Triple Chicken Sensation

April 2, 2012 in Bon Cheesepetit / Commercial Break

It’s Pizza Hut time again!!


Every so often Pizza Hut will invite us to have a makan session to try out their new pizza!


This time it is Triple Chicken Sensation!!



I love Pizza Hut time because they invite many bloggers and it’s always familiar faces which i don’t often meet except for Pizza Hut time lol. Great catch-up session!



Waiting for introduction of new pizza!


KY took this picture.


My favorite Fizzy Asam Boi drink!!! A must-order every time i go to Pizza Hut!

And here comes the new pizza….

Jeng jeng jeng!!!



The novelty this time is chicken floss and mayo!!!

I still remember during NHK Tokyo Kawaii filming in Tokyo, we ordered pizza hut delivery too and there was this mayo chicken pizza thing that was soooooo good i wished Malaysia will have it too.

Now we do!!! It tastes a little like chicken floss bun with mayo sauce and toasted sesame… except it is better because…

There are also slices of chicken loaf and succulent chicken salami and lotsa cheeeeeeeese!!!



Yum yum!


Also introducing the Triple Sensation Platter! I loove the cheese stick thing!


Good ol’ chicken wings


Pizza Hut time always look so happy!


Cheesie & KY


Aud and Weizhi



We received popcorn plushie in the end from Pizza Hut HAHAHA. Is it a hint to ask us call Pizaa Hut delivery during DVD time lol.


Also Aud tried to cheat for free food. Almost. Almost.

Go Pizza Hut try out Triple Chicken Sensation nao!!!

Also also also!!

I have 5 Pizza Hut vouchers to be given away to you guys (Malaysian readers only)!

Tell me what is your favorite Pizza Hut flavor and why?

First 5 answers win the vouchers! Leave a comment below ok!

Also don’t forget to join Pizza Hut’s Facebook Page!!

27 people cheesed “Triple Chicken Sensation”

  1. thai seafood because i love all my food to be spicy! *proud malaysian

  2. Thai seafood!!
    because got seafood and the taste also very yummy! A must order everytime i go to pizza hut..

  3. hawaiian chicken! cause that’s what i’ve been eating with my family since i was a kid. definitely brought back lotsa memories. (:

  4. Hawaiian Chicken with extra cheese!
    Because I feel like I am in Hawaii everytime I eat it :roll:

  5. hawaiian tuna!! because its simply the bestttttt!

  6. My favourite is the satay supreme. I always look forward to the festive season – Hari Raya (even though I’m a chinese) cuz it’s really yummy~ Pizza Hut certainly integrated the ingredients well, gave it a Malaysian twist and surprisingly it tasted superb!

  7. Too bad I only go to Pizza Hut like once…in ten years haha. Looks great though.

  8. Hawaiian Supreme! my family always order that and yummylicious it is 😀 i’m a malaysian~

  9. Pepperoni Delight – love the MEET & CHEESE Combo!

  10. ehh! it looks SO good! the pizza hut in the states never looks this good!

    • I work at a PizzaHut in the states and I have to admit I’m jealous – I wish our store had dine in, or new yummy pizzas like the Triple Chicken Sensation D: All we have is the DinnerBox…. >__>

      I love the stuffed-crust VeggieLovers pizza with jalapenos, though <3 If you're up for spicy food, you should give it a try Cheesie!

      …..Thought occurring, does Malaysia have stuffed-crust pizzas? lol…

  11. wah im too late! but nevertheless, my fav is royal masala because its the kick and bomb yo! 😛

  12. Louella Lu says:

    The ol’ classic hawaiian chicken!

  13. garlic butter chicken cause it is yummy liddat ;P

  14. Island supreme cuz it has tuna and crabsticks!

  15. I’ve tried it this afternoon, and it was….. sigh…. average tasted.

  16. Hungry!

    you are getting prettier and prettier by the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! snap snap snap awayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    stay gorgeous and young forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wish you true love and happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sends tonz and tonz and tonz of the best wishes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    may all your dreams come trueeee!!!!!!

  18. Thanks so much for participating guys!!! Will email you winners!!!

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