This is gonna make so many of you super happy!!!

Due to popular demand, RainbwColor is now finally available in powered versions!! (for those of you who are new, read my introduction entry on RainbowColor.)

I know right, i’m one of those lucky bastard who has perfect eye sight but chooses to wear color lens. In the name of vanity. I guess i forgot to so many of you, contact lenses are a necessity instead of a cosmetic enhancement.

Here. This is for all of you who are practically blind without contact lenses:


Powered lenses are available in degrees starting from :

-1.00, -1.50, -2.00,-2.50, -3.00, -3.50, -4.00, -4.50,-5.00


Now you can see clearly, with prettier eyes. We have a happy ending now.


Also, another good news, RainbowColor has launched a new color— Wood Ash.

To many people, Earth Brown is a little too intensely bright (which i adore very very much). So i picked another color that is very similar brown but even more natural!

Visual for Wood Ash.

Close up.



If you have any feedback on the lenses or suggestions about the colors (do you prefer more dramatic colors or natural colors?), please let me know. I’m really looking forward to producing more variety of colors for RainbowColor!





Get your plano AND powered RainbowColor cosmetic lenses at!