There are so many pictures i haven’t blogged from my April trip to Tokyo.

This post is about my 18th birthday, for the 25th time in a row, which makes me 43, but i’m actually really about one third that age. Confused? Good.

Tokyo Kawaii TV flew me to Japan! Arrived on 1st April morning and did filming at Narita airport.

Was painfully cold the first day T___T.

I was in a down jacket and i looked ridiculous. Everyone on the street was all light trench coat or just a denim jacket to welcome the arrival of spring T___T. I felt like a giant fashion victim.


First sakura tree i saw. <3

The next day!!

Did my hair at NALU Omotesando <3

Their 10 years anniversary painting <3


My doink-doink curls!



After that we continue filming with the founder of Decopic mobile app! The picture is of course decorated with Decopic wtf.


And then i met the kareshi and we went for macarons, see sakura and all those cheesy dating stuff 😛

I LOVE SPRING!!! Everything is so PINK!


In a small garden which is sort of like somebody’s backyard.



Went to Yoyogi park for early Sakura viewing <3



There was Cherry blossom buds everywhere but it’s still about a week away from full bloom.


Do you know why all these trees have numbers?

Because it’s sort of like a house plate, so that during picnic you can tell your Pizza Boy which tree he should deliver your food to 😀


Different cherry blossom species have different timing. Spotted a full bloom tree!


And then it was my birthday dinner <3



Kareshi brought me to a Teppanyaki place with awesome night view.


(But was freezing cold so we just went out for 10 seconds 😛 )


The rest are just food pictures! Actually there are a lot more than this but i picked just half of them cuz scared you get bored la.


That was my first time having Japanese fine dining and the waiter was polite to the point i almost felt embarrassed for myself. He would explain every single detail including the condiments used and how the dish is prepared.


Made of sea urchin… JELLY? lolol

Chef cooking our main course! Guess what it is?

Abalon baked/grilled in salt emp2


Was so good!!! emp2


The teppan beef was just speechlessly good too T___T

I cannot get over how ridiculosly yummy the Japanese cows are. Seriously. Every single time i have beef it was always a tear-jerking experience T_T

And then and then!!

Actually the dish that impressed me the most was this…

Didn’t expect this did you!!!

Garlic Fried Rice.

The chef very carefully sauteed tiny pieces of garlic into a fragrant chunk, and then mix it with rice and then fried it gently with such devotion. I don’t even know how to describe it. Have you seen a chinese cook flip a giant wok vigorously on the flaming stove until the rice is on fire?? This is the exact opposite. He fry the rice like how he bathes a baby WTF. Ok it’s hard to visualize rice as babies but i mean, with such love!!! And then when i ate it i could almost taste his heart in it T___T.

It was literally just garlic fried rice. No seafood, toppings or other fancy ingredient in it. But it was the best garlic fried rice ever. T_T.

I feel a bit sad for the abalone that got totally overshadowed by… a bowl of rice.



After that we had tea


And then a buffet dessert table T____T


I’m not even a macaron person but to hell with it i tried like all of them.


And lastly.


Thank you.

I was so happy T_T


And then the next day i had the simplest brunch cuz stomach felt overwhelmed with all those luxuries.