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Awesome week!!

Phuket I’m so happy! Just got back from Phuket with Xiaxue, QiuQiu, Sophie and other friends. here are some quick pictures from my Instagram before i do a full post! #1 The girls! Like 11 Singaporeans and ONE Malaysian hahaha. Is that what ONE MALAYSIA MEANS!?!??!   #2 Me and Qiu with our ice blended […]

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The Densha Incident

March 20, 2012 in Commercial Break 21 Cheesed

Here’s a video of a curious incident that started inside a densha (train) in Fukuoka, Japan.   Watch this video first. The Densha Incident The moral of the story is, never ever hold onto the rail above you inside the train/subway. That, or use a really good deodorant that doesn’t leave embarrassing stains on your […]

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Nandemo Mentaiko

Warning: After reading this post, you might turn orange wtf. I have visited most big cities of Japan, from Tokyo to Osaka to Nagoya to Sapporo, the only prefecture i haven’t been is Kyushu. Since (the kareshi) and i took a one week break, we flew to Kyushu for sightseeing. And the moment i set […]

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#UFOD in Tokyo

Before i actually have time to blog about anything, UFOD first!   Here’s 3 weeks worth of  daily fashion during my stay in Japan. #1 First day! Just landed in Tokyo and off to my hotel room for NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV. #2 #3 With roomie Amandine. #4 #5 #6 #7 #8   #9 #10 […]

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Are You The Next Lee Hom?

March 13, 2012 in Commercial Break 22 Cheesed

Lee Hom is probably one of the most liked Chinese singers i know! Almost all my girlfriends and even guy friends like him and for sure his songs will be sung over and over again during karaoke sessions. I once know a guy from college time who is super popular among girls because they think […]

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RainbowColor powered up!!!

This is gonna make so many of you super happy!!! Due to popular demand, RainbwColor is now finally available in powered versions!! (for those of you who are new, read my introduction entry on RainbowColor.) I know right, i’m one of those lucky bastard who has perfect eye sight but chooses to wear color lens. […]

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