As you all know i am a big fan of false lashes! (and also dubbed the Queen of Falsies in Malaysia by NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV wtf.)

But recently if you notice, most of my Useless Daily Fashion pictures are without fake eyelash! First of all good quality falsies are very expensive, secondly i am going for a more otona natural look, and third i’m just very, very lazy.

To be honest, in the entire make up procedure, i hate the eyelash part the most. Falsies are hard to stick on nicely without it always coming off from one side, and mascara is super hard to remove. A long time ao i tried lash extension but to my horror ALL MY REAL LASHES STARTED FALLING OFF. AND NEVER GREW BACK EVER AGAIN WTF.

Without falsies.

So the last option, which is also the most unthinkable option, is to actually have longer REAL EYELASHES.

How is that even possible!??!?!


Well, you are in for a surprise.

I’m not sure if you guys have heard of AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex, it’s an eyelash serum that is apparently super popular until dunno what in Japan. And i have been using it for about 3 weeks now.



Took this picture yesterday in Tokyo.



Very small bottle which you can bring everywhere in your make up pouch, but it last you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.




just apply it like a transparent mascara on your lashes every morning and night.


For me i apply it right from the roots of my eyelashes and all the way outwards till the tip. I do the same for my upper eyelash and lower eyelash, and even my eyebrows because i have quite thin eyebrows and i would love them to be thicker!


To make sure that i know if it actually works, i applied it ONLY ON ONE SIDE OF MY EYELASHES.

And this is the result after 3 weeks.

Color lens from RainbowColor, in Storm Grey.




Left: After AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex

Right: AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex


(Sorry about the obvious eyelid fiber)



That might not be very obvious so let’s have a closer look.

Left: After AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex

Right: Before AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex



I swear that i applied same amount of mascara, but you could see a clear difference here.

Left: Before AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex

Right: After AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex

(Color lens from RainbowColor in Wood Ash)





The lashes on the side where i applied AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex  for 3 weeks obviously are longer and have  more volume! My eyebrows have become slightly thicker too, even though it’s not very obvious in the photos, plus i applied on both sides so it’s hard to tell.


I dunno how, at first i also didnt believe but it just works. And everyone i know who have tried it said it worked. If you like, you can also google around as this product has been around forever and have received countless raving reviews in magazines and online.


And AVANCÉ Lash Serum Ex has also finally reached Malaysia now. Go to SASA to get it!!! For lazy bums and overseas readers, you can also get it online on!