in Japan.

(if you get bored of Japan already let me know. I will…. suggest you to read local news paper.)


Simple toast breakfast at a bakery near where i stay. Sooooo gooood.



Tan Tan Men



Kitty at Omotesando Hills



Hello Kitty Japan shop at Odaiba


Gindako Takoyaki with Mentaimayo sauce


Hanamaru Udon! Super simple but super nice!



This is the only ramen with mentaiko in it that i’ve ever tried! I had it with Xiaxue 2 years ago and she was highly pleased lol.




This is just rice topped with egg yolk and soy sauce but it was one of my favorite food in the world T__T



Just look at that.



Lunch bento during filming.



Bento with mentaiko!!!! This is only like 400 yen ++ and it’s sooooo nice i love it!



Sushi restaurant at Asakusa.

No.2 is Sakura Ebi and No.4 is Mentaiko Salad




You know this Disney, made everyone pokai when they came out with this whole Duffy craze, now that Duffy is less popular (also cuz it’s so widely available now -_-) they made another bear.

It’s a bear made by Stitch. -____-. For Lilo maybe. -_-.



Bought this for #addiction because she likes Stitch. So i’m sure she’d like a bear whose stitches is stitched by Stitch wtf.



Kumatan Yukata



Bought this Old Glory bra top!!! Worn only once and selling it!! Email me!




You know normal potato sticks like Jagabee are already quite nice right like this is like FRESHLY MADE and there was a looong queue at the Harajuku outlet.



Liz Lisa Oshare Note Book.



Tissue i collected by just walking for an hour in Shibuya lol.

You know how in Malaysia and Singapore you have to pay for tissue and sometimes those old aunty uncle who walk around hawker center and sell one at $1 or whatever?

In Japan people give out free tissue like mad and BEG YOU to receive it but all the Japanese people avoid it! At first i was like what’s this madness?? It’s a free tissue heaven omg! After that i also don’t take anymore because there are just tooooooo many lol.



AKB cake




Kyary KFC dessert. lol.

The product is described to taste “Kamyu Kamyu” lol. Japanese marketing, take my money please.




Kyary’s CD debut is on sales.


Kyary bunny called the Shiawase No Pamyurin.

If i create my own soft toy will anyone buy ah????



NALU cafe at Omotesando sells Malaysian Laksa and Singaporean Chicken Rice!!! Waaa i feel a bit touched, home taste in Japan!!!



Nasi Goreng taste different from the usual mamak style, but i love it cuz it’s SO MUCH LESS OILY and Japanese rice is just LOVE.



Laksa tasted surprisingly authentic!!!




At Harajuku they also sell Hokkien Mee lol but it’s the Singaporean version not the blakc black chao da Malaysian version though. It looks more like pasta then anything else lo.



I’m sure you all know Tokyo Banana!!! That’s the standard souvenir from people who visit Japan.

But this is not just any Tokyo Banana. This is Tokyo Banana Tree! Only sold at Sky Tree and IT IS IN LEOPARD PRINT.

So adorable can!!! Tastes better too because it is chocolate filling!



also bought this for Aud&Tim lolol. i briefly considered adding a mole to the groom’s face LOLOL.






OMG you know what.

Every time i visit a new place in Japan i sure want to go to their souvenir shop to buy a Gotochi Hello Kitty. It’s a Hello Kitty charm in all sort of designs that represent the local specialties wan.

So far i’ve got Fukuoka Kitty, Okinawa Kitty, Nagasaki Kitty, etc. I wanted to collect ALL of them!!!


Omotesando-Harajuku Kitty! That’s me!!! I stay right there lol. But this one not that cute.

Anyway every new province/state i go i wanna collect a few local Gotochi Kitty! It’s like my new hobby!!! And it’s not cheap you know?! One charm is 525yen leh!!!!  But i thought okay la it’s for precious memory.

And then i went to Tokyo Tower and saw this.

I died on the spot.




Mind you, that is just TWO RACKS out of many many other racks.

This sight sort of backfired on me and i gave up the entire idea of collecting Gotochi Kitty on the spot.



But hor, some are really incredibly cute sigh so i didn’t buy but took some pictures of them (after that the kareshi shook his head and said “fucking tourist”. T_____T)

I also had a bet with him on whose selected Kitty will get more LIKES on instagram.

These are the two.


Yokohama Nikuman Kitty



Hokkaido Foxy Kitty.

And i lost FML. Dowan say la. You all no taste wan.





Last meal in Japan!!! Sad!



What is this???!? Saw it at the airport!!!



Apparently it’s some kind of Pop Soda Mochi.

Omg remember those Pop candy? it has these small sugary rocks that will explode on your tongue??? WHO HAS TRIED THOSE!!! Then you are probably the same age as me lol.

It’s something like that except that it’s a mochi lol.


And then we flew JAL Samantha Airline back home!!!








From the airport i went straight back to Seremban to pick up my car and see the mom and the dog.

This is the obasan princess with a Dentastix.

Actually when she was still a baby,  I taught her how to sit, down, and wait within one week.  I think she’s a smart puppy. However! Now that she is 5 years old and practically a middle-aged grumpy woman, she doesn’t listen to instructions as much anymore (mostly because my mom spoilt her too much lol).

But you know they say once a master always a master? To her once a mommy always a mommy. Whenever I go back to see her she’d be ecstatically happy and to everyone’s surprise she is extra obedient when it comes to my command. Maybe because she knows that I’ll give her yummy treats 😛