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A lot of my readers ask me why i don’t blog about my dog Cheddie anymore.

The last time i posted something under “Cheddie&Pets” category was July 2010, which was the day when Koyuki went missing. The reason why i don’t blog about pets anymore is because first it was still an open wound that i never found Koyuki back, secondly because i hardly see Cheddie anymore because she now stays with my mom in Seremban, as i travel way too aften to take care of her.


For you new readers, Cheddie is the first pet i’ve ever had. She is a Maltese and i got her in 2007.


This was the first picture i took of her. Haha so small!!!

I remember she had pointy ears back then, and a lot of people scared me and said that i got shortchanged and bought a non pure breed Maltese because Malteses never had pointy ears!

So they told me she must be some kind of mix terrier -____-. But the shop staff insisted that pointy ears during puppy days are normal because of their teeth growth (?!) or something.


My god every time i looked at her my heart melted. I remembered that my whole life was about Cheddie back then lol. Also because i didn’t really have a job that time.


After a few months she didn’t have pointy ears anymore phewww. So yea she is a real Maltese. Her fur grew so long and white and shiny she looked really like a princess of all dogdom haha.



And then……


A blink of an eye, Cheddie is now 5 years old.

In human years she’s an Obansan now lol.

Even though i only see her like once every couple of months, she is still SUPER attached to me.

You know how they say once a master forever a master? My mom spends every single day with her, but during the days i go back to Seremban, she’s like superglued to me.

My mom will tell her, “Cheddie! Mommy is coming back!!!” And she understands it. The whole day she would pace around in the house all hyped up, and sit at the gate waiting patiently for her mommy’s return.

And the moment i parked my car and she hears it, she will sprint out like a cheetah and spin around like a turbo kebab lolol. That is the happiest time for her, seeing me.



She sticks to me ALL THE TIME when i’m back, and if i stay the night, she will want to sleep with me instead of my mom. T____T


A lot of people ask if i will consider getting another pet again. To be honest i have been dying to get a new pet because I must say that having a pet is very very very rewarding, although it is a lot of hard work. But my lifestyle is really not suitable for another pet for now, plus my mom forbids me to get one, she say a human one is better.


Which is true la. I have also been secretly feeling broody awhile ago :X


But that’s another story. So for now, good la because Cheddie still gets ALL the attention that she ever wants.

Which leads to my next topic.

If you read me more than 4 years you know that Cheddie has quite a serious separation-anxiety problem. We bring her EVERY WHERE we go and we are very lucky that she’s extremely tiny so she fits into a puppy carrier.

She is also extremely spoilt and fussy about her food.

She eats ONLY human food. My mom boils real chicken meat for her every single day.

I KNOW. Now you all are going all like NOOOOOO you can’t do that!!! and we know that it is not good for our pet. But this has been going on for at least 4 years now and really we tried everything to no avail.

This would be Cheddie’s typical meal.


She sort of has this irritating boilt brat attitude that whatever she doesn’t like to eat, she leaves it in the bowl.

It’s damn annoying.

It’s really not good for her and we reckoned that’s an unbalanced diet, and that might also contribute to some of her problem like hair loss and skin allergy :(( Or she’s just getting old :(((

Anyway i really wanted to change this bad eating habit but i didn’t know how to start because everyone tells me different things and it’s damn confusing. But i came across Pedigree’s Miracle Program, and where they are giving out 100 deserving dogs 6 week’s worth of Pedigree products to attain good health!!



I am joining this program for Cheddie’s sake and these are the products!!! I think they are worth more like a 6 month supply since Cheddie is extremely small sized lol.

I’m quite excited for the change as here are some of the Pedigree key ingredients to promote good health for our pets:

  • – Calcium and phosphorus for strong bones & teeth
  • – Dietary fiber for healthy digestive system
  • – Vitamins & minerals for body system to work effectively
  • – Omega 6 for healthy skin & coat
  • – Protein for strong muscles

I am now away from home but mom will help me to monitor the change so hopefully 6 weeks later i have a healthier and younger looking Cheddie!

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  1. Kasia says:

    So cute dog 😛

  2. nicccchang says:

    😛 😛 😛 so cute the dog! I wanna a dog too but mum doesnt allow. 🙁

  3. Meip says:

    luls it’s okay I’ve fed my pet human food(which the occasional pet food when I do have the money to buy which is very rare) and she lived for 10 years +.

  4. Krystal says:

    I love this post so much haha , I never knew you were so maternal :S ! You are adorably pretty and seem so sweet and caring ^____^; Definitely my favourite blogger =)

  5. Luci says:

    I believe human food is better than processed dog food! For processed dog food they use all the leftover bits of meat mixed with dunno what to create the pellets. It is the equivalent to human junk food. Google it. It is just that the pet food industry is so powerful that they advertise dog food to be better..

    • Liv says:

      if you see the term meat by products the meat are not human grade, roadkill, pets from euthanized clinic, or diseased animals. The first ingredient in any pet food must be meat. And the order of the ingredients are listed such that first ingredient is what majority of the pet food is made of. So if your first ingredient is corn, the pet food is mostly made up of corn.

      Some good brands to check out are taste of the wild, wellness, addiction.

  6. wen says:

    cheddie needs grooming 😆

  7. Nikki says:

    I have a maltese too, but I don’t think 5 years are too much even I think is a little mine have almost 12 and he have a really good health, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you about losing hair because I always cut my dog’s hair.
    don’t worry I’m sure with the new food she gets better. I’m not saying that feed food it’s better than human food.
    my dog has eaten feed always, but he like much human food too. I mean the dog’s food is good because it has much things concentrated, and it’s complicated do a good diet for a dog all the days.
    in summary the human food of course it’s better, but it needs to be varied and that’s the complicated thing.
    but like I said DON’T WORRY ^^, the maltese are small but a very stronger dogs!

  8. hitomineko says:

    don’t know much about rising dogs, but when i search about cat foods, it seems like what’s best for them is raw food. ( because of the moisture in the food) Since in nature, they would not eat the “ dry pet food”, its just something human created for convenient benefits. So I would assume that it’s the same for dogs.

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

    • MilkySorbet says:

      It’s actually different for dogs.
      Cats need more wet foods because they drink less water directly, whereas dogs can eat more dry food because they drink more water. Of course, this might still vary depending on the pet in question…

  9. pipsqueaks says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    I have 2 maltese. I’ve always steered clear of Pedigree cos I read that their salt content is high. My dogs are on a kibbles + HCF (home cooked food) diet… would prefer HCF all the way but worried about the nutritional value lah. So, we boil chicken (if Cheddie isn’t allergic) with wolfberries (maltese tend to have eye issues) and carrots and really chopped veggie, and then mix with their kibbles. In addition, they take multi-vits, seameal and fish oil as well. My dogs are 5 and 10, and other than the usual dropping of hair, their health is fine. They have long coat too. Hope this helps.

    • Liv says:

      sounds like a great diet and very good advise. Supplements help. I’ll go check out with a friend and get back here about the best diet. His dogs are 10, but they look 2. Teeth are all very clean, no scaling needed. And still very active.

  10. Liv says:

    There is nothing wrong in giving cheedie fresh real meat. Don’t give pedigree. You are starting on a diet that will causes kidney, skin, and a whole lot of problems. Coloured or supermarket food are ALWAYS bad.

    I can’t comment much on dog as its not my specialty but whatever it is, no supermarket food. Only thing about chicken is most dogs are allergic to it. Beef, lamb will be much better.

  11. Liv says:

    Sorry I know mentioning this may make you said, but if your pet is lost, the first 24 hours to find them is very critical.

    1. Go door to door and speak with people around your area.

    2. Do poster with a clear picture showing any special characteristics of the dog/pet. Like colour on the face is half black half white. If your pet is brown and white, print the poster in colour so it is easy for people to identify. Bring the poster along and give it to people you spoke to so they have a reference.

    3. Call up the authorities, call up spca etc to see if anybody pick up a lost or injured dog.

    4. Put up your posters further away as well. Put up the information on newspapers, put an add if you can.

    5. some of the information pertains to singapore but theres useful information there.

    6. Don’t give up.

    • Liv says:

      And, try and see if you can locate or know of animal communicators. They will be able to guide you where your pet are and communicate with it. You may have to pay though.

      • Anivyl says:

        I don’t know how much of the post you actually read before you decided to post this. it had be nice if people make an effort to be understanding.

        she mentioned that she lost koyuki in 2010. she never gave up then. she may have stopped talking about it, doesn’t mean she doesn’t think about koyuki.

        at that time, she utilised the blog, people, friends, posters, whatever she could think of but she never found koyuki.

        And I wouldn’t say she has given up now – more like she’s broken hearted she hasn’t found her dog yet. If Koyuki turns up tomorrow, all obaasan ish, i think she would still love her to death.

        • Natalie says:

          Don’t know why you had to be all anal on the comment. And I think I am qualified to speak since I read the entire post. Liv was just trying to help. So what if she didn’t read the whole post. Her message comes with pure intentions. She didn’t imply that Cheesie has given up on Koyuki too btw.

          • Liv says:

            thanks natalie. in cheesies previous post anivyl and I had a few exchanges, perhaps it was a remnant of that. But I feel we should always strive to be objective in our treatment of matters and leave nasty comments that are not constructive aside as per what you have wrote.

          • Anivyl says:

            I apologise if i come off as being “all anal” on a comment. I am so glad both of you decided that I look at things in such a “small, one sided” way based on a few comments.

            clearly, i need to go sit in my corner now.

            sarcasm aside, I was genuinely trying to tell you that she did everything, in case you didn’t realise that it was a while ago. but hey, go right on ahead.

        • Liv says:

          I did not say cheesie give up. That was a general post about finding lost pets. In fact the never give up is a hope. That the pet can be found. I”m trying to refrain from saying good grief and rolling my eyes. seriously anivyl, do you go through life like this? Looking only one side for everything? its a small small world for you?

  12. Arrow says:

    Cheddie too cute!!! I want a dog too but I move a lot now that I am in university. I have roommates and my mom doesn’t want the responsibility either :(.

  13. Taehreh says:

    Cheddie looks very cute, and obviously you want to give her the very best. So please don’t feed her Pedigree, it’s such a terrible food. Suitable to feed only to people you loathe and want to die.

  14. Vanessa says:

    My mom makes chicken and rice for our dogs when they are sick, so I don’t think it’s that bad for dogs. 😀 I have only taken care of a cat by myself and they have special dietary needs that just regular meat won’t take care of, but I bet with some research you could find whatever extra vitamins and such that cheddie needs. But I don’t think Pedigree is better for her…

  15. You and your dog have natural beauty, not so fake like me…..

  16. KY says:

    i miss cheddie T_T

  17. Reiko says:

    oh my…
    Feels touching when see you and Cheddie taking pics again. TwT

  18. B says:

    cheddie is so cute! <3

  19. Francesca says:

    cheedie so cute!! ur so lucky u have ur mom to take care of him when ur not around.

  20. Anivyl says:

    Cheesie, I miss your pictures of Cheddie. I understand why you never post about cheddie much anymore. I also felt your pain when you lost Koyuki.

    I am so sorry about the loss. but you never know… some dog in some news a long time ago, apparently swam ages to get back home one day.

  21. Janice Fan says:

    since she only eats human food, i say u can feed her BARF!
    From what I know Barf is feeding your dog raw food and vege and etc… by grinding all of them together or so. and it is actually REALLY healthy! Some dogs with skin problems actually get better after having BARF! You can make them yourself too!!

    For more informations check this!
    And no im not errr advertising or anything here.

    I just thought Cheedie might like BARF! =D

    DO TRY IT OUT!!!

  22. Evy says:

    Your doggy is super duper cute omgosh!!!♥ I would love to hug her! Poor Cheddie just reading about how excited she gets to wait for you makes my heart melt! . .. I used to have a dog too long ago .. he went to doggies heaven now but once in a while I’d remember him and might heart still feels sad. I never had another pet since then! Cute Cheddie is cute♥

  23. Evy says:

    Your doggy is super duper cute omgosh!!!♥ I would love to hug her! Poor Cheddie just reading about how excited she gets to wait for you makes my heart melt! . .. I used to have a dog too long ago .. he went to doggies heaven now but once in a while I’d remember him and might heart still feels sad. I never had another pet since then! Cute Cheddie is cute♥

    PS. Let’s believe that Koyuki had found a good home!

  24. may says:

    But you only blogged about cheddie just because of an ad. 🙁

  25. Yen says:

    dont have microchip? @@~

  26. Mia says:

    Hmmm Cheesie, NO PEDIGREE!!! Ad or not but this is a really shitty brand. Keep her on human food, it’s much better! 🙂

  27. Hm says:

    At first I was like “Awh, she blogs about Cheddie. Sounds like the Cheeserland’s entries I’ve been reading since 2009.” Then turns out this is just for an ad.

  28. michelle says:

    cheesie try not to give cheddie so much chicken meat esp when she gets older, we did the same for my dogs and it has caused pretty bad skin allergy, skin flaking and all 🙁 (the vet said chicken is bad for older dogs skin, lamb is better) it will be worse when she gets older, my dogs are 10 this year.

  29. Wong says:

    Some dogs are allergic to chicken. It causes skin problem (happened to my dog after trying a couple of times going back and forth with chicken) Refer to a doctor and he/she would agree. Thus, they’d normally recommend fish or lamb.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I share the same sentiments with the rest of the readers on this Cheddie’s entry, that’s it’s an ad, just makes it less sincere.

  31. jess says:

    Hey, u do know that pedigree/alpo are terrible foods for dogs right? Should have done ur research before posting an ad like this and misleading other ppl who also did not do their research.

    Please dont feed cheddie pedigree if u love her.

  32. K says:

    To be honest, your mom’s boiled chicken and rice is likely much healthier than Pedigree. Boiled chicken and rice is actually called a “bland diet” and it is what vets put dogs on when they don’t want them eating anything to upset their stomach. As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with her eating this (though I’m certainly not a veterinarian). Pedigree has some terrible ingredients that many dogs are allergic to, and if she’s been on a bland diet, this may not fare so well.

  33. dblchin says:

    I never believe in pedigree. I’m sorry this ad doesn’t work for me at all :l

  34. haha my dog Joey is exactly the same! super fussy eater :O mum makes him boiled chicken or lean pork everyday and mix it into his dry dog food and he only eats the most expensive brand -.- even as a pup he would refuse to eat the cheaper brands :/ but i love him so much so he gets what he wants lol

  35. Hani Blythe says:

    having pet is rewarding! 🙂 I don’t have a dog, but I’m so in love with my cat (he’s the size of a little dog :P) hehe

  36. KimmyBunni says:

    I understand not having time for a pet. I going to get a cat because they require the least amount of attention but I’ll still have a buddy when I read books. I think it is super sweet your mom feeds Cheddie real food everyday. What love! I think there is nothing wrong with that. Cheddie’s probably smitten.

  37. choco says:

    Cheddie’s face in the picture where you are holding up the food bowl = hilarious. Her face is like OMGFOODOMGFOODOMG.

    Do you give her supplements for her fur/skin? Tiny dogs are really prone to skin problems and i found that after i gave my shih tzu supplements, his skin and fur got really pink/soft!

  38. Janet says:

    i once had a shitsu+peking mix . she lived for about 12++ human year. and we(the family)still always missing her. her most favourite food is coffee.

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