As a frequent traveler, the most important thing you must invest in is a piece of trusty luggage!

But I am often faced with this dilemma – if the luggage is cute, it breaks by the next trip. While if it’s of superb quality, the design is often so unappealing I don’t even want to be seen with them (think: Black boring looking luggage)!

I have always sacrificed quality and functionality for style. So I don’t remember how many new luggages I have changed because of broken wheels or damaged handle during transit. Normally the parts break and disappear altogether, so fixing is not even an option!




Until i met American Tourister Prismo.




My new and favorite luggage cases. EVER. I got a Spinner 75 (biggest) and a Spinner 65 (medium)  both in magenta (it’s actually more of a hot pink color), which matches my handbag and purse. So you know how much i love this color.



The biggest Spinner 75 is actually a lot smaller than my previous baby pink luggage, and I had to use it for my 3 weeks stay in Japan. So initially I was a little worried about the capacity.




However to my surprise, it fits in just as many things as compared to my bigger luggage case! You know why? I didn’t like fabric luggage cases so previously I got myself a hard case thinking it looks stylish and will last a million years.

And guess what? I could hardly close the case when it gets too full because the hard material is not flexible at all. So in the end I just have to bring fewer things.

But the Prismo is different! Its sleek, glossy hard case is sturdy and yet incredibly flexible at the same time. I have no idea what magic material they use but I think I just found my perfect travel companion.



My stuff for Japan trip! The color matches my birthday balloon!



Since i have new beautiful luggage cases i actually dressed up to take some fashion shots VIVI style HAHAHA you know how Lena always pose against backgrounds liddis hahahah :X




Everything  looks so festive and colorful! It’s really hard not to get carried away with such holiday mood <3




Also, you might have the impression that a hard case luggage is usually much heavier than a soft case luggage. This is why I always ended up having to pay a lot for excessive luggage when I was using my previous one.





Seriously I’m in love!

I have never owned a branded luggage before and didn’t even bother checking them out because I always thought they are RM1000 and above. Also because of the perception their designs usually boring looking lol

I was seriously like  when I heard about the price.

The range starts from RM390 to only RM590 for the biggest one. (EH HELLO my brandless luggage also cost me RM500! Summore that was after 60% discount!!!)

Best travel investment ever.

And you know what else??


I love the color sooo much i decided to bling my medium-size Prismo.




 Don’t play play when I posted this picture on my instagram, it received more than 1000 likes ok!! There are also comments that it looks like a giant lollipop lol.



Added my HK Travel tag.  My birthday present from Qiu Qiu lol. So much love!!!!!




This is at KLIA when they weighed my luggage. My normal luggage case would have been around 20KG. 

See I no bluff you!!


Everybody asks me to travel light but for a compulsive fashion freak like me it is simply impossible! I never really thought that the solution is as simple as getting a lightweight case!!!




This is my new baby just arrived in Tokyo with me, looking fresh and gorgeous. 

It’s also available in other yummilicious colors like Purple, Orange, Green, Blue and Gunmetal! Go get your hard candy Prismo with American Tourister!!

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