Okinawa 2


Halo this is the second post on Okinawa!


My fruity dress hahaha. No-make and that time dark eyes circle still bad until dunno what. Now it is so much better!!!


Checking out of caravan hotel ^^


Going to the beach but Cheat One because it was still so cold T_T


Pineapple Farm!

I was very amused at how the Japanese pronounce pineapple not as “pine-appuru”, but “pai-nappuru” lol.



Painappuru strap



Only the Japanese can make Orang Utan look so cute.





Painappuru Kitty


Chinsuko Kitty (an Okinawan cookie)


Beni imo pie



Super healthy lunch at a hill.



Checked in to our next hotel called Four Rooms. Because errr they only had four rooms lol. It was very nice! Overlooking the ocean! <3


House cat.

The owner also has two golden retrievers and he cooks breakfast and dinner for us!


In the afternoon we drove something like one hour just to eat the best Okinawa Soba!!!

It is called Ishiguhu. In this chart it is ranked number one.

Actually a lot of soba shops in Okinawa will claim that they are the number one so it is a little confusing but i tell you…




Just now that one was kareshi’s soba but this is my ramen.


After finishing the last drop of soup i told the kareshi, “can we come back in two hours and eat this again?”

(cuz that time very full).


My god i will kill four sixteen-eared raccoons, now to think of it. Or sixteen four-eared raccoon. Something like that. I’m not sure how raccoon math works.


This is “sea grape”.

The first time i ate it i thought it was green caviar wtf.  But it is actually is a kind of seaweed. That tastes like caviar.




And i’m sure it’s better than caviar because it is errr… cheaper, and by eating this you get to save like 908,082 unborn fishes that are going to have a good life. So the sea grape wins.



Hand-made paper rings at Ishiguhu cashier. Each customer gets to pick one.




And guys, for those of you who have been begging, i think that’s the story of how i got engaged WTF.


And for those who asked a million times for pictures of kareshi, i’ll give you a hand here HAHAHAHHA GEDDIT GEDDIT.



Back to the hotel!

We were the only guest that night so we owned the whole penthouse jacuzzi OMG why is my life so good i must have saved so much fishes in my previous life wtf.







The next day we went to town. This is on the main street. Shisa Kitty!



Black Pork… wait what’s this character called?


Last picture.




Actually i haven’t even blogged about all the sakura pictures i took.

And i’m flying to Tokyo on Monday for 3 weeks again!!!!






61 responses to “Okinawa 2”

  1. jodie says:

    OOHHHH <3 ah omg the strawberry dress

    lol at the four rooms hotel la, smart name smart name!
    and wow, that's a lot of racoons to kill.. good luck :


  2. Tsukari ★ says:

    Awwh that hello kitty is so cute! I like your dress super nice (: The food looks so good! Looks like you had fun :3
    I wanna try sea grapes now.

  3. DebbZ says:

    Looks like I have to put Okinawa on my bucket list. I think it’s a nice place to visit.
    Have a safe flight and hope you have an awesome time in Tokyo !

  4. hitomineko says:

    Although I already know you’re going Japanese again via your previous posts~ I am still so jelly!

    <3 <3 <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  5. Evy says:

    Tokyo for 3 weeks? Pack me in your suit case hon lololol♥

  6. liv says:

    wth cheesie, what’s up with you bloggers (the usual pink suspects) who think its ok to joke about killing kicking abusing animals just to get your point across. there is no necessity to do that. Please guys, stop doing it.

    • cheesie says:

      First of all, i’m sorry for talking about killing four-eared (or sixteen-eared) raccoons, which actually put you or any four-eared (or sixteen-eared) raccoons in a dangerous position.

      Some of their ears (and possibly yours, even though you only have two) might rot and fall off any time. I recognize how irresponsible of me to talk like that without caring about how you or those raccoons feel.

      From now on i will stop talking about killing a four-eared (or sixteen eared) raccoons.I shall also stop saying that i want to eat mentaiko because i ACTUALLY am killing like 19087391827261 innocent fishes all at one go. My gosh now to think of it i’m a really cruel person.

      I hope you are okay with that. If you ever set up a rescue group for four (or sixteen eared) raccoon, please let me know.

      • eiko-chan says:

        Well, i’m pretty sure raccoons are categorized as wildlife. So if you ever find one, you should call WWF to help with the rescue and protection and stuff.

        Then again, if you do find a four-eared (or sixteen-eared!!) raccoon, i suggest calling WWF AND informing the press (newspaper, BBC, CNN, etc…). Pretty sure they would be interested in a four (or sixteen) eared raccoon!

        Plus the world would know of this astonishing creature’s existence, and hence we can all join hands and protect this creature from any Bloggers attempting to kill them for their own benefit. TAKE THAT BLOGGERS!

        Though, that said, before you call anyone, please make sure YOU pick up its droppings to send to a lab to ensure that this creature is indeed, a sub-species of the raccoon family, and not some mutated being from exposure to radiation etc.

        Then again, if it is mutated, Cheese would probably be doing us a favour by killing it.

        On an interesting but unrelated note, if it IS mutated or whatsoever, do you know the city in Resident Evil where the zombie epidemic starts is called “Raccoon City”??

        No need to thank me for the great idea! After all, it will be you who have to pick up its excrement before informing it to the world. Sekian. 🙄

        • Cheesie says:

          Holy sh^t. It has never occured to me that a sixteen-eared raccoon could potentially be mutated. Now that’s some logic.

          By the way, do you know that if you cut off raccoon ears and boil it with bunny teeth for 7 hours you can actually create a potion to cure radioactive wolves?

          (true story, pls google it).

          (I mean the radioactive wolves, not the raccoon bunny cure. Radioactive wolves are the real shit, all of you. Of course it would still be inhumane and unlawful to think about sawing off raccoon ears and bunny teeth, nobody should ever do that, even though these raccoon have waaaay too many ears. But I’m sure they work kind of like appendixes, one day it will come to great use, you never know what all these extra body parts can do.)

          (then again, if sacrificing one raccoon and bunny can help stop some wolves becoming radioactive and go crazy and harm human, now isn’t that some logic? Because now we can save the poor wolves AND humans, all of you. Plus the bunny only loses its teeth i’m sure she can survive on drinking carrot smoothie or something.)

          But eiko, dafug. you should have never revealed the correlation between those things. Way to instill fear and panic. Shame on you.

        • Eue says:

          Er, you have something against bloggers is it? Why are you here anyway making a fuss out of nothing? As long as no REAL raccoons were harmed then what do you care? Go establish a law against talking about imaginary mutated animals for all I care! 无聊。
          Not saying that Cheesie is right or wrong! Her blog what! ==

          • eiko-chan says:

            Woops. I realize the potential for public panic. But it’s ok, maybe Liv could spare a few raccoon ears to help. I know she’s all for protecting them, but for the sake of humanity and radio active wolves, with hopes she’ll sacrifices them for the sake of the greater good wtf.

            Ok, i need to clarify, my previous comment was written towards Liv, and NOT Cheesie!
            I wrote that at 3am when i was sleepy, having reread it, i realize how it could be misunderstood since i didn’t reply to Liv’s post (but Cheesie’s), plus i didn’t refer to Liv at anywhere in my post. The “YOU”, meant Liv, definitely not Cheesie.

            I was using sarcasm against Liv’s comment on cruelty against animal, when it was SO obvious that no harm could be done against a non-existence animal!

            Furthermore i don’t think Cheesie is wrong, it is her Blog, plus the non-existent animal is just used as an emphasis. And here i emphasize on the non-existent animal wtf.

            I humbly apologize if nobody gets my joke (and sarcasm wtf T^T). I’m not against Bloggers, i was only trying to defend Cheesie against Liv’s disagreement of the abuse of four (or sixteen) eared raccoons.

        • Eue says:

          Oops,in this case, my bad, it is pretty misleading, but this ‘discussion’ is pretty much weird in the first place! As long as no raccoons died or whatever! Bless though 4/16 eared raccoons wherever they may be “hiding”. Your sarcasm over level 9000, but at least we both agree on the non existentness, apologies if I came along too harsh too!

          • eiko-chan says:

            No worries, it was my fault it wasn’t clear enough! (^^ )

            Haha yeah i agree, i hope i didn’t make it even weirded, in case if i cause any misunderstanding hee.

      • liv says:

        you actually think talking about killing any kind of animals is a joke. sure killing thousands of fishes isn’t correct but when you say you are eating mentaiko does it really have the same meaning as killing something? you still think its funny? wait till people talk about killing you, 2 eyes, 4 eyes, 16 eyes cheesie. Now that is funny. right?

        • Anivyl says:

          meanwhile, no one does anything about that ah ma dying of hunger on the streets.

          go take your self righteous ass somewhere else where someone might actually pay attention to your useless ravings.

          • Liv says:

            oh fuke, an ah ma dying hunger on the streets is more important than Killing something? Both feels pain, hunger, and fear. Who’s ass is really self righteous?

          • Liv says:

            what makes you think an ah ma dying of hunger on the streets is worth more than KILLING an animal? The life of a human is worth more than an animal? And I’m not as self righteous as you are. Just listen to yourself again.

            Anyway, this isn’t the first time I’m hearing you should be saving old folks and not animals. Really, what’s so great about humans?

          • Anivyl says:

            really….? you go on to people’s blog to lecture them about making jokes about killing animals, and you’re calling me self righteous? pot – meet kettle.

            And what’s so great about humans? hang on, how about looking at it this way, if we can’t even be bothered about that woman on the street, aren’t we just being superficial and egotistic about “saving” other species?

            It’s all about “us protecting them” isn’t it? because we are too stupid to care for our own. go on, go save that kitten, oh you mighty superhero.

        • cheesie says:

          Actually a 16-eyed Cheesie sounds really hilarious. I don’t think i need that many, just like how raccoons don’t really need so many ears. I would probably donate it to blind people but judging from how 16 eyes can fit on my face, they must be pretty small so even blind people might not want them, i worry. 🙁 So in the end i am stuck with 14 unwanted eyes, unless i win a lot of money from World Staring Contest Championship or something, and it must be very confusing to see so many things all at once, except that i roughly knows how a fruit fly feels now. I would probably beg someone to kill me then, and since i have to much money i won from World Staring Contest, i might reward whoever kills me and there will be a lot of people talking about killing me, which is not that funny if you think about it. So yea, you are absolutely right.

          • Liv says:

            i kinda like how you put on your face book that your readers are having a discussion about 4 ear raccoon. And that you are finding this funny.

            What I’m trying to say here cheesie is that trivalising harming an animal isn’t right. If said animal is fake (replying to eiko-chan) does it mean its more ok to joke about it?

            There are enough people who think nothing about harming an animal that we do not need to make fun mention there suffering, here on a blog or anywhere.

            And to Anivyl, I have heard your type of comments way to many times. What makes you think an ah ma dying of hunger on the streets deserved to be saved more? Maybe she has killed someone and this is her fate? Humans are much worse than animals if you really think about it. So who’s really the self righteous prick huh?

            Anyway cheesie, congratulations on all the good things that came your way. Can’t wait to read up on your impending wedding if you care to share and all the best!!

          • Liv says:

            LOL well good that you could laugh about it. Anyway, my point in writing this was that we shouldn’t trivialise the suffering of an animal in any way. Whether it is fake, or real it doesn’t matter because there are enough abuse going on out there.

            I enjoy reading your blogs very much and consider myself one of your readers. I wish you all the best in your upcoming marriage and your new wonderful life ahead.

        • Isabel says:

          Actually I do think that’s quite funny =/
          No racoons were harmed in the making of this blog post btw.. What do you have up your arse?

          You think joking about killing something online is like literally killing it? You must be one of those people who share FB posts on starving people in Africa with the caption “LIKE if you would help them”

          And how can you just lump all bloggers together like that? It’s like some kinda stereotype dafuq “The usual pink suspects”? Seriously? Not all blogs are pink and not all bloggers joke about killing animals.

          P.S. The furniture in your house were made from chopped down trees where squirrels lived. Your internet comes from dams which flooded the homes of poor four eared (or sixteen eared) racoons. Your breathing gives out carbon dioxide that slowly kills us so please stop doing it. I’m not even joking. I don’t joke about killing.

    • panda says:

      Err does the said animals even exist in the first place? Get a sense of humor and some logic please. Or go like and share animal abuse photos on Facebook, because you’re such an animal activist!

    • Coco says:

      wth liv, what’s up with you (the possibly discriminatory suspect for referring to them as bimbos just because they like pink) who think its ok to nitpick about comments that are meant as jokes about killing kicking abusing animals just to feel better about yourself for advocating love towards animals. there is no necessity to do that. Please liv, stop doing it.

      • liv says:

        hello wake up, where the hell did i say they are bimbos? talking about liking pink is bimbo? talking about killing animals is not a joke. I wasn’t even nit picking because that comment jumped out and is not a necessity to put ANY point across. I do not need to talk about it to feel better coco. Real life doesn’t work that way or are you living one at all.

        • chap says:

          if you’re so distressed abt people joking on killing animals, you’re gonna shit yourself when you see everything else going on in this world! man life is too short to be too narrow minded :cheh: #yourlifesuckbigtime

          • Liv says:

            Just a comment less then 3 lines and my life suck big time? Err your should look in the mirror i guess.

        • Coco says:

          hello wake up, what else could you be suggesting when you said “the usual pink suspects” if it’s not meant to be condescending? You know what else is killing animals? You living is basically killing the animals. Eat meat? It comes from animals. Vegetarian? Eating animal’s food and thus depriving them of food and killing them by starvation. How about eating stones instead to prevent animals from dying? The house you’re living in now? Forests had to be cleared and natural sources had to be taken from forests to build your house. That’s taking away the habitats of animals and killing them too. Anivyl is right, take your self-righteous ass somewhere else please. Unless you’re living a life where you’re not taking anything away from the wildlife in order to continue living, you don’t even have a right to be talking about killing animals. Talk about having a life when you’re leaving bitchy comments at someone else’s blog, what an ironic joke.

          • Liv says:

            LOL the usual pink suspects is condescending? my dear perhaps you are the one who really think the pink blogs are bimbotic and it was a freudian slip.

          • Liv says:

            LOL like they say, empty vessels makes the most……….noise. You DO NOT have the slightest idea about what it means to care for an animal or what their rights are, whatever you just wrote is whatever you just read somewhere.

            Go back and read my original comment and compare to the comments of what you all wrote, and tell me in all honesty whos really a bitch. The usual suspects became referring to them as bimbo? You just secretly think so and that was your freudian slip. LOLLL

    • Karen says:

      Yo, calm down there! 16-eared raccoon is a made up creature… and it’s a silly joke, I don’t think she would kill one if it were in existence. better get famous discovering it rather than kill u kno?

      • Liv says:

        Hi Karen, thanks for the calm and partial thoughts. If these kids here could get worked up in real life as they do here, I think more humans and animals could be saved! Anyway, I’ve replied to cheesie but just because its fake doesn’t make it right. No i know cheesie wouldn’t kill it, that wasn’t the contention. Thanks for the thoughts though.

        • Karen says:

          Well, I understand where you’re coming from and I do agree with you on some level. Everyone were so angry already though…true about applying it to real life situations!

  7. Reiko says:

    Seeing your Orang Utan plushie pic reminds me of two cute orang Utan plushie I saw in KLCC yesterday.

    Okinawa is such a great place! In love with Okinawa since forever.
    But I guess it’ll be hard for tourists who can’t really converse in Japanese to tour there no? Some more they have special dialect! T_T

  8. Kristyn says:

    Ah you went to Painappuru Park too! I miss Okinawa so much~
    And picture #24 the character is called Kewpie!

  9. Michelle says:

    blog more about japan! it’s always so nice to read about these things!

  10. Suzanne says:

    Enjoyed reading your post..

    Have a great trip !

  11. Your pictures are so nice! I really love it! 😛

  12. chang says:

    #20 nice hands 🙂

  13. melody says:

    wakakakakakakaka sooo funnyyyyyy raccoons hahahaha
    meaningful paper rings!!!!!

  14. Asuka says:

    haha yes yes give us ur engagement story! lolol
    ahhh nice to hear what fun u had in japan but making me so jelaous =( hahaha

  15. SaeWei says:

    The orang utan plushie on the left in Picture #6.. The hand positioning very obscene. On the first glance I tot it was “something” else..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😛

  16. Cheryl Chan says:

    Sea grape? First time I’ve ever heard of them. It does looks like green caviar in a stalk xD

  17. says:

    *thumbs up for the sea grape*! looks juice and i so wanna eat your bowl of ramen!!! *tummy starts to grumble* the pineapple is weird! haha.. looks like chickies and why wud they sell orang uton toys ther! *puzzled*

    oh, your paper ring looks the nicest too! ^^

  18. Tim says:

    Well, we now know that your kareshi has nice hands? (‘:

  19. Yvonne says:

    Your posts on Japan makes me really wna go there, like really really wna be there, envy!

    The sea grape is interesting, hopefully I’ll get to find/try it when I’ve saved up enough to go Japan! hehe ˆˆ

    And last but not least, Congrats on your engagement, felt so heartwarming/excited for you! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  20. beast says:

    hes deformed
    must have a good personality and plenty of cash

  21. raine says:

    we have a lot of sea grapes here in the Philippines! 🙂 we usually eat them with tomatoes. 🙂

  22. elin says:

    “The owner also has two golden retrievers and he cooks breakfast and dinner for us!”

    Read too fast and I thought I read, “the owner has two golden retrievers and he cooks them as breakfast and dinner for us!”

    Instantly re-read it again ._.

  23. kure says:

    I can’t wait to go to Japan too~ Everything just seems better in Japan, even their cats are cuter. Anyway I LOVE the cute house cat! It’s tail is so bushy~ <3

    As for the food, the ramen looks absolutely delish! Upon 10, how many stars will you rate it? And the paper rings are so very cute~

  24. Dawn says:

    Seriously, i hope to be like you one day. Meet a fucking great guy whom i know i would want to marry and not have to go through the shit process of dating.

  25. Francine says:

    love ur dress! Where did u get it from?

  26. Eileen says:

    I love your travel posts! Can you do a post of packing a carry on luggage or stuffs u usually carry around in your chic bag?

  27. Plumi says:

    I want to visit Japan sooo badly! gaaah, must save up my pennies!!

  28. Liv says:

    Anivyl if you don’t know whats the meaning of lecture, here it is, read and learn

    A lecture is an oral presentation intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject, for example by a university or college teacher. Lectures are used to convey critical information, history, background, theories and equations. HERES THE BEST PART: A politician’s SPEECH, a minister’s SERMON, or even a businessman’s SALES PRESENTATION may be similar in form to a lecture. AND OF COURSE THIS…. Usually the lecturer will stand at the front of the room and recite information relevant to the lecture’s content. (taken fr wikipedia)

    but if you realllly want a more authoritative source than good ole wiki, heres this,

    i can’t be bothered to paste the info here but there is tons on web, google surely you know?

    just in case your memory fails you (seriously this is bothering one childish)

    “And what’s so great about humans? hang on, how about looking at it this way, if we can’t even be bothered about that woman on the street, aren’t we just being superficial and egotistic about “saving” other species?

    It’s all about “us protecting them” isn’t it? because we are too stupid to care for our own. go on, go save that kitten, oh you mighty superhero.”

    if you want to talk about the streets and what’s there come take a look here in SG. You will be hard pressed to find a woman on the streets that need saving but you will definitely find animals that is in hunger, that has been abused, that is sick with no food EVERYDAY, ALL THE TIME. If you really want a number, unverified, just from my eyes, lets say for every one women I see that really needs to be saved compared to the strays, its a ratio of 1: 1000 (I’m being kind really).

    So, the proportion of humans to animals is 1: 100,000,000? Yet, there are so many that needs help as compared to your so called mythical woman on the street. Logically speaking, who should really be saved? You wanted a lecture right? Here’s the lecture for you now.

    After explaining to cheesie, did you even bother to read what I wrote and digest it? No. You choose to continue with your thick headed way (im being kind), so since you asked here it is (and I am being kind again), give me a reallly good reason why I should save that so called woman on the street. And do you really go through life like that huh?

    And cats? Do you really have ANY idea what I save. No. Don’t presume.

  29. yumii says:

    wow, somebody is reaaaallllly free here… Life, you should get some. 🙄

  30. Jocylfroot says:

    @liv you sure have a lt of time… And I guess I do too coz I read all the comments fml. You had me at hello really.

    Anyway, I really want to meet the two golden retrieves who cooks breakfast. Haha They both sound adorable. Oh, and the kareshi sure has very nice hands. 🙂

  31. Megan says:

    Why don’t you ever post a picture of your fiancé? You barely talk about him? *Genuinely curious & asking* do you prefer just keeping your relationship personal? How long have you been together?

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