April 3, 2012 in Commercial Break

Lately i have been seeing ZALORA‘s ad everywhere online!

And then i panicked about it because everyone is talking about it and i was all “wait, what have i missed?!?” How come i don’t know about something so big and fashion related?!



If you are losing tracks on thousands of new online shops and feeling sick of browsing too many sites, go to ZALORA!

ZALORA carries more than 300 international and local fashion brands and they are constantly sourcing unique and trendy pieces hot off the runway.

Their collection includes stunning pieces by All About Eve, Ladakh, and Vanguard as well as the latest styles in footwear by Mollini, RMK and Siren among others.

Not only that they have international brands shipping in from various regions such as the Australia, United Kingdom and more, they also cater those who are on a budget with tons of choices below RM 50.

Whats awesome about ZALORA is that they have a 30 day return policy under certain terms & conditions and free delivery nationwide (this includes Sabah & Sarawak too)! Also easy and secure checkout supporting credit card, paypal, iPay88 (Maybank2u, CIMBClicks etc) and even COD!


Customer service sounds great too, you can call their customer service hotline or use their web chat system if you have any questions. Call 03-92261219 or email them at with your inquiries and they will help you solve it in a jiffy!

And then they invited me for a fashion styling photoshoot!!

Outfits i get to choose from!

Shoe fits perfectly!

Some of the behind the scene.




I was given a rack of outfit to choose 4 styles that i like! After picking a coordi for my model to walk on Tokyo Girls Collection runway, i feel like i can do anything lol.

Here are the 4 styles that i picked from various brands from ZALORA!


Sherbet Garden

This is inspired by TGC! The theme was Sherbet Garden with lots and lots of yummy pastel fruity colors and sheer fabric! Totally matches my sherbet-color nails too!




Denim Casual

I have been shopping for lots and lots of denim, loving all colors of denim this season!

This is an easy everyday-outfit that pretty much goes well with almost anything!




Inspired by who else but my idol Ogihara Momoko. Loving these two pieces!



White MODE

My favorite MODE brands are all spotting white color this season so i picked this combi that’s great for work! Would have been perfect paired with bold accessories.

That’s all and i hope you like my coordi!








Plus, check out as they having a big, big surprise on the 5th April 2012, 10am and they have been giving out exciting prizes all week long! They’ve given out shoes, dresses and the prizes only gets better and better!

Also, special for Cheeserland’s readers!! Here’s a discount voucher of RM30 off every minimum purchase of RM100 (multiple items in one purchase is allowed).


Just key in the code below when you shop from today until 30th April 2012.


Don’t forget to sign up for ZALORA’s newsletter as they update weekly with new trends, brands and also offers and exclusive discounts for members. When you sign up, you will even receive a RM20 discount off for your next purchase.

Happy shopping!! ^^


25 responses to “ZALORA”

  1. suanie says:

    o the photos don’t look like you.. a bit disoriented atm 😛

  2. wen says:

    you’ve come a long way.. i remember you being a LOLITAs girl! LOL 😀

  3. Nikki says:

    Such cute clothes, and you look very pretty lah
    they suit you very well!

  4. The first dress is the perfect summer dress 😀

  5. Sharon says:

    you look different Cheesie!

    read about my Paris trip at Angelina Tearoom on

  6. sk says:

    lovely outfits! you look tall in the full length pics 🙂

  7. dblchin says:

    I like the last combination most! black and white with hot pink shoes? Thats utterly sexy!

  8. Kf says:

    wah sometimes i hope im girl after reading all this post T_T =(

  9. dilys says:

    i think the pics were photoshopped too much you look like Ah Mei. lol

  10. meitzeu says:

    I like your pix and their outfits!


  11. cutebun says:

    I love the combi and your makeup makes you look a bit different this time?

  12. csche14 says:

    Lady, you need to put on some weight. Skinny doesn’t mean good, a little bit of meat will makes you look healthy and stronger. Just my two cent advice.

  13. Vivi says:

    Actually I think your original nose (without editing) looks fine.. Don’t need to edit until too small oredi looks weird.

    If really want perfect nose then liquify a bit.. Cause sometimes when the nose is too small a bit disproportionate to the face too 😛

  14. Cheesy, you look amazing! Especially in the white mode photos, super pretty!

  15. beat says:

    Dear Rin San
    How you get away with this is beyond belief
    You are sort of like the bank robber that everybody secretly admires 🙂
    Ai yah you should be running a bank or a country
    獣 San

  16. Eileen says:

    You are so slim! I like your sharp features and fashion sense 🙂

  17. Wispen says:

    The pictures don’t do you justice! You look so much more gorgeous in your Useless Fashion pictures of the day:P

  18. jilliancat says:

    I think none of the pics look like you. 😳

  19. Vivien says:

    can you do a tutorial on how you braid your fringe? :))

  20. Cat says:

    You have perfectly shaped legs! T_T

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