After the elimination of Woyuki (China) and Marina (Japan), we had to carry on immediately with our next challenge: a make up tutorial.

And we had a special guest to come and visit us and give us make up advise.

The door bell rang and i saw…




Didn’t expect to see her so i totally screamed!!

She is so hot i don’t even.


Maiko giving Amandine advice on her make up theme for tomorrow.

We chatted a little and she’s very happy that i’ve changed style and said i did well T____T *tear of joy* #goodstudent

When i posted my picture with Maiko on Instagram, got comment ask if we were Asian -________-


Then got people think i met Ayumi Hamasaki. lol Ok la i take la. *basks in fake glory*


So the next day we went shopping in the morning to buy make up items that we needed for the tutorial.


at WC Shibuya!


These are my tools for the tutorial!

Everything was up to us, the angle, the way of filming etc.

To cut the story short i was very upset with my tutorial and i won this challenge only because YOU GUYS voted for me.

I want to say thank you again!


I was the last person to edit my tutorial. When it was my turn it was like 2AM in the morning. I had to sit by the director, watch the video that is almost 1 hour long together, tell him which part i wanted to keep or cut, then do voice over, choose the soundtrack, then subtitle.

I almost died when it was finally done. It was 7:30AM in the morning.

At least i could sleep in late the next day. But kesian the directors they all had to rush to upload the videos and work omg. For a moment i suspected they are NHK droids in human form. Even without proper sleep they are still super patient and kind to us, i don’t think that’s something i can EVER do. I would have stabbed three crying babies and stomped a unicorn to death. Luckily there weren’t any babies around. Or unicorns.


It’s the voting, which i begged you guys to vote for me in the post. duration is only 24 hours. You guys are the best. Again.


That’s Amandine mocking a vegetable wtf.



The next day was a chill day because everyone was like walking dead. We just stayed in bed all day and cooked spinach bacon lol.



At night, Woyuki cooked hot pot for us! She was eliminated but she still stayed around till the end.




And that’s about the last few moments i had with Amandine. She was eliminated from the tutorial challenge and she had to move out of my room.

By the time i came back from the next challenge she was gone T___T

Notes we left each other in the room.




So the last 3 people left was Usagi, Shiori and I.

Our next challenge was so create a magazine that has the power to spread Kawaii culture to the world. We had to choose the theme of the magazine, and we would be on the cover.

So we would have to choose our own outfit, then do a photoshoot, and then choose the cover picture and edit the cover ALL BY OURSELVES.

If you watch the video below, the whole challenge was just like 5 minutes long. But to us it was FOREVER. I spent hours and hours deciding on a theme and time was running out and everyone was panicking lol.

The first thing we did was to choose our outfit in 109.


Both of us had no idea what theme to pick at that time  :X

Soft cream at SBY 109.

At night, i consulted my readers on twitter and FB, and i have decided on the theme finally.


I feel that you guys really helped me in everything i did which is why i got this far into top 2 (in the end). T___T



The next day we went to the studio for professional makeover and photoshoot.

My make-up theme is MODE of course.

My god my make-up artist was so damn merticulous until i’m speechless. Because we had to decide on the whole look 100% on our own, so you really had to act like as if you know wat you are talking about wtf.

All the time he was like, would you like the cheek color to be peach or pink or peach-pink? Would you like it to be round on cheek or across your cheek? How many piece of bottom lash do you wanna put?

All that details.

I really like how they make you give input yourself instead of just doing a make-over for you.

Make finish.

I felt like i have never been more chio in my entire life LOL.

Now only i know how shitty my own make up still is T_T

Then he also did my hair according to my wish.


The whole look.



Nice or not!!!!

I am still trying very hard to replicate this look until today. This was the only make up that doesn’t show my eyebags and dark circles and i have no idea how he did it.

What sorcery is this?!??!

The 3 of us after makeover.


We decided on the photo for the cover, and then edited it magazine cover! We get to Photoshop own picture, and choose the font and exactly what text and copy we use on the cover.

It was really really fun!!!




The next day. Judgement day.


Tokyo had the heaviest snow i’ve ever seen in my time. Just over one morning the whole city was all white.



Outfit for the presentation.

We all got our own magazine! With us on the cover!!! YAY!!

It felt really good and weird at the same time lol.



Basically i wanted to make a magazine (online) that focus on Real Time Fashion from Japan to all over the world.

I spent like 20 minutes explaining to the judges wtf. Cuz damn scared they don’t understand me :X.  The contest has unleashed the kiasuness i have never seen in myself wtf.

Anyway it’s too long for me explain the whole concept also scared later people steal/extract my idea lol which is why i never sleep in planes now anymore HAHA LAME JOKE.

Anyway enough.


Video nao!!




0:00 The next challenge is a make-up tutorial challenge voted by girls all over the world. The one with least vote will be eliminated.

0:30 Introduction of Amandine. She’s the leader of a Gyaru Circle in Paris. Her theme of make up is Onee Gyaru.

1:15 Amandine panicks and asks “excuse me, can you pass me some tissue please?” And it looks like she doesn’t really have her luck in this challenge, at first she couldn’t open her contact lens case (and hurt her finger in the process), and bought the wrong shade of loose powder.

2:30 Amandine comments that it was her first time trying some of the new bought products so it didn’t go very well. (Actually for me it was the same case too T__T)

2:45 It shows that Cheesie is getting all her readers to vote for her on her Facebook and Foruchizu. It also shows one of her VIP member Christy (from the first ever Foruchizu gathering) say “aye aye boss” lol. It also shows that she has voters from Czech Republic (thank you!!!!!!) and Brazil (Thank you!!!!!)

(If you left a comment, try to spot if it gets on air!!! 😛 )

3:30 Cheesie got first place in this challenge with 2761 votes out of a total of 3560 votes (Mother of god you guys are AWESOME).

3:45 Amandine comments that she is sad to get eliminated, and she wished she could have gone further.

4:00 The next challenge for the last 3 is to create an original fashion magazine (cover).

4:30 Cheesie presenting her magazine. (No need translate here la cuz i speak in English wtf and was so nervous you better skip that whole part).

5:12 Beni comments that she wants to read Cheesie’s magazine. Judge Watanabe San says that he feels very touched that someone has thought in such details in order to spread Japanese Kawaii Culture to the world. TGC Chief Producer Okuda San comments that indeed Japanese winter fashion is hard to sell in tropical Asia countries so it’s a really good idea. Fashion Photographer Naoki San commets that it would be helpful (to magazine scene) if Cheesie stays in Japan. WTF.

6:10 Intoduction of Usagi Pyon, who is the chief member of  a New York Gyaru Circle. She masters Japanese make up through Japanese fashion magazines. Her concept for the magazine is a gyaru make up magazine for American readers that focuses on self confidence.

7:30 Okuda San comments that the concept is great but it would be better if she incorporate more of Japanese kawaii element in the magazine. Magazine editor Yonehara San comments that sexiness from overseas might be a little too much for Japanese people, but if she adds a little more kawaii elements to turn it into Erokawa (erotic kawaii) it would be great.

8:10 The last is Shiori.It appears that she hasn’t decided on a concept yet. But she suddenly has an epiphany lol and decided that she wanna create a Make Up book.

9:10 It shows how Shiori is skillful in make up style especially in creating large eyes by sticking the eyelashes the opposite way and using double eyelid tape.

10:00 Her theme for the photoshoot is Doll-Like. And her make up magazine’s target audience is from highschool students to OL.

10:41 Shiori expresses that normally fashion magazines has too many different genres, so she wants to create a magazine that specializes in make up that suits different kind of fashion style.

11:10 Ikki and Beni comments that they indeed haven’t seen a make up magazine and the idea is fresh. Okuda San comments that fashion changes really fast but make up has a longer shelf life, so it would make great content for a worldwide audience.

11:40 It shows that Cheesie is the top again in this challenge, and Shiori is a close number two.

12:10 Usagi Pyon is eliminated in this challenge.



The end.

And i’m very tired of translating nao i need a snack wtf.

Update Part 4 again when i’m free!!