Andara at Phuket!

April 6, 2012 in Commercial Break / Thailand

This is a full post on our Phuket trip!


And here’s the representative photo of ALL the good times we had during that short two days trip!

Photos that are not instagram or doesn’t have a fading edges are all stolen from Qiu lol.



Again we were very lucky to be sponsored by Andara Resort and Villas because the generous Xiaxue decided to bring 10 of her friends together to stay in two gorgeous villas!


Qiu and I are roomies!



And here’s our private pool overlooking the seaside!



The living hall is sooooooo huge and there are mirrors everywhere for you to camwhore lol look at the two of us.


Me with my CreamCakeCam again i decide not to sell it because its just too cute wtf.





Huiwen and i waiting to go out!



The Andara chauffeur service!


We went out to Kamala beach!





That’s Sophie’s BF Alaric!



This Qiu always PSed me until very chio lolol.


Version from my camera.



To be completely honest i don’t really like seaside holiday. Even when i went to Bali i prefer to just stay at the villa and chill and do massage. I hate the sun and i don’t like the sandy feeling beneath my feet. Not to mention getting stung by jelly fish once wtf and scarred for life literally. And SUNBURN.


But all my other friends love the sea and sunshine and all the hot girls in bikinis.

To quote Qiuqiu,






When i reached Kamala beach with the rest of the girls (and guys)



Seeing the beautiful sea and all the topless (!!!!) girls






And really REALLY awesome and fashionable and vain girlfriends,


I really felt that this is the life that i might have failed to appreciate. Beach holiday could be really fun after all!! Except that we really looked OOT with full make-up on and fancy dresses but who cares!






As other people were busy exploring the beach/doing banana boat/chatting up with ang moh kids, Qiu and i decided to just lie down sighing about how good life is wtf.

And then Xiaxue called us THE TWO NUAH SHIT HAHAHAHHAHAH


Nuah-shitting on my sun chair lol.


Massage time!


Ok finally Qiu decided to get active while i nuah on my chair taking her pictures.


After that we headed out for lunch!



Heart shape mango sticky rice!


Strolling on the street


Near dinner time, we got back and was escorted to a bigger villa! The view is breathtaking!


Gorgeous bedroom!


And in-room jacuzzi omggg



A huuuuuge infinity pool






Then it was Thai cooking class time! Xiaxue and Qiu were making Thai spring roll.


You get to cook tomyam soup too!

Temporary chefs!!

All trying to look pro haha


Me with a serious face tasting Qiu’s masterpiece and look how worry she is HAHAHAH


I am probably the shittiest at cooking among the 12 people but I CAN MAKE COCKTAIL…


Look at that smug face HAHAHAHAHHAH


This Ee Kean is damn funny lolol always photobomb maximus


That’s my yummy  Mai Tai ok please.


After that is rendam-in-pool time 😛


The pool is gorrrrrgeous


The reflection makes us all look like frogs with human head wtf.


The girls!



Our dinner!


The next day we went to Andara spa!


That’s the biggest individual massage room i’ve ever seen O.o






The therapist is so well trained and soft spoken i fell asleep during the massage!


Tea after massage session!


Supper happy me and Qiu!


Light dinner before we head back home.




On the way to the airport i saw really nice and pink sunset!!


If you guys are looking for a short getaway or romantic holiday at Phuket, remember to check out Andara Resort and Villas!








22 responses to “Andara at Phuket!”

  1. Hamtaro says:

    the sunset is so beautiful 🙂 wish to go Phuket so much aft reading your blog

  2. LV says:

    You girls are so lucky to be going on an amazing holiday for free!!! *so jealous* What an awesome life!

  3. Caryn says:

    JELLLLLY !!!!!!

  4. susan says:

    me want luxurious holidays!!! :mrgreen:

  5. Sachie says:

    Ahh I want to goooo~~~

  6. Patsy says:

    Take me with you!!! You guys look like you had sooo much fun!

  7. Dylla Fadzil says:

    SUPERLOVE…… awesome oneee

  8. Raine Lee says:

    The place looks really fun!! It makes me wna jump right into the pictures wtf.

  9. kl says:

    cheesie, did you do your nose? can email me the surgeon?

  10. Johanna says:

    It looks like you had a fun time 😀

  11. Chloe wang says:

    So nice the villa! and the beach!

  12. melody says:

    pretty pretty prettyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ben McC says:

    I love that pool! I really have to get to Thailand one of these days.

  14. overule says:

    Like the site’s design and content.

    Great stuff.

  15. Yanyan says:

    Hey Cheesie! Was wondering what camera are you using? Hi from Singapore!! 😛

  16. weiying says:

    what is the model of ur cream-cake-cam ??
    btw, interest to get a new phone casing with 3d suzy’s zoo?

  17. Elisa says:

    this is what I call .. GOOD LIFEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! hihi :mrgreen: Would love to go thereee as well !! looks so pretty 😀

  18. hitomineko says:

    haha I really like the one where everyone is camwhoring! haha

    It looks really fun~ i esp love the infinity pool thing. Makes me think that if one day i am rich I want that kind of pool in my house! haha

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  19. Athena says:

    You guys look like you had so much fun!! I totally wanna go to Thailand with my boyfriend one day! 🙂 😀

  20. cutebun says:

    I love the post and Phuket is so pretty!

  21. FledFrilk says:

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