As a fashion blogger, if you ask me what’s my favorite fashion brand, i will tell you EMODA is on the very very very top of my list. I’m afraid it could even be my number one.

My story with EMODA is an interesting one, although it happened just about a year ago. But it pretty much defines my whole fashion style right now, so that’s how significant this brand it is to me.

To cut the long story short, if you read me long enough you know that i used to dress really cute and girly Japanese style. But since meeting Lie and Maiko during Tokyo Kawaii TV, they have influenced me to embrace the more adult and cool side of Japanese fashion. And EMODA is the very first brand that got me addicted to MODE style forever.



What is MODE-style?

It derives from the french word “mode”, which pretty much means fashion/style. But in Japanese it means “high fashion”, and it focuses on simplicity, silhouette and bold designs and one of it’s most distinct characteristics is being monotone (mostly black and white).

As for EMODA, it’s for women who wish to enjoy high-sense fashion in a real-close way. I love this so much! I always think that European designer brands are waaaaay too high above and beyond my reach, but EMODA is exactly something that fills the gap perfectly at very VERY affordable price for a Japanese fashion brand.


EMODA’s website.


One of the reason why i adore EMODA so much is because of its producer, Matsumoto Ena.

Ena created EMODA in 2009 at the age of 24. She is so talented and so stylish she’s my number one fashion icon <333 Ever since then, my ultimate dream is to become a fashion producer like her too. She inspires me so much <3333



EMODA team also consists of super cool and stylish looking staff. Heck, even the shop staff in all EMODA stores look like super models.



Now, just about how much i love EMODA.


During my trip to Tokyo in March, my luggage case was full of nothing but tons of EMODA’s stuff.


I love it so much i’d buy a magazine i don’t normally read just because of an EMODA eyelash case.

I love it so much i would not miss any single issue of EMODA BOOK.


I love it so much that i’d queue up early outside a store just to get their Novelty item. (A novelty item is not for sale. It’s sort of like a limited edition present you get when you purchase X amount of merchandise.)


I love it so much i have an EMODA member card.

A picture i snapped outside an EMODA store in Lunime Est, Shinjuku.


Here are some of my EMODA coordinate over the past few months.



Last December. One of my first few EMODA purchases. The Boa Fur Coat i wore to NAPBAS. An award winning outfit. Sort of. lol.



My first EMODA bag.


January this year. Top, bottom and bag from EMODA.



My EMODA fukubukuro bag!



Top and skirt both from EMODA.



This April in Tokyo. Cat Face top from EMODA.




Denim top from EMODA.


Rose printed high waist denim from EMODA.


Printed long shirt from EMODA.


Watch and bag from EMODA.


Check out that pair of heels!!!


Been eyeing this pair for such a long time and now i can finally have it!!



One of my favorite pair of heels. EVER.



And now you guys must be thinking, OMG I WISH I CAN GO TO JAPAN AND BUY ALL THESE!!!


Well. You don’t need to.



EMODA Global Web Store is Now Open!


Now the whole world can get EMODA!!!

I know right?? I am sooo happy too!!!




EMODA’s Fan Page in English! Be sure to join them to update yourself to exclusive promotions <3


And and and….

That is not all. I did a post on my Facebook page about the launch of Global Webstore and EMODA has seen it and contacted me….

So i am invited to the EMODA Collection event in June, Tokyo!!!!


*brain explodes*

Seriously what did i tell you about good things keep coming if you believe that they will? I have loved EMODA long time and it loves me back now. I am so happy now i can’t even type anymore.

Now go go go shop your heart out !


55 responses to “EMODA”

  1. Luzon says:

    ahhhhh, I love that Brand. It is so my style. SO excited about the global store now I don’t have to troll their japanese website and dream.

  2. Arrow says:

    wahhh you’re getting me to love this brand as well. i just absolutely LOVE the Rose printed high waist denim!

  3. aud says:

    so you packing me in your suitcase hor!!! :3

  4. Mia says:

    awww..I wish I already working right now..love the brand too but it was expensive for a student like me T^T

  5. Glow says:

    Omg congrats!!!! Does it really work? I think i must try as well the secret. And I much prefer emoda now because more ermm…atas lols…and easier to matchy matchy too!

  6. scratches head says:

    Eh, didn’t you get invited to the event with others long before you posted about it on Facebook? You knew about the event for ages right? And the emoda post was recent…

  7. EMODA is an awesome brand ! and i love the simple style of em’ !
    anyways, congrats for being invited to the EMODA Collection event ! make a post of it tehehe xD

  8. Sissy says:

    You just look awesome, as always! I especially love the heels and how you create the look with the hight waist denim. Im reading your blog for years now and i just like to tell you that this is one of my alltime favorites! Greetings from germany! Sissy / Modern Snowwhite ♥

  9. Michelle says:

    The emoda bag looks like the satchel from cambridge company! 😀

  10. yanneng says:

    I wish they would branch out to guys stuff! ):

  11. mei says:

    waaaa congrats !! 😀

  12. Asuka says:

    omgg good bye moneyyyy LOL

  13. ef.ae says:

    you’ve got so much japan in you, you could just be their citizen now~ haha..

  14. kira says:


  15. wow. congrats!

    maybe you should do a tutorial how to walk in those killer heels.

  16. jilliancat says:

    Cheesie you look good in everything! 🙄

  17. Saphy says:

    Congratulations cheesie! 😆

  18. Angel says:

    It sucks to be broke 🙁 waaaah! I wanna buy EMODA

  19. Chanel says:

    I never used to be interested in Emoda until I saw the amazing pieces you have from them!
    I’m totally buying everything Emoda now

  20. ennaira says:

    write a post about your wedding !!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

  21. China says:

    Finally a Japanese brand which offers global shopping!! It was about time already!!
    Gosh, Cheesie, you’re totally Jesus Christ for writing a post about this.
    My God, THANK YOU!!

  22. hitomineko says:

    wooow~ that’s so cool! that they invited you to their collection event ~ so many good things happening to you Cheesie! Congrats Love!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  23. beast says:

    28 is too old to be a “Lolita”
    You are so Audrey Hepburn
    A better look, a new career for Cheese

  24. Bella says:

    I have the cat face bag, but that’s all. I really love EMODA’s clothes I can’t wait to buy more!! Congratulations on being invited to the event!! /jelly

  25. Rach says:

    Cheesie~ been following you. I’ve been living in Tokyo for 7 months but I cannot find the EMODA magazine! I even went to their boutiques and checked out but still couldn’t find. Where can I get the magazine pleaseeeeeeee? :blush:

  26. hazel says:

    😀 u r my fashion inspiration!! loved gyaru coz of you. n now i love emoda coz of you too!!! so gonna shop the webstore 😀

  27. Evy says:

    Dang look at those long legs!!! Sexay 😈 ♥ .. very edgy style!


  28. Vanessa says:

    Your socks in #7 are so cute! Where did you get them from??

  29. Jazz says:

    the watch is so pretty. how do i get it w/o purchasing anything from emoda? i just want to watch… :X

  30. Jazz says:

    ***i mean the watch(***)

  31. Gil says:

    Hi babe may i know in item #9 the printed oversized blouse , is that in Black or Blue? Thanks!


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