My haos!

July 20, 2012 in Commercial Break


My house was featured in Star Property last week!

Me on Star Home front page summore! emp2


And then center spread! emp2

Wa nao i can auction it high price!!!

No la. It doesn’t look as good as the photos. T_T And it NEVER looks as clean T_T. The wonder of photography. T_T.

But that was the first time i talk so much about the place i stay in! And i must say that owning a property literally changed my life 180° for the better. I feel more settled down, i feel achieved, and the best thing is that every aspect of my life started to improve, especially career wise since i owned that place. Maybe it is the good fengshui. 😀

How you want to buy or not!!! 😀 I sold many of my things, my clothes shoes bags i don’t think i have sold a haos before wtf.

Now it is fetching a good price and i MIGHT wanna sell it off and explore other better options :X #upgrade  No la no money T_T.

Anyway i was looking at a new development, Arte @Subang West by Nusmetro Group. Before i go to their actual showroom i found out that they have Facebook app. It’s a game where you can invite as many friends as possible to move in with you and win prizes!

week 1: Fastest 50 move in – Top 3 gets Samsung Tab 10″
week 2: Most accumulated move ins – Top 3 gets Samsung Note
week 3: Grand prize for most accumulated move ins – 46″ Samsung Smart tv and other 3 will get Samsung S3

For all weeks, there will be an exclusive private party for Top 20 with all penthouse occupants.

This is how it looks like. Maybe you guys would wanna help me win a Samsung Smart TV? 😛

Then you can win other prizes yourself lolol. Go play now!


Also i am getting A LOT of requests to blog about my haos. Ok la i will do a full post on it later! ^^

26 responses to “My haos!”

  1. Anh says:

    You crack me up
    Wa nao i can auction it high price!!! haha

    Trends I Love

    I appreciate feedbacks
    If you like plz follow 🙂

  2. Dylla Fadzil says:

    Your house and you deserve to be on Star Homes front page! 😀 Love youuuuu. Cheesie. You and your blog inspired me in many ways 😀

  3. Sher says:

    It would be nice if you could do a house tour video 🙂

  4. Evy says:

    Lololol CHEESIEEE you celebrity!!! I also vote for giving us a tour of your place ;D..

  5. hitomineko says:

    o woooow! how nice! i wish I own a house now too~~ soon soon i hope =D

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. j says:

    nice house! can i come stay with you 😆

  7. says:

    I read the article. U r an inspiring blogger 🙂 keep up the good work!

  8. Fion says:

    i want hardcopy of this one. i want to put in my room as poster ^^ <3 <3

  9. yy says:

    wow your condo looks super nice! and that’s a really good price you got it at. must have felt like a really big milestone buying your own house! 🙂

  10. Joanna says:

    Show show show your house! 😀

  11. Reiko says:

    Waiting for your house full post! Hehe.

  12. Your house is so dreamy and girlish!

  13. torukogyaru says:

    I love your haos xD looks so stylish yet girly *-* and you look gorgeous on the cover 🙄

  14. Eivinying says:

    Felt quite obbess to ur Haos but horh..I think I unable to manage those daily chores without my mum and sis 🙁
    what is ur current occupation now? Curious..

  15. jocelyn says:

    i bought that newspaper!

    your room is lovely! 😀

  16. Joyee says:

    Hi Cheesie, I saw a fashion show ad on Tokyo Street, Pavilion’s bulletin board featuring a few Japanese brands including Emoda, happening on the 28th of July (if I’m not mistaken). Are you gonna be part of the show? 😀

  17. Vivi says:

    I’m shocked at how cheap property prices are in Malaysia :@ In Singapore, even in 2008, you have to pay double to get what is smaller and uglier than your beautiful condo. CONDO SUMMORE


  18. Daphnefroggy says:

    Cheesie i want meet you up!!!!!AWWWWWW~~~~~~lol

  19. Amy says:

    I found this article online a month ago and spent half the day trying to find a similar bookcase/shoe storage. No such luck though =(

  20. Hongy says:

    Wow your house is so nice! ^ ^ I know nothing about home decor at all, just posters haha.

  21. KY says:

    all that work putting up the doors for that damn shoe rack at least didn’t go to waste! phew!

  22. Denise says:

    I really love your decor house. The light decor cum fan is really unique. May I know where you bought that? 😉

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