Here’s a video of a curious incident that started inside a densha (train) in Fukuoka, Japan.


Watch this video first.

The Densha Incident

The moral of the story is, never ever hold onto the rail above you inside the train/subway. That, or use a really good deodorant that doesn’t leave embarrassing stains on your clothes.



Has that ever happened to you before? Most so-called effective deodorants actually end up causing stains on clothing, especially white stains on black clothes and yellow stains on white clothes.

Do you know that the stains are a result of a chemical reaction between the ingredients in the deodorants, the sweat from our bodies and the material of our clothing?

White powdery stains on black clothes show up right away, while yellow stains appear slowly overtime after repeated washings, imagine that on your favorite and most expensive dresses!!!

Which is why i haven’t used deodorant in a long time because i had bad experience with these unsightly stains.

But the densha stalker obviously knows fashion really well lol.  With NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Anti-perspirant deodorant, now the embarrassing problem can be avoided!


This new NIVEA Black & White is specially formulated with double the effectiveness of antiperspirant that absorbs quickly and deeper into the skin, and leaving zero stains on my favorite clothes.

These are my new NIVEA Black & White. Stay fresh, smell good and protect ALL your clothes!!!