This is a shopping post during my visit to Japan last month!

As you all know EMODA has invited me to touchMe AW 2012 fashion show and before the event, i went to Shibuya 109 to shop for my EMODA outfit!



Normally shopping malls in Japan is quite strict with photo taking but Namiko specially arranged a session for my shopping + picture taking i am sooooo happy <3


My entire outfit i wore that day was also from EMODA <3


Overwhelmed by all the new items in store



Their shop staff are all super model-like pretty, helpful and friendly as usual! I browsed through the shop and picked quite a lot of items to try on!!



I love how even their flooring is EMODA print!


This piece is a EMODA X Fujii Lena collabo mermaid tail dress, super feminine!



Love all their monotone original  EMODA print items T_T


I bought this whole coordinate!!


This pair of shoes is incredibly comfortable at its height omg my absolute favorite pair right now!


With EMODA 109 shop staff <3


Also did some #addiction shopping and bought this dress (in pink) for Aud!


Also it was the launch of their new novelty item that day! With purchase more than 15,000 you get a pair of free rain boots!


And obvious i bought waaaay more than 15,000 yen :X



I don’t think i have shopped so much in one single shop in my entire life :X




Back to the hotel…


This was how my closet looked like lol.


Trying on rain boots for the first time! So happened it was rainy season the very next morning so i put it to excellent use 😛




Some of the items i bought are still available in EMODA Webstore!! I will link those that are still in stock!

Also bought a hair band and a pair of tassel earring!


Original EMODA paisley print iPhone case.


White box top 



Top, denim and shoes all from EMODA



Glittery top from EMODA



Floral shorts from EMODA



Denim top, bottoms and heels from EMODA!



Also also…



Remember i said that Matsumoto Ena invited me to their press room for AW collection preview?

I feel SO honored ok because i was flying back the very next day, so she asked me to come the night before to place my order!!





EMODA’s AW theme is Snap Muse, very parisian and lots of glam & elegant pieces this time!

LOVE their shoes!!


Ena herself recommended some items to me and also helped me do coordinate <3

She also praised that I have good sense T____________T. Ok i believe her. T_____T

I bought the enamel long boots it is SUPER SEXY please T___T And also many many other autumn items including a boa fur coat that i predict will be another big hit this winter!!


Once i get my AW items i will blog about it again!

Thank you Ena, thank you EMODA. I LOVE YOU!!!





At the mean time, just shop your heart out at EMODA Global Webstore!

Guess what! Now overseas buyers can have novelty items too!