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July 24, 2012 in Commercial Break

That’s the online version of Star Property article if you all missed print!

And blog post on my haos as promised!

All these while i never talked much about my house because first of all i feel a little unsafe to reveal too much about where i stay, and secondly i’m just very shy la.

But i agreed to do this interview and it turned out pretty nice <3

I must give credit to the photographer because she made my house looks 1000% cleaner and prettier in pictures :X

(That quote is true)

I have been getting waaay too many requests on a room tour, and i actually did a video of my rooms for Kawaii International, but i ter-deleted it T___T i’m so sorry.

But today i will show some pictures and talked a little about my house!





I bought this place in 2008, so i own it for about 4 years now.

It’s a studio unit about 800 sqft and i think it’s just nice for a single lady (last time la) like me, but definitely not for family living.

However when Tokyo Kawaii TV came to my house they were all OMG YOUR HOUSE IS ENORMOUS and then when they aired the episode about my house they captioned it “luxurious mansion” HAHAHHAH. Tsk Japanese lol.

Before you all go WTF Y U SO RICH, i have to tell you that i will have to pay my ass off for the next 26 years for this place i can call it my own.

 And how i could afford to get this place was because i sold my car for the down payment, and then i was car-less. For two whole years.
I just rummaged through my old hard disk and found all these pictures. This was the first ever picture i took of my house after i got my key. It was a moment of indescribable happiness. My own house!!!
Checked the date and it was taken in July 2008, exactly 4 years ago.

I think i was the earliest tenant in the entire building (i bought it first hand) because i wanted to move out from my old place in Bandar Utama to save rental.

As soon as electricity was fixed and lights and fans were installed, i moved in straight away with my tilam, pillows and bolster. I didn’t even have curtains on my windows. I used cardboards and old cloth to cover them up.


I think this is few months later after i get the wallpapers installed.

Didn’t even have a wardrobe :X


My work station. Bed sheet as curtain lolol.

Really didn’t expect curtains to be so god damn expensive because i oculdn’t buy those ready made one from Ikea as my windows are all of irregular shapes.


Also recycled super old and fugly chairs. Bought the chepaest possible sofa from Cavenzi that i ended up wanting to hurl off the balcony. Used as much extra furniture as possible to act as curtains lol.


Months later i finally saved enough for a TV and sound system but then no money to buy TV cabinet HAHHAHA.

And then i lived like that for YEARS, slowly collecting each and every piece of furniture when i have the money. I’m quite impressed at myself to be honest to be able to tahan liddat hahahhaa!

How i wish i could just write a BIG cheque and pay an interior designer to buy everything i needed at one go and move in to a fully furnished awesome little crib.

But it was trial and error, i bought stuff that i didn’t know will fit/match my house, and started from cheapo craps then slowly upgrade to better quality ones.

Anyway. Those days are history!

Now my home is finally complete and i must say that having my own home is probably my biggest achievement in life so far. I mean, a home that belongs to me!!


From zero to this!

I did a make-over a few months ago for my house, basically installed the most important piece of furniture: big-ass wall mirror, so that i could take my daily fashion pictures which is essential for this blog!

I also bought a Like-A-Boss working desk, an ergonomic chair for my long sitting hours, upgraded my ceiling lamps to better looking ones, a mac book air for my constant traveling use, and many other small decorations.

All these are made possible by  Citibank Ready Credit , which allows me to  have access to a lump sum of cash instantly and furnish my house according to the image of my dream home. I also plan to get a washing machine + dryer (been living without one for 4 years :X) and then maybe upgrade my kitchen because… the kareshi has been nagging me to learn to cook T_T.


This is my bed room. The kareshi doesn’t like this Liz Lisa Plush Toy concept and looks like i MIGHT have to change the entire bed room concept, tear down the wall paper and install mode-looking one  D:

And that’s gonna cost another big amount of $$$ T_T. Luckily i can also just write a cheque from my Citibank Ready Credit and pay for all these.

That’s why i think that young people nowadays are luckier when they purchase a property because with programs like Citibank Ready Credit PayLite, you can renovate your house all at one go and later on pay back by installment over your preferred duration you are comfortable with. Unlike  the old me who had to collect furniture piece by piece. T_T



Anyway, that’s the story of Cheesie’s Home.

Do you own a place, or plan to own a place, and do you have any story to share? ^^


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  1. wow, i have to say i am very impressed. Living in Malaysia especially in KL, I know how hard it is to own a place.

    And you did a great job! it was really from zero to HELLO! its really nice and it shows how much effort you have put in! Your haos is so nice-suuuuuuu!

    I love the BIG ASS MIRROR. hahahahahahaa I want that as well! :mrgreen:

    You should be proud of yourself. you work hard and you earned it! *clapsss*

  2. Bev says:

    Im very inspired and motivated! Thank you so much for sharing Cheesie. I really respect that you can really save and sacrifice a lot to make this come true! I should really learn from you!

    Oh and Dayummmmm I love your place! its really nice!!! You really deserve it! I will read this post everyday to keep me motivated and love everything in your house!!!


  3. says:

    amazing ^^ very inspiring for young people to learn and be self-dependent ^^

    kudos to your achievement! you’ve worked hard for all these 😉

    • cheesie says:

      yea but i still think people are lucky to get to stay with family for free! Save rental and all! ^^ But private space is very awesome too!

  4. Reiko says:

    Your place is like a dream house now, and I especially like your bedroom.

    Must be so hard in these 4 years to collect furniture piece by piece *xin ku ni le*

    I believe your life will get better and better and better!!!!

    When your kareshi move in jek? XD

    • cheesie says:

      xie xie ni!!!

      Haha we stay together when we are together la, so there’s no really “moving in”. We just really need to decide on a place to stay!

  5. hitomineko says:

    ooo sooooo niceee! I wish I can own a house like u too!!!

    =D !!!!! <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. DebbZ says:

    Fabulously well done, Cheesie. I’m very impressed, you’re such a hard worker. Another reason to love you more 😛

  7. debb says:

    Great efforts … impressive and inspiring. how to you keep all those ‘white’ / light colored furniture in top notch condition without it turning yellow? White furniture as far as i know will changes its colour easily.

  8. mon says:

    omg..i love your house decoration! so dreamy, like my dream house 😯 😯

  9. Cheryl Chan says:

    Definitely <3 the wall mirror!!

    Have you heard of the japanese show 全能住宅大改造?
    Since the house prices are rising nowadays, I'm thinking of buying a small house, then renovate it to have more storage and everything customized! But of course that would take a lot of time. 😉

    • cheesie says:

      haha i havent!! But inetersting concept given their spaces are so limited! <3 i feel so lucky my apartment is considered HUMUNGOUS by Japanese standard.

  10. emi says:

    gorgeous place! i love the color scheme in the living room area and bedroom but i like the gigantic mirror the most *o* you’ve come a long way, so happy for you cheesie 😀
    it’s so cute that you had to use bedsheets as curtains lol as long as it does the job
    i plan to own a place hopefully within the next 5 years, but that’s just me being hopeful. any place with a walk-in closet will be good for me 😉

  11. Evy says:

    I need to clean my house!!! Feel so ashamed looking at your house’s pics hahaha! xD .. But you cool cat! I can’t believe you actually listened to us loyal readers and do a post on your house!!!

    Tour vid! Tour vid! Tour vid!!!!

  12. Rely says:

    I’m so jealous of your house! It looks so white, spacious, clean and modern! ♥

    But honestly…just because your Kareshi doesn’t like this and that doesn’t mean you HAVE to change it. What matters the most is that you like it, because you spent a lot of time and money on that house, so it’s unfair that your kareshi tells you that you have to change it or he won’t move in. Isn’t that like a threat? LOL. I really wish you keep it that way, and the Kareshi just will have to get used to it, because he came way after you had this house all set up and pretty. Of course, can do some changes here and there so it doesn’t look that girly, but don’t change too much because of him. DON’T LET MEN CONTROL YOUR LIFE, REALLY!…If he can’t respect your likings and your house how it is…then he doesn’t seem very nice eh?…But ok, you know him best…even if you haven’t been together for a year yet. Just some piece of advice, it’s all up to you in the end.

    • sweettomato says:

      i do agree, don’t just change cos he don’t like it. it’s YOUR house not his. unless he chips in and pay for half of everything he shud hv no say at all. besides, plenty of time to change the house decors AFTER u’re officially married. u nvr know few mths after u re-decorate, tai gah lai si, he decided to leave, then what? u’re left with decors u dont like & hv to pay for it all urself. life is hard enuf, don’t hv to make it even harder. just my 2 cents.

      • cheesie says:

        Of course re-designing it will be something that i like! Also have an image in my mind how it should look like!! <3 and he did offer to pay for renovation so it's all good la! <3

    • sweettomato says:

      sorry for being a busybody though. just a concerned reader who has been there. GREAT HOUSE by the way. love it. it’s very you. 🙂

    • cheesie says:

      Omg ok maybe i have said it in a wrong way. Actually i LOVE the cottage design but i also feel that i wanted to make it more adult looking since i’m into all MODE fashion now. And if in the future i want to rent out the house i think it is quite hard with such extremely girly feel (imagine a single guy wants to rent it!!!)

      So he suggested we do a make over to improve the house. From good intention la.

      Most of my life i have been super selfish so i don’t think that’s an issue haha. But thanks so much for your concerns. <3

  13. YOU HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOUSE EVER!!! omg, i guess all those years of trial & error for you were worth it.. it looks like something out of a catalogue!! Inspires me to save up and make some place my home like yours, so beautiful ><"

    • cheesie says:

      thanks so much for all the compliments!!! Actually i really didn’t expect so many people to give such high praises because for me i think it’s very very ordinary with SOOOOO many other nice houses as seen in magazines and friend’s haos. But now i feel sooo lucky. Thank you!!!

  14. bendan says:

    Woah~ this was once my dream house… but after start committed to working life, I think that’s impossible to own a dream house like yours. Thanks for your sharing, seriously, now there’s always a hope. =]

    You’re awesome cheesie. *cheers*

    • cheesie says:

      Actually i am only paying RM1,045 monthly for installment (for 30 years) so i think it’s very affordable! Even rental is more ex than that right!

  15. lissy says:

    omg I love your house! it’s like my dream house 🙂

  16. Anivyl says:

    actually i quite curious how a singaporean like me can buy a malaysian property also. but i search left and right seems all dubious LOL but i also one day want to own a property in malaysia for myself/family 🙂

    nice apartment 🙂 <3 the concept, regardless of your kareshi. but I thought you guys are staying in japan?

    • cheesie says:

      how come u want to stay in Malaysia? 😀

      • Anivyl says:

        I want my parents + sister to retire there because my mum’s side of the family whom we are closer to are there. I want a home there myself as I am so used to living by myself now, depending on relatives for a place sucks lol!

        but… just dreaming for now. planning and all and scouring for information is where I am at at the moment hehe

  17. Amelia says:

    Wah 4 years without washing machine. So did you wash all your clothes by hand all these years? Or you sent them to dobi? o.O

    Anyway, salute you!! You bought your own house at the age of 24!!! 😀

  18. ErikaToh says:

    Amazing, nice home! 🙂

  19. Peekashu says:

    This is really really really amazing and I really really really like it (really three times cos three times means I really really really mean it.)

    Ikea should hire you. Like really. 😛

  20. cat says:

    wow impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love your house hehee so nice n lovely.. every gal dream house hehee

  21. cat says:

    btw i thought you are from a rich family..i mean very rich type.which u dont need to buy the furniture one by one. hehe quite shock 😛 😛 😛

  22. hanneebuff says:

    You have such a nice house Cheesie. The colors that you chose are perfect since it made the the whole place look much bigger and there’s light all around. I don’t know my architecture but your place sure is pleasing to the eye.

    I want a place like yours even though I don’t work at home. hehe! I just want a place where I could relax after a long day at work. 😀

  23. min says:

    omg!!! it’s so pretty. Can you show the corner where you put bag? i love that corner so much

  24. ValAtkinson says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    I hope to own my own place as well. Am looking for a studio apt but prices are crazy especially for something around 850sf with a decent location. 🙁

    Your crib looks good btw. 😀

    I would love to travel as well. I love what you’re doing. You inspire me. 😆

  25. Rozana says:

    OMG, u are 24?? I’m 23 but still in uni. So proud of you! 😉

  26. Dunno_ying says:

    It is a huge success to have a house like this, and it is soooo beautiful. I always wanted my own private space with such beautiful decoration, but I dun even have my own room now, T_T . 😥

    Great job cheesie, you are an inspiration for all the bloggers to keep blogging. 😛 😛

  27. katrin says:

    Amazing house! I think it was a best decision to sell your car for the down payment of this house. You are very inspirational. So in love with the colour of your house.

  28. Jen Xi says:

    I wish I could do that in Singapore. The property cost here is gonna keep me from owning a house this decade. T__T

    That’s a very lovely house. I guess most of us would slowly accumulate the furniture and get an idea of how we want our homes to look like, instead of splashing it out on hiring an interior designer and getting it renovated once and for all.

  29. amy says:

    din show entire house also.

    din show another side of the bed room also.

    din show bathroom also.

    • Ewa says:

      i add…

      din show a clearer kitchen also.

      din show the balcony also.

      din show the closet.

      din show the toilet bowl. lolol..

  30. Enricoooo says:

    The mirror so big and so white!!!!

  31. ChouAshley says:

    Wow, I am very impressed! Right now I am living how you were in the old days. I had to relocate far from my home for work with very short notice, so I had to rent an apartment in a city I never visited before and had no furniture. I slept on an air mattress for a week before I could buy a proper mattress! Now I am slowly buying proper furnitures as I an afford them. Good thing Ikea stuff is cheap and can look quite stylish!

  32. Saksaneq says:

    Cheesie, your home is beautiful and you did a great job decorating it! Congrats 🙂

  33. TorukoGyaru says:

    Wow sooo nice*-* love the decoration! Congrats, I know it is hard, been there xD

  34. melody says:

    WOW!!!!! extremely impressed!!!!
    never tot that you had to collect piece by piece and then live without certain things.
    tot it was looking exactly like this from the word go!!!
    really salute you!!!!
    you’ve a really really really pretty home!!!!!!

  35. Denny says:

    Your bedroom looks amazing, I think it will be sad if you change it.
    I want a place of my own but I want to finish my education first and then think further ahead.

  36. usagiipyon says:

    WOW!! Cheesie your house is gorgeous, its nice that you explained that you didn’t just move in with it looking that gorgeous. I’m hoping to move out as well and I would love my apartment to look as beautiful as yours, but I will probably have to collect piece by piece because I’m afraid of taking anything that is similar to loans 🙁

  37. Jess says:

    Wow, I’m with everyone else; it’s beautiful. Even though the place started quite bare, it seems like it would be exhilarating, being able to start fresh. I still live with my parents, and it’s getting kind of stuffy since they treat me like a child. The floor is so shiny. On a related note, I also have a sharp aquos, and macbook [pro] and imac, although I couldn’t afford them without my parents. Congrats on being able to furnish as you like, although I’m not too surprised your beau isn’t too fond of the feminine decor. I like girly stuff too, but even with age I’d consider transitioning. I hope I settle down with a girl who likes similar stuff that I do, so we won’t spend our time fighting over how the home should be decorated 😆 . I would also like to see the kitchen renovations, if you decide to follow through with that; I just love new kitchens, for some reason. Also, I didn’t know you didn’t cook 🙂 . I love to cook, but that’s because it became a necessity with changing my eating habits. Good luck to you, I really enjoyed the photos.

  38. MimieJay says:

    I only have room..but I decorated myself within dad’s budget.

    My room has been PINK since I was born, never like it especially the curtains, IT’S EYE BLINDING PINK. So then when dad wanted to renovate my room, I wanted to change my curtains..then mum retorted, eh you know how expensive it is ah?!

    Even ready made also I had no choice but to stick with pink because other color not ngam wan. Then after all the renovation is done, my dad says let’s go all out while we’re at it..change your curtains also So yeah, still the pink least not as bad.

    • asstha says:

      u can get ready-made curtains at Jusco during sale. Well depending on the type of window u hv… mine is the 3 panel windows but I took measurements in inches n cm jz to b sure… think I got mine for less than RM50… 😀

  39. love your room so much 😀

    mind to follow back my blog? thank you pretty :))

  40. Chica says:

    Ah I know!! So you took the photos with Tricia Gosingtian in your house! I thought it was at a studio or something 😡 now I really know it haha you got the best house ever!! If I was you I would rarely go out from house la because it’s so cozy<333 thanks for sharing!

  41. asstha says:

    Wow… ur room is hugeeee… I also bought my own place 3yrs back but it’s still under construction… should b ready by end of this year…

    question, when you went in the kitchen cabinets were already pre-installed or u did those 1st?

  42. BiiBii says:

    I love your place! What I think i love the most is that you get an amazing amount of light from all those windows! I can’t live in a place with very little amount of windows…. it is too dark and depressing! your place is like my dream house! I totally know the feeling of having to use sheet as curtains since you havent been able to buy real ones yet! hahaha! know that feeling oh too well!
    Your house is amazing though! good job! I am very very happy to see you have such amazing drive! You are my idol now for both home life and travel life! Well done girl! you have one life to be super proud of thats for sure!
    Your place is a beauty! That mirror is also a beauty too 😉
    Good luck with カレシ and having to redecorate the room!

  43. Germaine says:

    love your house cheesie! especially the living room and wall mirror! I’ve already applied for a house with my bf (I’m singaporean) and I know how crazy property prices are (especially in SG!! T.T) ! you’re really brave to venture out on your own, and doing a really good job as well! <3 JIAYOU!!

  44. Dylla Fadzil says:

    SUPERLOVE the color scheme of your house! It is very ‘sedap mata memandang’ 😀

  45. Dolly says:

    Was looking forward to your toilet (But ):) ! Because toilets are so hard to beautify.

  46. Cass says:

    Nice living room. I also want to hurl some of my cheapo furniture off the (non-existent) balcony. Eh, how do you get rid of your unwanted furniture in the end? I am having so much trouble in getting rid of it so I can buy new furniture.

  47. Hongy says:

    Uua, I’m so jealous of your haus because it’s so spacious and looks very “fresh” (★o★). I’ll work hard and hopefully I can get one like this someday! ^^

  48. VV says:

    Really an inspiration. Will work harder! 😀

  49. dukadukes says:

    i love your haos!!!
    evrything is so light and airy. thanks for finally giving us a tour of your crib.!

  50. Esha says:

    Cheesie your house is beautiful, but what I really want to know is how you did your hair!! Please tell us/give us a quick tutorial, it’s so so cute.

  51. Violet says:

    Wow, awesome place! That giant mirror makes your place look so retail. It’s a good thing!

    I found this site whilst looking up reviews of eyelashes. Looks like someone’s impersonating you!

  52. VV says:

    aww ur house is so pretty~~!
    I also want a place where I can call it my own!!! 😥

  53. Rosa says:

    Cheesie, you really are an inspiration! I’m too scared to live on my own right now and it is so expensive to get a decent safe place, which is sooooo important for women living alone. Your apartment kind of looks like my vision for my dream apartment too! But I agree with your kareshi- a mode look for the bedroom would be awesome. Right now, I decided to start collecting things for my dream place- small stuff mostly but all things I love. Every time there is a sale on decor things I’m so there getting the things I want to put in my place. Also, I was thinking about your last post on sakura and I don’t know when your wedding is going to be, but I think you should wait until next year and try have it during mankai- it would be so magical.

  54. Ben McC says:

    Looks like a nice place. Cleaner than I expected.

  55. Jane Ng says:

    Your house is like my dream house now, hahahaah. So nice!
    Thank you for showing us your house, hehe (:

  56. Dorothy says:

    Im amazed with this post as all this while I thought that only me and my husband will live in such a condition(getting our furniture piece by piece)…So totally understand most of your experience for this house as we were in the same situation as with no curtains for the past 2 years(using leftover carton box as curtains) and to date which is 3 years we still havent buy a TV.

  57. Lydia says:

    very inspired

  58. Niing says:

    When I read your blog posts, I really do get inspiration. Your home is lovely and I hope that one day I can have a place as nice as yours! I absolutely love white themed because it looks clean and simple but beautiful!

  59. SL27 says:

    Thumb up to you! I get to know you from the Star Property article…. Just to say working hard to achieve something for our own is a GREAT satisfaction.

  60. Stefanie says:

    Omg i love how awesome your house is! 羡慕~~~
    Gonna move to KL on September but i don’t think it is easy to own a crib as yours cause they are so dang expensive now >.<
    Love you, your blog and your house!!
    Do blog more!
    and congrats on your achievement!
    You're an inspiration to our nation =)

  61. anpanman says:

    I love your house!! please don’t change anything in your house right now.. except i agreed on the kitchen part. learn cooking please. hahah! i love to cook myself especially making charaben. as for the kareshi part.. i know he is a very “大男人”.. but you can’t completely lose what you love because of him right? ask him to pay for the renovation, then you can change everything according to his mode. lol!! but seriously… i really like the way it is now.. your house i mean.

  62. Sunny says:

    hi cheesie! i don’t often comment on your blog mainly due to not really knowing what to say… but i just wanted to tell you your home is beautiful! and i’m really happy that you achieved what you wanted through spending hard work, money, and time on your home! it really shows, and you definitely have something to be proud about! 🙂 your home is super beautiful and i love it! i wish i could wallpaper my place with something pretty, but as an apartment dweller i don’t think it would bode well with my landlord.. lol looking forward to reading more from you! 🙂

  63. quinn says:

    Waaaa plz share where can we find such a BBbBbbbBBBbbbbigggg ass mirror! I also want! <3

  64. ThY says:

    1) Gahhhkkk. Pls read the fine print of the Ready Credit. The way they market the “low interest” is a bit sneaky. Although great if you need it, but be aware that it’s calculated more like a car loan instead of a home loan. Ask what is the EFFECTIVE ANNUAL INTEREST RATE, instead of the nominal or simple interest rate.

    2) I have Cheesie’s fan/light, with the fan blades in a darker grey. I would like to sell it. You can buy from me for cheap once I uninstall it. Anyone interested, please let me know!

  65. Elisa says:

    totally love it how it turned out =D!!! Totally cheesie style!

  66. Irene Seah says:

    kinda looked like my dream house 😀
    THAT MIRROR!! $%^&*()_ i want.

    btw, reading from your kareshi’s dislike on the bedroom and you have to install more kitchen appliances, does this mean that after you guys got married you’ll remained in Malaysia with the kareshi?
    Just like Xiaxue who import Mike to Singapore? LOL ^^

  67. Fennie says:

    Your house is awesome, indeed!

    Thanks for sharing. I’m from PJ, but married to Klang, hubby and I just bought a house in Bdr Puteri, Klang. Can’t afford to get house in PJ area (my ideal house’s location). Hopefully can own a house there in one day la.. Be frank, I would rather own a small condo in PJ than a double storey in Klang. 🙁

  68. YiEn says:

    Your room is so cool!I hope I can own a room like yours one day!And u are the most inspiring fashionista ever! 😛

  69. Kerker says:

    Wow you place looks so pretty!!! I love how everything looks so modern.

  70. weno says:

    Japanese have really tiny and small apartments. Perhaps that’s why they thought that your house is big and spacious. Their apartments are really really really small.

  71. ahlost says:

    I love your “home” .. so nice.. so pretty.. nn

  72. eastsider says:

    erm, cash line shouldnt be encouraged leh. we should spend wisely instead of just get instant cash spend all u can and suffer later….nni signed up cashline for a few years without using it and eventually cancel it. it’s no different from authorized ah long.

  73. Anoymous says:

    Can you buy a flat by yourself at the age of 24?n

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