Sakura & Tanjoubi

I actually wrote a really long post about the reasons why I love Japan but it seems like I can’t finish writing it because every hour new reasons seem to appear, so here’s a post on just beautiful sakura.


The first Sakura tree I saw since I came here on 1st April.


Yoyogi park about a week ago with all the sakura buds, it is full bloom now!


On my birthday!

Somehow I just feel very blessed to be born in the beginning of spring just around sakura bloom.

What a beautiful season to celebrate.


This was yesterday at Meguro. It was a surprise because I was there for my nail appointment and totally didn’t expect to see any sakura, let alone such an entire heaven of cherry blossom.

Was walking alone then I saw it and was like what is this?!?!?!!!!! Mother of god.

Wasn’t my first time seeing sakura but seeing it again made my heart almost burst with happiness. It is so beautiful I don’t even!!!!$&&*^


Taken with iPhone!!


Also it was the best birthday ever. Just being here make me shitlessly happy.

I don’t even know if I could describe how I felt. It’s something along the lines of i’m living a dream that i never even dare to have and my life is pretty much complete and it’s okay if I die anytime now.

And I don’t even know how I can make it sound like i’m not exaggerating.


And then I start to fear the consequences of being so happy. Of course for normal people it’s just a few extra laugh lines but I’m naturally a more pessimistic person and they say 物极必反 (things that reach the extreme will go the opposite way).

I blame Chinese education.


Ending this post with a picture of a gift I got for my kareshi (actually I own self want to try wtf) , and it is white strawberries!! Although more pink than white.

On the box it says “The Scent of First Love”.

From how pretty it looks you will think that it taste sour like hell. But that’s the sweetest and most delicious strawbie I’ve ever had.

I guess I will just just stop thinking and remain naively and shitlessly happy for now.

34 responses to “Sakura & Tanjoubi”

  1. :DD says:

    if i could ever want to be someone, i would want to be you 😉

  2. overule says:

    Like the site’s design and content.

    Great stuff.

  3. Kf says:

    please dont die anytime now. your life mission from now onwards is to make your readers feel the same happiness as you (by updating your blog LOLOL) 😛

  4. Christy says:

    wow. The strawberry is in pink color. 1st time to see it. Really got a life experience with your blog. Thanks for your sharring.

    href=””>online bag

  5. Michelle says:

    so glad that you are happy!

  6. Patsy says:

    Waah I’m so jelly! I want those strawberries! 😛

  7. Arrow says:

    cherry blossoms are gorgeousss!!!
    also, white strawberries? i have never seen them before O.o

  8. Nikki says:

    wow those cherry blossom are GORGEOUS and white strawberries? ive never even heard of them before! very cool!

  9. overule says:

    Just wondering if we can switch the background colour to blue. Not everyone likes pink 🙂

  10. melody says:

    pretty pretty pretty!!!!
    never knew white strawberries existed!!!!!

  11. DebbZ says:

    Next time I must visit Japan during spring. I’m dying to see sakura….so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing this 😉

  12. hazel says:

    it’s so beautiful!I so wish to go to Japan now..

  13. Johanna says:

    Omg those strawberries looks delicious and I’m so glad that they tasted good ;p
    And I hope you have a real good time in Japan :3

  14. Małgosia says:

    I love Sakura. 🙂 Japan is so beautiful. Delicious strawberry and cookie. ^^

  15. Jwxwei says:

    when I saw those strawberries I thought I was colour blind wtf

  16. season says:

    I love you and your life. Happy always baby! 🙂

  17. beast says:

    Anybody who biuys you strawberries tends to be a good person
    Lucky chap
    Champagne along with them for breakfast works even better
    Blast them in a blender with champagne crushed ice and Vodka
    A Yah!
    Although Jap strawberries are rubbish, too much water not enough sugar

  18. S says:

    omg your hair’s super gorgeous! :> how did you do your fringe? so pretty!!!!! <3

    is there a name / youtube tutorial for it? Wanna have the same hairstyle too! :DD

  19. Francesca says:

    happy to see you’re happy!!

  20. Glow says:

    All this was your hard work, not luck. Enjoy the fruits of your labour! When will kareshi be ready to see us? (●´∀`)ノ♡ promise we’ll behave!~

  21. Rojak gal says:

    Love your post. But I also wish that you can blog about why you like Malaysia. LOL. At least we won’t feel so left out.

  22. Kelly says:

    OMG! Dying to see sakuras!!! They’re so gorgeous…..

  23. tomoca says:

    soooo beautiful!
    I’m glad to hear that why you love Japan and you love sakura it’s beautiful flower it is Japanese soul.
    I’m looking forward to studying Eng in Malaysia from next month.

  24. Mana says:

    Hi Cheese!!!

    Can I ask You what kind of program You use to edit the photos like in this post??

    Bye Bye

  25. Raine Lee says:

    Omg so much pink!! So loving the strawberries & sakura! How I wish I can experience this too, someday..

  26. raine says:

    oh my, i would love to see cherry blossoms someday…really hope that i could go to japan too.

    anyway, your hair is really pretty. how did you fix your hair in photos 2 and 3?

    will you please do a tutorial when you have the time.

    thank you.

  27. raine says:

    i forgot to greet you on my previous comment…ssooo,

    happy happy birthday!!!! 🙂

  28. David says:


    Lovely photos of the Cherry, aka Sakura blossoms!

    In 1906 over 1000 Sakura trees were imported from Yokohama Nursery Company in Japan, and planted in Washington D.C.

    I would love to visit Japan during the Sakura blossom season, but until then your beautiful photos, which are made more so by your appearance, will satisfy me!

    Happy travels.


  29. miracleangel says:

    Happy belated birthday! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of the Sakuras! Btw, I so want those pink strawberries! hehe

  30. mimi says:

    wow..nice photo……mimi like it

  31. hitomineko says:

    Love the pixx~ love the Sakuras ~ =D ! & happy birthday <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  32. R.S says:

    I’ve always dreamed about to see that colorful blossom..! Looks so beautiful, loving it! (Also loving your blog hahah..)

    Your cheese,


  33. Shanee says:

    Because of you, I am determined to save up more so that i’ll be able to go to Japan and visit awesome places and eat awesome food. Hihi 😀
    But I have a question…
    Will I be able to survive in a foreign land not knowing their language?
    I mean, english is good enough right? And maybe learn the basics 🙂

  34. vOon says:

    totally agree and have the same feeling
    when everything is so good…just feel that sure got bad things happen soon >.<

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