Part 2 Up!!

This episode is about our first mission—to decorate Domokun.

Anyway, back story. When the 6 of us were selected, we had no idea what we were up against. The only thing we know is that one out of the six of us will be chosen the winner and walk on the TGC runway in March, that’s all. We didn’t even know where we were gonna stay until we reached Narita airport.

So when they announced the first mission, and divided us into three teams (2 each from the same room), and told us that the team that loses in this mission will go back home we were like =)?!??!?!?!?!??!?. I thought they were just joking.

But seriously, 4 of us (Malaysia, Beijing, Paris and New York) flew hours to Japan and we might be out of this whole competition within just 3 days? That was too big a shocker to us.

Amandine, my room mate, was in the same team as me.



The initialy Domokun was just a normal Domokun except in white.

Our theme was Oshare French Maid Domokun. Reason is because Amandine is French, and i used to love costumes alot! We were given some material to work with and 2000 yen to buy whatever else we need at Don Quixote.

First of all i was so worried because we had to make everything from scratch!!! Literally like from plain cloth and needles and threads wtf.

And i haven’t sewn since Kemahiran Hidup.T_T

But everything turned up quite well. We worked till 2:30AM at night and made sure every single detail was flawless.

Our almost complete French Maid domokun. Ze white hair thing is made out of some spontaneous stuffing -_-



And i don’t think i have improvised so much with junks since Kindergarten. There were only so much we could do with limited resources, so we used lipstick for Domokun’s pink cheek, some random string tied on a box for the duster and wire from the store room for the stick WTF.

And in the end i must say we were quite happy with our masterpiece. :X

(Although now on hindsight i think it looks more like a feline witch than anything else.)

We were too kiasu to settle for less than perfect and we wanted to stay in the competition SO BADLY. Also good ideas keep sprouting out and i think she’s a super awesome team mate.

Having done 100% our best wasn’t enough, we still kept thinking way to make it 120% awesome.

And both of us thought of a surprise.

We made the behind of Domokun a Hello Kitty WTF.

HAHAHAHHA. The nose is improvised from Don Quixote’s yellow plastic bag LOL


Not only that, the next day was the dreaded judgment day and we had to do presentation for our product.



So we thought of matching our make up and outfit with Domokun’s as well, which is cat eye make up, rhinestones under eyes (which we added to Domokun), and also cat ear hair style!!!

Feels like college again wtf.

In the bus to filming.

Woyuki and Usagi Pyon.

My team mate!

And Usagi.






0:30 Revealing of the first challenge for all the six representative—-Decorating Domokun! Our job is to turn the brown boring looking Domokun into a kawaii Domokun that the whole world will love! Judging criteria is decoration sense and creativity.

1:00 Introduction of Woyuki (China) who is one of the top 10 finalists of a super model competition, and Fujii Marina (Japan), who is a catalogue and magazine model.

2:45 It shows that Woyuki is the one who is making the entire decision from concept, material to design while the only word Marina could say is “OK”.

3:45 Marina comments that due to language barrier it’s hard for her to express her own opinion even though they have different direction on the challenge.

4:25 Woyuki doing a presentation on their Domokun themed “Lucky Angel”, which concept and designed used is mainly Chinese.

5:00 Judges giving their opinions on their Domokun. Most of them comment that the concept isn’t delivered so well.

5:30 Second team is Cheesie and Amandine, which theme is Oshare French Maid, a fusion of French and Japanese elements.

6:15 It shows that one of the judges, Yamaguchi san (who is the super famous designer for Sanrio Hello Kitty   =)) who is normally super ruthless with her criticism, actually smiled and said that she honestly thinks the design is very cute =)

7:10 Last team is Shiori (Japan) and Usagi (America)’s Domokun: “JK Pamyu Pamyu”, which is highschool uniform with a teddy back pack. Judge Yamaguchi san commented that it looks more like a baby sitter than a high school student.

8:00 The winning team is Cheesie & Amandine, which Yamaguchi san gave full mark wtf.

8:30 The losing team had to leave the room. Marina commented that she wished she had incorporated more Japanese elements in the design. And Woyuki heard that, she said she thinks that Japanese girls are normally too polite to voice out their opinion, and if it was her fault that caused the team to have lost she feels very sad.




Part 3 next time!