Last post on Japan!

Cleared all Japan posts with this as the last one!

I will be going to Tokyo end of August again for two weeks. 🙂



Unagi rice bowl!



Asari Mentaiko pasta!



Look at the huge dollop of mentaiko on my pasta!!! =)



My Mc D’s better than yours.

It comes with a crispy piece of (pork) bacon emo5

Anyway this is probably the oiliest thing i’ve eaten in Japan wtf. True story.



Went to Ameyoko and saw these incredibly cheap seafood rice bowl!! So much awesome fresh seafood for only RM20 each!!!


And then the kareshi suggested going for donuts and i was like NOOOO i hate donuts they are EVIL!! And he was all you have no idea what you are talking about.

No, really. The mere smell of a donut makes me retch, and i cannot understand why anyone would like to eat a deep fried sugar-laden piece of carb junk. But he insisted buying Mister Donut for me.


Fine. I had no idea what i was talking about.

Japan has a whole new definition for the word donut. It is BAKED wtf. It doesn’t taste like you are biting into solid oil and the texture is crumbly and taste more like a cake/scone.

I was impressed. Very impressed indeed.


Bunny and Bear cookie from 76cafe Omotesando.



Duffy Catcher!!





My first ever baseball game date. So Japanese lolol.

The whole time i was just like ok wtf is going on now why are they running and which side is this again -___-.



Went home and watched self on TV omg shy.



So happened the “All About Cheesie” episode was on air.


It says at the corner “Touching climax! Cheesie VS Kumakura (Shiori)”.





And then the kareshi brought me to the top Yakitori shop in Shinjuku!

Beef steak in spring onion! So good it tastes like angel meat wtf.



Chicken heart, chicken gizzard , soft bone and stuff!

I’ not a big fan of innards but some of these are delicioussssss!


More yakitori sticks!



This is cow liver! Raw!

Yea i know right! I sorta had one piece, and honestly i could understand why the Japanese looove this delicacy just as how some people, including me love foie gras. But i still cannot get over the fact that it’s a raw internal organ so i stopped after one piece.



A super slimy dish! With okra and raw egg.



Tamago kake gohan!!! My favorite again!

It’s so weird that i can accept raw eggs in Japan because they are always super orangy and looks very delicious. And after mixing with rice/other food it doesn’t have that slimy gross feeling anymore.

But i absolutely cannot eat the normal raw eggs in Malaysia, not even soft boil because it’s light yellow and very watery  T__T


Another Yakitori shop!

Picture doesn’t look as nice as it tastes.


This has be one of the weirdest things i’ve eaten, apart from raw squid eye.

It is chicken tataki, means it is half-cooked and raw inside. Actually there’s also chicken sashimi, absolutely raw chicken meat.


When i posted this on instagram 99% of the responses said that it is super gross and some say i will die after eating this. Then other say worms will grow in my stomach etc.

I do admit that i was slightly grossed out by the idea of eating raw chicken, i refused to have it in the beginning, but i ate it in the end. i have absolutely no doubt in the standard of safety and hygiene of Japanese food and have zero bad experience in eating raw food in Japan, and apparently only a special type of chicken is used for chicken sashimi that is salmonella-free.

A lot of people also commented that it was cruel for eating a squid live (or when i ate a fish that was served alive, the tail was still wiggling) , or it is super gross that Japanese people eat innards, sometimes raw.

But from a cultural point of view, i respect whatever they serve. Live fish is served to show the high quality of freshness, and most of the time we eat the whole animal, including its intestines, heart and even its fucking eyes, because it’s a Japanese culture not to waste food. We eat whatever we can. And it’s quite admirable how they manage to make things that is seemingly inedible actually quite delicious.


Egg soup at the end! <3



And that concludes my Eat, Play, Love journey in Japan earlier this year.


When i went to Narita airport before boarding my flight back to Malaysia, i saw this signboard.

It’s an ad by tourism Malaysia that says “We welcome you to Malaysia!”

And then on the left there’s a badge that says, “Most desirable country to live in (for Japanese people)—No. 1 in the world, 5 years in a row

I had a lot of mixed feelings when i saw this.

At first i was in disbelief and thought, “sure anot, sure bluff wan, simply waste our tax money!”. And then i specifically remembered seeing the stats somewhere some time ago and internally confirmed that it is true, i felt surprised and sighed to myself, “what a strange, strange world we live in”.

Short after i felt slightly ashamed and thought surely there are more good sides to Malaysia that i didn’t realize, and maybe it’s time i discover them and start appreciating my own country.

Then now i remember all the recent rampant attacks on women and the general concern about safety in my own city, i am all disappointed again. I mean, ask anyone how i feel about not being able to feel safe around my own house, and constantly having to be alert and expect something bad will happen to you. That’s quite a life to enjoy isn’t it?

It’s all very complicated.

What do you think?






72 responses to “Last post on Japan!”

  1. berylchoco says:

    Maybe they like it here because there’re not natural disasters here? Plus our Malaysia products cheaper? -__-

  2. Bella says:

    😛 I wish one day , I can go Japan with u..hehe..

  3. Daphnefroggy says:

    As a Malaysian really feel shame and danger all the way when hang out or somethings.what should we do is just keep attetion around and take care ownself!now very feel peaceful coz living in japan.Maybe this is the big different when you stay in msia or japan! Well..cheesie you prefer japan more than msia??

  4. Cheryl Chan says:

    Bacon in McD! that’s something Malaysia would never have. So jealous la!

  5. eiko-chan says:

    Maybe because in Malaysia, it’s still rather city-ish, yet not as hectic other major cities. Rather laid back if I may say so?

    Unless the safety improves otherwise what ideal country??

  6. Michelle says:

    i think regardless of which country, there are good and bad sides to it. it all depends on yourself. a lot of people tell me australia is a good country to migrate to but i beg to differ. despite the poor security in malaysia, i still prefer kl.

  7. Caro says:

    what i can think is malaysia security is super duper bad recently, but i think in certain place la :3 as u can see most of the jap people live in Taman desa i mean in KL, if not mistaken security they kinda good though

  8. Meidelynn says:

    as for me, i love malaysia to the max. i mean the people i know here are amazing, malaysian food is actually pretty awesome as well haha. and i just can’t get myself to hate the place where i live in.

    (heehee, i do love japan as well, eventhough i’ve only been there once~) but the politicians here (oops) are such a disappointment that i have no faith in them at all.

    • Meidelynn says:

      oops, i accidentally clicked “submit comment” before i finished writing it.

      haha. so yeah, i love malaysia, but some uncivilized people are ruining it, 🙁 and that’s just awfully sad. gahh.

  9. Vanessa says:

    Actually Malaysia is quite a nice place to live in except the slightly high crime rates as compared to neighbouring country like Singapore. It has a lot of uniqueness and I guess it takes time to realise. Don’t diss Malaysia just cause Japan gave you fame. It’s your country after all and I think it’s good to not negatively influence those Malaysians (esp younger generation) to dislike their own country cause it’s cool liddat. Not trying to be politically correct, just my two cents worth.

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Vanessa, i have never intended to influence my readers to dislike Malaysia, and it is definitely not because it is “cool liddat”. Have you seen the newspaper lately? Maybe not because you stay in Singapore judging from your flag. I haven’t. But i heard it first hand from my own friends things that happen to them and what a horribly unsafe place my city has become. It is a fact. And i am stating it. I do agree that if it is a considerably safe country, for example like SG, it would be A LOT EASIER to live in KL.

      Also, Japan didn’t give me fame. I made mine there. And i have loved it long time.

      • Vanessa says:

        But honestly, you’re focusing so much on the negative sides of Malaysia. From the way you deliver you views on Malaysia, you’re making it seems like there’s nothing we can appreciate about our country. Aud loves Japan everything like you but I don’t see how she always makes comparisons between this two countries and do a judgment on which is better. I just feel you should love this place a little more.

        • evangeline says:

          Sorry cheesie, u rock, but what vanessa said is true, try reading back yr post maybe u realize hw much u always talk abt the bad side of malaysia,

          • Natalie says:

            Hmm, actually I hate to agree with Vanessa and Evangeline, but I do think that you have portrayed Malaysia in a bad light, many many times. If I am a foreigner who has not been to Malaysia before, solely from your postings, I would think that Malaysia is a shitty country.

            Food for thought :/

    • cheesie says:

      Perhaps you guys are right, maybe without realizing myself i have directly or indirectly portrayed my own country in a bad light, i apologize for that and many people who love this country. But it was never my intention to generate or promote hatred for this country. When i travel to a new place, i see values and cultures that is praise-worthy, and i would love to share them as i think it could be something we can all learn from. While there are many sides to everything, i still cannot disregard whatever that has been going on these few months. I myself, and many of my personal friends have had an experience with horrible things going on including robbery and a bruised and swollen face. With all my heart, all i hope is for Malaysia to learn and improve and be a better place for the people here, especially when it comes to general safety for the citizen. And i feel disappointed when no effort is made to improve it as more of these cases are happening everyday now. But i get it, thank you for all your comments, now i know i should focus more on the good side of my country, and other things too.

      • Chriso says:

        YOU are a symbol of what our country can produce. That by itself is already a blessing. Malaysia is lucky to have you around, and hope you stick here all your life wtf

        That said, yes Malaysia has long more to go in terms of development and crimes. Here’s hoping that it will only get better from here…

        • Hannah says:

          I’ve never been to Malaysia but after reading Cheesie’s entries I still would want to go! Doesn’t put me off or anything wtf. I don’t think she’s dissing Msia any more than I would diss New Zealand.
          Maybe it’s just because you grow up in one country you get to see pros and cons a tourist would miss out on? And I certainly don’t think her opinion on Msia is any way related to her fame in Japan. It’s rude to imply that. It’s just her personal experience and you can’t blame her for that! 😀

  10. mochirou says:

    Ameyoko seafood rice bowls, and yakitoriiii~ T_T
    oh how i miss japan food. reminds me of the yakitori i had in osaka.
    ;u; it was so good, i think i would cry if i have it again.

  11. hitomineko says:

    omgish~ live liver?~ or raw chicken? I really cannot eat that! I think the most I can do the raw seafood~ ~ Although I guess “ you never try you never know “ lol.. so maybe… maybe.. but I doubt it! haha

    love u

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

  12. melody says:

    suddenly last post on japan sounds kinda sad
    then suddenly remembered you are going again soon! 🙂
    have a great time and great job opportunities!!!!!!!
    i’m sure you will!!!
    time flies and suddenly its august!

  13. Andrea says:

    I admire how brave you are to try all those interesting foods x3
    I’m really squeamish with food, so hearts and insides are something I don’t think I will have the guts (lol) to try, but I don’t see what is wrong with eating them. It’s a cultural thing like you said : )

    And I don’t know what is going on in Malaysia, but I totally know how you are feeling. Lately, nothing bad has happen in my city here in Mexico, but for most part of last year and this, every single news was about several people found dead or hanged off of bridges as a sign for the police.
    It’s horrible always going with that fear on the back of your head that maybe something will happen to you or someone you know.

    So lets try to be positive so we only attract good things!

  14. Purple Eevee says:

    So sorry to hear that your city in Malaysia is bad =( unfortunately I think people around the world have to worry about safety at one point or another. Back then I was so care free in California and lately do I realize things are getting bad. Hopefully the world will change for the better instead of the worst soon Cheesie. Stay safe <3

  15. Anon says:

    Hi Cheesie! I went to Osaka early 2007 & to my annoyance my partner couldn’t resist walking into the donut shop in a quiet part of town, not interested (cos I was thinking who goes to Japan to eat donuts? :P), so I waited outside. When he came out with the donuts, I took a bite of the Ponde Ring, it was the best donut I’ve ever eaten! It was Mr. Donut, we went in to get more & posed with donuts outside & some Japanese aunties giggled at my partner for doing so as he is a big guy. After that, whenever am in Bangkok, I’d buy a box of Ponde Ring & some Crueller back as there isn’t a Mr. Donut in Malaysia (After woofing down a dozen or so at the shop), but it doesn’t taste as good as the one in Japan & so is the Mr. Donut in Malaysia. I still think Mr. Donut in Japan is still the best Donut after trying Crispy Creme in Australia. Lucky you to get a chance to eat it often.

  16. Aivy says:

    Hi Cheesie!

    I’m so jealous of your Jap posts. I lived in Kyoto for about a year when I was at Kyoto Uni. It was great and I loved it. Unfortunately my half Japanese husband cannot speak Jap so well so Japan would be difficult for us to settle down.

    I have not lived in Malaysia for quite some years now. Although I have been back occasionally, but never long enough. I lived in Sydney and now Toronto. I’ve lived in other places too but I have to say that I really miss being in Asia. The people, the food, the culture, the accessibility to convenience. If Malaysia wasn’t so unsafe I would say that it’s an ideal location to live in. It has great sceneries and delicious food everywhere, any time!

    I’m not sure where I will be going next. We are not excluding Europe since my husband is from Munich. I’m interested to know if you are considering to move to Japan permanently after you are married?

    I really miss being in Japan!

  17. Denny says:

    This post is making me fat.

  18. fiionx says:

    omg. thank you cheesie for having that tourism board thingie 🙂 currently doing my dissertation regarding bout Tourism Board and this could actually help a lot <3!

  19. Christine says:

    While I know you love Japan, just remember not to view it as perfect/hate everything about Malaysia. Each country has its good sides and bad sides. Malaysia may not have the same environment as Japan but it still has its own beauty and appeal. I like the idea of a place that’s always warm. Japan may be more advanced and hi-tech but it’s very closed to foreigners (you can visit but if you live there as a non-Japanese, you WILL face racism) and had some of the most gruesome murders of its own with an f-ed up justice system.
    I live in the US and yes, we do have a lot of problems, but we also have a variety of people and culture. Places I don’t like appeals to tourists because it’s different. It’s fine not to love everything about your country and admire Japan, but you should spend some time exploring Malaysia! I’d be eager to learn about your own culture.

  20. Sazh says:

    Love that food!
    Is it expensive to go from your place to Japan?

  21. Abigail says:

    Yum! All that food looks amazing! (^^)

    People are too concerned about raw food… honestly, if I was getting it in a shady place in the outskirts of my city, ok… but eating in a restaurant in Japan, I don’t think anything could be wrong with the food. Japanese wouldn’t allow that!

    I feel the same way about my country and home city, so I understand how you feel. A lot of people say Buenos Aires is beautiful and who am I to disagree, but I don’t feel safe here. I understand Malaysia is completely different, but from the way I see you talk about it, we share the same “not safe at my own home” feelings. When you get the chance to travel and see the world, suddenly you don’t feel so sure about things back home. So I understand your feelings Cheesie 🙁

  22. Nikki says:


  23. bleusnow says:

    I totally understand what you are getting at. I have been with the Japanese and in Japan you really feel very safe. Generally, you dont feel that people are taking advantage of you and when they do something from you, they do it with a sincere heart and its genuine.

    I am bred in Msia and I don’t hate hate Msia. But I hate to feel insecure here. I have been a snatched thief victim before and I was quite badly hurt. Till now I still have scars all over. My heart drop or stop beating each time I feel a stranger around me when I am in the streets. My eyes are always looking around. I can’t go out and buy food alone. Makes me feel why is the authorities allowing me and my family to be living in such environment? Unless it is unknown.But heck, stories upon stories are pouring in everyday and what have they done? Meetings. 🙁

  24. mumutchan says:

    Hey Cheesie! you’re not the only one who feel unsafe in your own country.
    I currently live in Singapore but I’m from Indonesia, specifically Jakarta.
    As the country’s capital, Jakarta is full of people from all walks of lives and I can describe it as quite similar to KL (I’ve been to KL too). Whenever I’m in Jakarta, I will always have to put my full guard on, I can’t walk on the road-side (esp. at night) with all the snatch-thefts etc. Even if I want to take cab I have to be careful to choose only certain taxi’s company or have someone else as a companion.

    Like you I love Japan a lot too! Always feel that there are more to discover every time I travel there.
    People are so nice, courteous and helpful. Well maybe because I’m a tourist, but hey if you compare to being a tourist in Jakarta you’ll get ripped off in no time!

    OK, just sharing my experience here….
    <3 all your Japan posts!

  25. Shirlexia says:

    I really like the way you talk about Malaysia in the last para. Very nicely written!
    It is true that Malaysia is still home and yes there are so many nice things here like the food, the friends, some of the friendliest people here and stuff… But when you think about the security you’ll go like… Just get me out of here!
    I don’t think it is wrong for you to write the reality here in your blog, seriously! Those people have to realise what you are writing are just the reality and that doesn’t mean you hate Malaysia, right? And by the way, hello? This is your own bloody blog! Who are those people to correct you?

  26. Sabrina says:

    for whatever reason we have to love our own country. its like accepting our family good nor bad. 🙂 any place we go we always said they are better then our own. we are normal humans who never get satisfied will all things we have. i hope you will always continue to support Malaysia! im also sometimes complain about things happen here in Malaysia. you should look out for 10 most dangerous country in the world. we are much more better. but still, “hujan batu di negara sendiri,hujan emas di negara org”:) love you cheesie! may God always bless you with safety and health! <3

  27. Sabrina says:

    anyway i live in Malaysia, not Australia. why my flag show Australia? hehe

  28. Lisa He says:

    My first time leaving you a note 🙂
    I’ve been a quiet reader of your blog for some time now (from USA!), and your posts about Japan truly made me YEARN to visit the country.

    I had the honor of doing so this April during the Sakura season with my boyfriend, and his brother to visit our good friend who is in the JET program in Nagasaki.

    What an amazing trip! We stayed for two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our one downfall was the lack of Japanese skills, so we were not able to order more traditional dishes and were not super adventurous with the food; a shame!

    Looking forward to seeing what else you post about your adventures. I always enjoy reading you blog 🙂 Have a good one!

  29. Joey Y says:

    I really want to try mentaiko one day! Baked donut?? That’s brilliant, a good alternative for especially for weight watchers who love donut!

    Sad to say, I don’t feel safe in Malaysia too. You see, we are trained from small on how to protect ourselves. Like for examples, we make sure the smart tag is well-hidden before we get out of the car, we constantly think of the best place in the car to hide our handbag while we are driving, the 1st thing we do is lock the car door once we got in… we live with it!

  30. Wendy says:

    Can you tell me where is the yakitori place in Shinjuku. Wanna go there if I visit Tokyo.

  31. MimieJay says:

    I think Malaysia is a big word. Not all places in Malaysia like that. i feel very safe in my humble kampung. I think it’s good to practice precaution.. My dad told me that people become bad out of desperation and the public lack sense of security influence their action. He adds that people seems to like to show off how rich they are and doesn’t think much that their action.

    I understand you love Japan but Malaysia is awesome too, step out from KL will understand why Japanese likes Malaysia.

  32. ConstanceSQ says:

    Argh!!! I should start planning for a Japan trip!!! My one and only trip there was 11 years ago!! TT

  33. wow, even the comments are interesting to read now.

    I think some people need to understand that most malaysians do not hate their own country, we like to complain. What more for people who have been to other countries and experienced other cultures. We make comparisons and we judge.

    Not that we hate our country but it actually sadden us because we know how good this country is and how much potential is has but its all ruined by small things. And when all small things join together, it becomes a big issue.

    Grass is always greener on the other side. And it is very different experience in travelling and living in a place and growing up in a country.

    I love Malaysia but what cheesie said is correct. I DONT FEEL SAFE. It is not a ‘hatred’ feeling. Hatred and fear is very different.

    I hope readers dont get all judgmental too soon. You don’t need a post about how good Malaysia is to prove that you love your country.

    btw Cheesie, i know a lot of Japanese and Koreans around Mont Kiara area and they really love Malaysia. haha so the Most Desirable Country to live in is true.

  34. KY says:

    i’m positive that this won’t be last post about japan.

  35. Joey says:

    Last 2 weeks, it was my first time being in Japan. And yes, I was dying to visit Japan since god knows how many years ago. Tokyo literally opened my eyes in terms of civilization. When I was in Tokyo, I feel pretty much safe. I even see tons of Japanese carrying their bags (it was unzipped) without the fear of being robbed which I doubt we can do it freely here in Malaysia. Apart from the crimes, everything there is just so organized and at least the people there dont litter all over the place. The moment I came back to Malaysia, it was like “oh, so this is home. ): ” and the first thing I hear about this country are cases relating to snatch thieves and daylight robbery. I bet that’s the least u would want to hear when u’re home.

    So, Cheesie, I pretty much understand how u feel. It’s as if u are trying to give this country chances whenever u are home but with things happening around, it puts u in a state of dilemma and doubt.

  36. Megan says:

    You’re making me so hungry!!! Luckily it’s almost dinner time…

  37. Moomoo says:

    Frankly, i don’t feel safe AT ALL in Malaysia. even in my own home, i always worry whether they’ll be robbers with parangs forcing their way in even though security is at its max. Or when i’m driving alone, whether a car is gonna purposely banged my vehicle, and force me to come out and then rob me wtf. ANd wif all the recent attacks on women, i also no longer feel safe in shopping malls. Or WHEREVER LAH.

    Sad..but really true.


  38. Kelly says:

    Wow I want to try the cow liver wtf. As for the raw eggs, happy hens produce more orange yolks and tastier too. The ones in Malaysia are mostly caged hens so no wonder the gross pale yellow and watery yolk. Always buy free range!

  39. Fiona Chan says:

    I think your Japan posts will never end, which is fine with me I like reading them. 😀

    Anyway, I agree with the crime thing, I feel unsafe whenever I’m alone outside, and need to constantly worry about my safety, and sometimes think about what to do if I’m being attacked wtf. That’s not a nice way to live.

  40. Mia says:

    Cheesie,it’s true!
    I think I saw news like a while ago,they’re interviewing Japanese and they said they love Malaysia and would like to move to Malaysia anytime..
    I was like…really??

    uhuh…that’s strange..

    anyway…nice post..but how come you eat deliciously but you still had a nice figure..tell me your Japanese food low in calories that much? TT

  41. Antonela says:

    yummz, awesome post again cheesie 🙂
    the food looks yummie:)i wanna try all these raw food, i think i’d enjoy japanese cousine a lot :))
    btw i never was in malaysia bu i wanna visit so much, once i watched no reservations with anthony bourdain and the food he ate there was soooo good i jsut started to drool lol, i love diversity u have out there, contrast of KL with all these ‘jungles’ -beautiful nature…religious mix, amazing mosques, temples- a lot of cultrue indeed… 🙂
    greetings from croatia, neli xoxo 🙂

  42. xh says:

    altho i from sg n have lesser say in this, i do understand how u feel. my mum is msian who is now a sg pr. the last trip she went back alone, she was nearly robbed of her handbag! i never let her go back msia alone now.

    msia was like a second home. we used to visit relatives numerous times a yr but our trips to msia getting lesser and lesser cos we feel less safe in msia as compared to say 10 yrs back. just a few weeks ago another sg family got carjackd in jb.

    like u i am in love w japan. their working attitude is so good and to be honest it really is much diff from msia style of doing things. im not saying this cos i am fr sg and trying to stir shit, but i think u locals understand. it’s not that sg is super great (if u visited recently most svc ppl are not fr sg anyway) but the thing is i wouldnt wanna trade my country for any other country, even one as good as japan.

    sg is still relatively very safe. the first time i visit japan i was super amused that the japanese can leave laptops unattended in fast food places. but then i realised that ppl leave laptops and bags unattended all the time in sg too, its just that i only realise it after i noticed it in japan. once u start noticing little things like this, u realise that ur country is not that bad.

    i can easily walk out alone at 3 am in sg, which a lot of my locals tend to take for granted. not sure if it is safe to do that as a girl in msia, thats why i oso understand why it’s a bit diff harder for msia to compare favorably to japan.

  43. says:

    oh mai mentaiko! So yummy! >.<

    Erm, honestly, it has always been weird how people like staying in other country but we who stay in our country say it is now good ;D anyway, it is just about different preference…

    and it depends on which part of the country we are living in ^^

  44. Kim says:

    Lol some people need to get off their high horse.

    As a person who have migrated to Australia from Malaysia, I can see where Cheesie is coming from. Malaysia can be a beautiful and interesting place, depending on where you choose to go, but it has its bad sides as well that unfortunately even the locals can’t ignore. Its only been less than 10 years since I left, but now when I visit, my parents won’t even let me venture a little alone, don’t let me take my cellphone (force me to use like some 10 year old Nokia because no one wants to steal it) and won’t let me take my wallet and make me stuff my money in different pockets, etc. What happened to the place I used to be able to freely bike around and even make a trip to the local supermarket to buy lollies? And not to mention I was probably less than 10 back then.

    Theres no point attacking Cheesie about it because its human nature to think that the grass is greener on the other side. I can see why the Japanese like Malaysia, its very different and its probably very interesting to them.. just like how Cheesie likes Japan. It would be hypocritical to say none of you had any of these thoughts, it doesn’t have to be limited to ones home country. Perhaps one day Cheesie will even discover the bad side to Japan, whatever it is, like how when I think of Australia now, I can only think of it being boring, the lack of good Asian cuisine, racists and more.

    Sooo yeah I forgot what the point I wanted to make was, I don’t normally type such long paragraphs for a blog comment. But its all there, stop flaming Cheesie for such a trivial thing.

  45. Ben McC says:

    You got some of the last raw liver. It is illegal now… I’m really jealous.

  46. san says:

    i feel like cheesie keeps putting malaysia down. cheesie i think u gotta migrate and then maybe ull start to miss malaysia more and begin to realise what parts of malaysia is wonderful to you. i guess this is just human nature, u dont see what u have, but when u dont have it ull miss it. and choy touch wood should something bad happen to you in japan, its not 100% crime free is it? No where is.

  47. Dee says:

    I really enjoyed your japan posts and thanks for that but i thought the only way to have salmonella free chicken is to cook it properly? Aren’t chickens a natural reservoir for salmonella? I know the Japanese people are awesome but seriously salmonella free chicken? You are getting a little ahead of yourself cheesie.

  48. elliebeth says:

    I’m so glad to have read this post! So many yummy foods! I wholeheartedly agree with you about your stance on trying different foods. It actually makes me quite angry when people judge others for what their culture eats… Especially in America… It is quite annoying… Okay, VERY ANNOYING… It is a major pet peeve of mine when my friends are like eww!! that’s so weird!! But they haven’t tried it! By rejecting it just because it is different, how do they know what they are missing out on?? Maybe it could be their favorite food if they tried it! Also, I don’t know why they think it is weird to eat internal organs like chicken hearts and gizzard when they freaking eat chicken drumsticks. Umm, it came from the same animal! Give it a try! Anyways, that’s all, sorry I went off on a rant. Okay, love your blog, actually, I’m getting hungry now… Okay, bye!

  49. ennie says:

    malaysia is actually a really really nice place to live in. i know it’s become a lot more unsafe in the past 10 years but when i was growing up in the 90s it was great. the education system might be a little bit flawed but i actually love that i can ask people from developed countries if they ever studied living skills in school, if they know about car mechanics, woodshop, how to fix toilet, etc, and they’re like… UHH NO…

    and our multiculturalism is probably one of the main pulls of the country i guess. especially for people coming from japan, where immigration laws are ridiculously stringent and you basically just see… japanese people. incidentally, a similar poll was done in south korea about their top southeast asian destination for work/study and malaysia emerged as #1.

  50. Simone says:

    Hello Cheesie, I came to your blog via Xiaxue’s and really like it here. Your love for Japan reminds me of my love for a certain country and how much I would like to live there again. I find it important to have an open heart towards other places, even if it means seeing your own country with different eyes.
    I myself lived abroad 5 years in a row (before I had only spent half a year here or there) and when I moved back, I realized, as much as I am German at heart, I would not need to live here anymore. I am not happy with the politics and the salary status of my country, among other things, but before I moved away, I did not clearly see this. So I can understand that you see Malaysia differently when returning from Japan.
    I have never been to Malaysia or Japan myself yet, and I only have one Malaysian friend who comes from KL and now lives in Dubai, so I cannot say much about those two countries. But generally, I know what you mean.
    Keep up the nice blogging, it is always a joy to read your blog and man, you are one beautiful, sexy lady 🙂
    Oooh, and if you haven’t yet, do watch “Bizarre Foods Japan” on Youtube ^^


  51. Mindee says:

    We use to hv Mr Donut in KL..i had it when i was a kid. The store was just oppo Lot 10. Miss it loads cos d donuts was made lollipop delicious.
    Hate the crime rate in MY. Its ridiculous. Walking on the street feels so unsafe these days.

  52. Cobweb says:

    Hi Cheesie! Following your blog for a while and I love it! ;D And I tried the raw chicken in a yakitori store in Tokyo too!! I don’t remember the shop as my friend brought me there and the shop served raw chicken liver too ===_______=== I have to say I was impressed with the raw chicken – it doesn’t taste raw at all and taste like just nicely boiled chicken. I can’t even taste the “veins” in the raw chicken. But the raw liver has a very blood taste which I can’t really take ;x And I understand some pple may find eating raw chicken gross but I find it’s like eating sashimi – both are raw. And like you, I totally trust in the hygiene standard and the pride Japanese put into their food. They would not serve the dish if it doesn’t meet their standard 😉

  53. Rae says:

    Wow.. I really had no idea that parts of Malaysia could be so rough like that & I’m from the UK, a year ago we had the horrible riots -_-

    In Malaysia is it robbery, stealing that’s going on or much more?

    [ ]

  54. Liya says:

    it is the japannese food , right?
    that’s look delisiuous.. 🙂

  55. Liya says:

    it is the japannese food , right?nthat’s look delisiuous.. 🙂

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  57. y33hu1 says:

    Hi Cheesie! What’s the name of the top yakitori place in shinjuku in the picture above?

  58. Cheesie says:

    i cant remember the name of it so sorry >.<

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