How to wear/take off contact lens with long nails

April 26, 2012 in Useless Vlog

Too many people asked me this question so i decided to show you once and for all how i do it!!!

Actually the only trick to wearing contact lens is not to use your nails.

There. Problem solved.

Using nails might accidentally scratch your contact lens or even tear it, so what i do is i use the softest part of my finger tip to gently pull it out.

Sorcery? Watch how.






Video brought to you by RainbowColor!

I know some of you are like, dafuq did you just do that? I dunno , i guess it’s just lots and lots of practice!

Also it helps that RainbowColor is super moist so it’s very very easy to put in and take out! I have already been wearing that pair for 3 months but it’s still very hydrated!




Other tips of wearing contact lens and contact lens care include:


Just very basic stuff la actually you know know already. Actually i never adhere to “insert contact lenses before putting make up” cuz sometimes i will forget one -____-.

But that day Aud told me her friend’s brother NEVER TAKE OUT CONTACT LENS FOR 5 MONTHS WTF. He wears it to sleep WTF. For 5 months WTF.

So if you do that please stop :X


Anyway, if you don’t know about RainbowColor yet, it is a collaboration of GEO lens and Cheesie which is available in 7 different colors and different power.


Now available at every SASA outlet including East Malaysia (only plano) and for powered ones you can purchase it online HERE!!

RainbowColor ships worldwide so overseas readers, do make your order nao! ^^





23 responses to “How to wear/take off contact lens with long nails”

  1. Yi Shiean says:

    The video is private? 🙁

  2. bendan says:

    Great tips!! Ahahaha!! I made my eyes red once because taking off using my long nails. Ouch!!

  3. Wendy says:

    how much does the power up to?

  4. somebody says:

    Hi Chessie!

    Thanks for the share!
    Anyway, XX have already shared this before.. However, yours was in video and make us even more easier to understand! Both of u are awesome!

    Stay Chic!


  5. Roze says:

    Hello Cheesie thanks for this even tho i dont wear contact lens lol.. maybe u can do a video / entry for those who are afraid of wearing contact lens to not be afraid of it again LOL /kidding

  6. Cat says:

    “Do not use while driving”? o.O I guess that’s because something might suddenly disturb your eyes and give you bad vision, eh? By the way, the way (lol the way way) you put them in looks super easy! I don’t have long nails or anything but I only open up the lower part of my eyelids and then I have to poke the lens around to get it in place… they way you did it looked super easy! Definitely gonna try that when my eyes are better XD

  7. alycie says:

    I do the same technique when I have fake nails too 😀

    I heard theres such thing as extended contacts where you wear them for 1 month but 5 months is really pushing it 😯

  8. Asuka says:

    love the colour for the storm grey one!! shall get hopefully soon =)

  9. ronron says:

    zomg cheesie, i can’t even wear/remove my contact lens that effortlessly with short nails >< can u really just squeeze it out with the fingertips of both your index fingers for normal lenses? (as in not coloured lens) that'll make removing my contact lens a LOT easier.

  10. Johanna says:

    Omg! I was just thinking about how to make it work with long nails and lenses ;D Thank you Cheesie , You’re my hero 😛

  11. G says:

    Hey realized yr face slimmed down a loooot from last time. Mind sharing how u did that???

  12. hitomineko says:

    OOO I didn’t know we can’t wear color lenses while driving.. that’s news to me!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

  13. Sunny L. says:

    Hey cheesie! Thanks for putting up this blog&video post! Taking out contacts with a manicure has always been a challenge for me! (taking them out looks so easy for you since your eyes are so bigggg /le sigh) I’m definitely going to check out these rainbowcolor lenses when I need new circle lens~ 🙂

  14. Alexis says:

    CHEESIE! this post totally HELPED. I used to cut my forefinger nail into really short to ease me when putting in/taking out my contacts(without poking my eyeballs) while my other fingernails are hell long. My manicurist always tease me with this “why won’t your forefinger nails grow normal like others har” 😀 Not sure this gonna work for me or not as I have a really typical ASIAN EYES but I’m definitely gonna try this out. TQVM!

  15. I do this too! Not the popping out part though, that looks so cool! LOL It isn’t as hard as people think it is, but girls with long nails just know how to work around things after a while 😛 And I like your face without circle lenses too! I haven’t really seen it before, but you look pretty both with and without ^^

  16. Nikki says:

    Thank you so much for this! i just got used to putting in my lens in with regular nails XD

  17. Jessie says:

    The expression when you use the fingers from 2 hands and “snatched out” the lenses was like as if you were also happy that the lens came out with your first shot! Hooraaayyyyy!!!

  18. KY says:

    great tips that come handy when i have long nails, or wear contacts. neither is happening in my near future tho

    10/10 will read again.

  19. rebecka says:

    i dont wear contact lenses cause i thought they were really hard to take off and on. I definetily will try the Rainbow coloured ones. i just love the storm grey.

  20. lee says:

    Cheese please make 375 powered lens too? 🙁 and more colors?

  21. R A E says:

    Can anyone answer this for me??
    It might be a stupid question but I’ve never had coloured lenses :blush:

    My question is, what does it actually look like to look through? With clear lenses you get full vision 360o but I imagine, seeing as there’s colour around the iris that the view is limited? Like only having that one little circle to look through?

    I dunno. Maybe a stupid question -_-‘

    [ ]

  22. sammy says:

    How come these only last 3 months 😐 ??? All of the circle lenses I have tried lasted up to a year!

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