I am breaking the 1 hour long video into 5 parts and here’s part one!! A lot of readers request for subtitle but if i sub a one-hour long video maybe you need to chip in a graveyard for me wtf.

So i will try to do a summary below the video!

The entire filming for Kawaii Of The World was almost two weeks long, and total footage is more than 100 hours. The directors have painstaking watched ALL of them and edited days and nights. How they didn’t become blind is a mystery. The final version was 1 hour. They had to 忍痛 cut from the original 3 hours and compress everything into a one-hour show.

There are a lot of interesting/touching moments that weren’t on the show so i feel it’s a little wasted, after all, the six of us had gone through tears and fears and mother of all kancheong-ness. It’s really not something a one-hour video can explain. If i remember i will try to story it here!!

Anyway i think i have said it before, but this was really the best competition i have ever joined in my life. It didn’t feel like a competition at all, although you’d imagine 6 girls competing with each other in order not to be the next one to get kicked out would be rather intense and bitchy.

But man, these girls are one of nicest people i’ve met, and also the filming crew, assistants (or chaperons wtf) and interpreters are soooooooo nice. And none of the footage is staged, every single second was natural and spontaneous. And we were taken ultimate care of during the stay although due to time constrain we could only have bento most of the time but really everyone is so sincere and kind omg. I guess that’s what i call professionalism. I really miss all of them even now that it’s over for awhile!

Some of the photos i took:


My first day in Tokyo for Kawaii Of The World.

I was assigned to room with European representative Amandine (from Paris). This is how we split the cabinet and closet space lol.


Me, Amandine, Shiori (Japan) and Marina (Japan)

When i first saw Marina i was like

Fuck. 🙂

She is so beautiful i don’t even. She gets quite little air time because she was eliminated first, and for some reason she looks 100000 times prettier in real life than on video.



China representative Woyuki



In the bus waiting to go for catwalk training. Hell awaits us wtf.



With Shiori


Making friend with Shiori. Little did i know that we will hang out so much even after the contest. I am seeing her again tomorrow for lunch wtf.


Girls getting to know each others.



Malaysian flag!!!!!!!



The is for our first mission! Went to 109 with my team mate Amandine!


This is for the Kawaii Summit. Feels so superior like some super intelligent fashion engineer lol.





Ok video nao!!!!

Will try to translate the important parts! (unless someone volunteers to sub the entire video wtf)






0:45 One year ago NHK Kawaii TV started this new project called Kawaii Of The World, 172 contestants have participated over 11 countries.

1:30: And it has all come down to the last two contestants (Cheesie and Shiori).

1:45 (Basically introducing Cheesie as a fashion blogger, what she does etc), and that she can speak multiple languages.

3:00 Cheesie has won first place in all 3 missions (Domokun, Make Up tutorial & Magazine creation)

3:15 (Basically shows the judges saying good things about Cheesie wtf. I shy to say).

3:50 Introduction of Shiori as a make-up expert. It shows how impressive it is that she can do different make over and different styles.

5:00 And these two people are to compete in the last mission—to pick an outfit for their respective models to wear on TGC stage, and the result is based on public vote on the spot with their cell phones.

5:40 One the winner gets to walk on the dream stage TGC wtf.



Ok that’s all! Part 2 soon!


PS: This Saturday i’m on NHK Tokyo Kawaii again wtf summore the episode is “All About Cheesie” i think this two months alone my airtime on the program is more than Beni’s wtf. NHK might as well make me a regular wtf. Also they call me the “Miraculous Fashion Blogger” WTF.


Watch the trailer HERE.