In my last post on Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream it seems like quite a few of you are using it already and find it good!! 😀

I have been using it diligently for about a month now and the thing i like about it the most is that it really helps make my daily make up so much easier!

For 3 weeks in Japan every single day i have to put on make up (due to work or simply due to paisehness because every girl in Japan makes effort to look good!) and it’s extra difficult because of the dry weather in Japan compared to Malaysia. My make up cracks due to to fine lines around the eyes and laugh lines T___T.


And here’s a little tip from me for awesome make up that lasts a whole day!!

First thing in the morning i use this thing called the Morning Mask (only sold in Japan i think), that’s equivalent to face toner/lotion except that it’s a sheet and you just cover it on your face for 10 seconds.

And then you can feel that your skin is super moist!!!

Then after that i apply a very thin layer of Olay Regenerist to smooth out the fine lines on face.

And then comes the self-invented new make-up recipe lol.

Well normally i will apply foundation straight on my face and i noticed that it tends to instantly dry up and sometimes even accentuate fine lines.


So i squeeze half a pump of Olay Regenerist and then one pump of liquid foundation onto the back of my hand.


And then mix it up with an applicator sponge.

Seriously i’ve been doing that every time i do my make up, and this combination makes my make up smooth and crack-free for one whole day!!

After only foundation.

I feel that i can apply even lighter make up now and still look good 😀

I hardly take very close up picture nowadays but now i feel more confident to do it ^^

And then after a whole day out, remember to cleanse your face thoroughly! I will apply Olay Regenerist again before i sleep to smooooooth all the wrinkle out.


If you don’t mind trying, you can go to the nearest drugstore and get Olay Regenerist and then leave a comment here to tell me if it works!!

Share with me your skincare routine so we can learn from each others!! 😀

More info on the product on Olay Malaysia.