RainbowColor powered up!!!

March 9, 2012 in Make up Cheat One™

This is gonna make so many of you super happy!!!

Due to popular demand, RainbwColor is now finally available in powered versions!! (for those of you who are new, read my introduction entry on RainbowColor.)

I know right, i’m one of those lucky bastard who has perfect eye sight but chooses to wear color lens. In the name of vanity. I guess i forgot to so many of you, contact lenses are a necessity instead of a cosmetic enhancement.

Here. This is for all of you who are practically blind without contact lenses:


Powered lenses are available in degrees starting from :

-1.00, -1.50, -2.00,-2.50, -3.00, -3.50, -4.00, -4.50,-5.00


Now you can see clearly, with prettier eyes. We have a happy ending now.


Also, another good news, RainbowColor has launched a new color— Wood Ash.

To many people, Earth Brown is a little too intensely bright (which i adore very very much). So i picked another color that is very similar brown but even more natural!

Visual for Wood Ash.

Close up.



If you have any feedback on the lenses or suggestions about the colors (do you prefer more dramatic colors or natural colors?), please let me know. I’m really looking forward to producing more variety of colors for RainbowColor!





Get your plano AND powered RainbowColor cosmetic lenses at TokyoNinki.com!

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  1. higher power lenses pls cheesie? am not sure if -5.00 enough for me =/

  2. higher degrees pls ;( im a -6.50 T.T

  3. My power is 1.75 and 3.25 wor…how much is it?? =)

  4. Noooo way I’m almost blind -6.5 TT.TT

  5. Introduce more powered lenses degree with +/-.0.25 please! :blush:

  6. Toric lenses for astigmatism please! Its so hard to find nice toric lenses 🙁

    • Yes that’s it too!

    • Thank you! WIll definitely take note on that <3

      • Cheesie, thank you thank you thank you for getting powered lenses for us! <3 so appreciated ;D

        & For those of you with astigmatism (like me) I've heard you can substitute the astigmatism correction, if it's not that strong, with a spherical equivalent. But my problem is my power is 4.50 and 5.00 so I can't correct it for 1 eye because the highest power offered is 5.00! ):

        In any case, having the option for higher power or toric lenses will definitely be nice too. It'd sure mean a lot more purchases, which is good for both parties.

    • yay, just purchased mine thank you cheesie! x) i was so excited when i saw this!! can’t believe i missed this post because these are the prettiest lens i’ve ever seen. i love your blog!

  7. I know i might sound really stupid but then is the quantity 1 means 1 pair? Or just 1 contact lens?

    WHat? Being a informed consumer only what…. Don’t look at me that way, students ARE a bunch of poor people but at the same time wants to look good. Haha

  8. My power is -10.00 . I’m almost blind. Why you no provide lenses for higher power! 😥 😥

  9. Yay!! I’ll buy them as soon as I have money! 😀
    Wood Ash is just so pretty, I can’t even..

  10. Hi Cheesie,

    I’ve just made a purchase on the website using the buy 3 get 1 free promo! Excited to receive my lens! 🙂

  11. That’s so good 😀 But do you have any tips when you start to use circle lenses ?

  12. I would like to try brown lenses, it would be really interesting since I have blue eyes 🙂

  13. oooh it looks great!!!

  14. Cheee! I have -0,5 and -0,25 but with astigmatism… crap 😛
    Lovely lenses, great colors ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. I am so happy there are now powered coloured lenses! Normally I have to wear clear contacts but I have always wanted to try coloured! Only problem was, I would have to wear glasses all the time also! 😐
    I think I would prefer the more natural colours so can wear them every day. Now I just need to find out my prescription and I can has pretty gyaru eyes! Love the wood ash. <3

  16. Awww, I was looking forward to it because most of the lenses provide till -10.00 🙁 I need – 8.5 but congrats to people who can wear these now T_T

  17. aha! sorry but still blind! /(3.3)/ -6 degree lol

  18. I really wanted to get some, but I’m an awkward 3.75. I can of course get 3.50, but in the long run, it’s not very good to wear lenses that don’t suit me (or so said my optician haha). I might still get them, but was wondering if you would consider coming out with more options for the power?

    As for colours, I love these colours. Not much feedback except maybe think of us office workers who are vain, but have to be careful not to alarm conservative bosses or clients 😀
    I love colours, but prefer the less dramatic options.

  19. cannot have happy ending yet cus no higher degree!!

  20. i know this might be too much to ask for but do introduce +/-.25 degrees in the future =)
    as for colors, i’ve been waiting for a natural green!

  21. cheisey jc says:

    aww…!nice!thanks cheesie for introducing!
    btw,cheesie,can i ask where you bought your wig…?
    hope for your reply.thank you!

  22. I love the colour of the lenses but would it be possible to have it ordered to specifically follow the specifications of power and astigmatism of each individual? <3

  23. Rejoice!!! :D:D:D Wood ash looks gorgeous! My power is 3.00 for one eye and 3.50 for the other, but I shall settle with 3.00 (currently wearing 3.25 by optician’s advice). Definitely gonna order my first pair asap! Ever considered producing pink lenses? 😛

  24. aisey… onie until -5.00 ka… mine is -9.00 ;(

  25. Never worn lenses. Isn’t it uncomfortable? Like, having something on your eyeballs all day. 😛

  26. Definitely prefer something more natural! Like a natural green or brown! <3

  27. Yes, I am also a bit confused. Does this mean only one pair is 58 RMB?D:

  28. Love your new colour launched, but I need high power!! I’m 500 & 550! 🙁

  29. higher power with toric please…

  30. I reallyyyyyy wanna try this! I hope you’ll have higher power. Maybe until 8.00? I know I’m blind =.=”

  31. wooowww, thats soo cool. I didnt think people used those now, I never notice them

    • Give it a try!!! 🙂

      • Hi, Found your blog by chance. Nice blog! Liking the contact colors. I’ve never worn colored ones before. May I ask if the powered contacts are safe to wear for long hours? I usually wear CIBAVision’s Air Optix lenses, and comfort is important for me.

  32. level up the power pls!! D;

  33. Please hv a series of grey or light blue color lenses! I really love those tunning caucasians natural color lens tone! SUPER GORGEOUS CAN!! Obviously we couldn’t find that natural lenses anywhere! pls help! 😀

  34. Im in -6.5…. hiks….
    please make a higher degreee!!
    we need it higher! I want to try it, but I cant see if I dont use lenses…
    I think ur lens color are perfect already..
    Im in love with the browns…!!
    I would like to try ur lens if theres any higher degree..

    Thanks Chessie…
    Love ur blog! 😉

  35. I want green lensssssss!

  36. is it possible to ship to aussie? 🙂 i’d love green lenses please! 😀

  37. Please please please make them with astigamatism >.<

  38. YES!!! Can finally get them!!! I love love love Wood Ash!!! But would love RainbowColor even more if the power comes in -0.25s and at higher powers. My sis is -7.00 and I would love to buy some for her. Colour suggestions would be green, turquoise and dark blue!

  39. I’m supper happy, I’m astatig!

  40. omg Wood Ash looks gorgeousssssss <3<3 I think this is my favourite colour out of the whole range with Lilac Purple a close second 😀 But please consider making higher perscriptions in the future – us super blind girls (and guys) would love to wear you cons but can't since the perscription isn't strong enough -sob- I'm -7.00 and -7.50 so I'll just have to admire your pretty promo pics until then…sigh

  41. Cheesie you need to have -1.25 lens so I can get a pair! One of my eyes is a standard 1.00 but the other is 1.25 🙁

  42. Hello all! For people who ask for higher power lenses:

    This first batch unfortunately we can’t produce for power due to overstock problem. But if the response is good enough we might consider in the future batch!

    Thank you so much for your support always!!!


  43. hey my power is -3.0 and -4.5, if i m gonna get one pair, the price is still the same?and i will get the contact lens of power -3.0 and -4.5 right?

  44. Hopefully you’ll produce a higher power batch for WoodAsh. WOULD DEFINITELY BUY IT.
    I’m -8.0

  45. Please let us pick separate prescription for right and left eye! 😥 I’m still gonna buy some…get plano and then wear glasses haha

  46. Dear Cheesie,

    I’m from singapore 😉 i really like your lens alot but i have astigmatism 😥
    Would you manufacture coloured toric lens for us poor toric lens users.

    There are hardly any coloured contacts that is manufactured for people with astigmatism.
    And most coloured toric lens are not allowed to be sold here in sg for reasons i dono 🙁

    You are my only hope for bigger eyes!!!

    <3 Marie

  47. Cheesie, higher power please >< I'm -8.50 (:

  48. Hi Cheesie,
    it says 3 months disposable on the website for the contact lens. Does it mean I can use one pair of lens for 3 months for daily, continuous wear? I’m so excited! wana buy and try!!

  49. Please produce it in long-sighted (+) degrees! Looking everywhere for one but to no avail! 🙁 Please be the first!

  50. dear cheesie, in the video you uploaded titled ‘Tokyo Girls Collection S/S 2011 Yokohama’, may i know what color contacts are you wearing in that video? its so pretty! thank u!

  51. I love the fact that tokyoninki shipping worldwide, and how cheesie brought in the new power up lenses. But im 3.00 and 6.00 :((((( dear cheesie can you increase the power a little moreee please!! 🙁

  52. SHOW MY FLAG!!!!!!!

  53. can u make 3.75 and 4.25.. those that end with .25 n .75

  54. Hi Cheesie,

    I tried to order from the website, but i found out that we cannot choose different degree for L/R. My L/R degrees varies quite alot. Maybe you can let the customers choose L/R degree? Glad if you do that.

  55. Cheesie, does this contact lense business support bank-in method for payment? 😥

  56. But the website stated, only debit/credit card… How ah? I’m so confuse Cheesieeee.

  57. So I ended up buying the sky blue contacts. And they’re so pretty!
    It was actually my first time wearing contacts. And I was surprised because I wore them all day, but they were very comfortable :’3 (they also came out very lovely in photos)
    I look forward to buying more in the future.

    thank you so much for making these
    and I can’t wait to (possibly) see more colors later on.
    I’m crossing my fingers for a green

  58. Is it avail in sg?:3

  59. I wish there is more power for the lens >_<

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