Too many people asked me this question so i decided to show you once and for all how i do it!!!

Actually the only trick to wearing contact lens is not to use your nails.

There. Problem solved.

Using nails might accidentally scratch your contact lens or even tear it, so what i do is i use the softest part of my finger tip to gently pull it out.

Sorcery? Watch how.






Video brought to you by RainbowColor!

I know some of you are like, dafuq did you just do that? I dunno , i guess it’s just lots and lots of practice!

Also it helps that RainbowColor is super moist so it’s very very easy to put in and take out! I have already been wearing that pair for 3 months but it’s still very hydrated!




Other tips of wearing contact lens and contact lens care include:


Just very basic stuff la actually you know know already. Actually i never adhere to “insert contact lenses before putting make up” cuz sometimes i will forget one -____-.

But that day Aud told me her friend’s brother NEVER TAKE OUT CONTACT LENS FOR 5 MONTHS WTF. He wears it to sleep WTF. For 5 months WTF.

So if you do that please stop :X


Anyway, if you don’t know about RainbowColor yet, it is a collaboration of GEO lens and Cheesie which is available in 7 different colors and different power.


Now available at every SASA outlet including East Malaysia (only plano) and for powered ones you can purchase it online HERE!!

RainbowColor ships worldwide so overseas readers, do make your order nao! ^^