kyushu (九州) literally means Nine States, and i’m from Negeri Sembilan, which also means Nine States hahahha. Then, Kyushu is also most famous for my favorite food in the world….


So this blog post is about ALL the mentaiko i’ve ever seen in Kyushu. I don’t know how i survived the whole week without having a heart attack every time i see a mentaiko product. Or from having fish roe cholesterol overdose.

Here goes.


The first signboard i saw the moment i landed at Fukuoka. I was already like OMGOMGOMG

and then…


A mentaiko speacialty store. I was looking at the kareshi like =) and he was just like =hehe

We then checked in to our hotel, and right at the concierge there’s this:


Dried mentaiko snacks =)

Didn’t even know such thing existed!!!


We bought two packs, preparing to savor them in our room.


And then it has to tempt us with more mentaiko adverts!!!!!!

Look they even have mentaiko stuck in a fish =)=)=)

Mother Of Mentaiko (HAHHAHAHAHA PUN)



And then for the first time i had mentaiko Udon =)

The next day we went out for sightseeing, and it was Mentaiko, Mentaiko everywhere.



A mentaiko bulding =)


Specialty shops EVERYWHERE.



In the malls, supermarkets, subway stores…


They even have ranking for all the different types of mentaiko =)=)=)



Mentaiko Kake Gohan is my favoriteeeeeeeeeeee


We bought “menbei”, which is short for mentaiko senbei lol



They also have Kyushu Limited Edition everything including Mentaiko Pretz!



Chicken Wing mentaiko =)


Sanma mentaiko =)


Iwashi mentai


Seriously i have never seen so much ovaries in my entire life.

You look at the fish roe in the plastic box, those are already alot bigger than the normal packaged mentaiko we get.

Would you just look at them, almost the size of a new born human WTF.


*calms self down*

And then i walked into a gift shop and guess what i found….


(ok you might have seen me posting it sickeningly often on my twitter and FB, but just try to play along and guess la…)









I almost had a fit and fainted on the spot.



They also have Rilakkuma and other characters in mentaiko ARGHH!HH!@&#@&#*@



I bought a few phone straps. Even can’t dangle stuff from stupid iphone but don’t care!!!


Tell me you have seen any other thing cuter than this wtf.

(Unless your answer is “Yes, you”, any other response is not accepted.)

And guess whattttt



Mentaiko Hello Kitty Socks T_____________T

When i went back to my hotel i went straight to my bathroom and vomitmentaiko.jpg

No la.

You didn’t believe that did you.

I was just trying to dye myself orange to join the whole Mentaiko kingdom.