Pictures are taken back in April during sakura season <3

And obviously i have already run out of titles for my Japan posts. :X

A sakura tree at Hachiko! Although wasn’t full bloom yet.

Met up with Shiori the first time after Kawaii Of The World.

She is 9 years younger than me but we really get along well so either i’m still too childish or she’s too mature :X


Met up with our (or rather Amandine’s) French translator Kanako san, and she gave me a birthday present!! <3


Believe it or not this is blood orange juice!

I have never seen blood orange so bloody before and it tasted really really good too!



Udon with Kanako san and Shiori!

I looooooove udon <3


Ok for the rest of this post and many other future Japan-related post i will just be omg i love this i love that all the time so. You might or might not want to take it seriously haha.


Such is my fate. Travel one time shoe spoils one time.

Good excuse for new shoes. Thanks ah.



Also met up with Bobo who went for her wedding photoshoot in Tokyo during sakura (so romantic!!!) and brought her to 109 to shop 😛


Out shopping 😛



Purikura with Bobo and Shiori!



Sakura cake at Shibuya Starbucks!!




The next day i met Shiori again for shopping!



This time at Shinjuku Lunime Est!


A lot of people say we look like sisters! Then again i look like sister to a lot of people -_-  Sometimes I wish i have a sister so i will know how she looks like.



Wore the same top that we bought the day before 😛

It’s very cute at the back with Trump prints!!!

(selling this top! Email me ^^)





Says “At Shinjuku nao! Together everyday <3”





Had a meeting with Kishibe san from Kawaii International and she brought me to a cafe that serves the NICEST macarons EVER. I don’t even like macarons. Oh did i say that in my previous post already!


Macaron Cassis T___T


Incredibly crowded day at Omotesando


Graffiti at Harajuku


Went to NALU Cafe for dinner!

Taco Rice <3


Pretty dessert!


Ok that’s all! In the next post there will be full bloom Sakura pictures!!!! 😀