August 24, 2012 in Commercial Break / Useless fashion

For those of you who have been waiting for this glorious moment!!




Some of the items are ridiculously cheap!!! (For Japanese standard)

A top is less than 1500 yen!! emp2

Anyway here are some of the items i ordered before the sales (T____T) from EMODA Global Webstore!

Jeng jeng jeng!


EMODA chain phone case.

OMG i have wanted this forever T_____T. I remember they used to have one early this year, i end up didn’t buy it because the case is quite thick so after you put it on, when you take picture there’s a blurry glow around the photo.

But i guess they improved! 😀 😀

This casing fits perfectly and it’s best for time when you head out without a purse and don’t have a pocket!



Testing testing… No blurry edges! 😀

Second item i got…

Pointed studs necklace in gold.


Studs and more studs this AW!


New coordinate!



Third item…

Spots Flower Denim. On sales now, only 4490 yen!



In grey!


Ena’s coordinate.


My coordinate!

Together with EMODA enamel bag and phone case.

Actually if you look at just the picture of the denim alone it’s quite a simple bottom.

But when i actually tried it on…

The fit is SO PERFECT.


EMODA knows me SO WELL. T___T


Also, some of my past MODE coordinate, all Matsumoto Ena inspired!



Top to toe EMODA.

Top, bottom, bag, phone case and shoes.








Bag and shoes from EMODA.





Bag from EMODA book! You can get it here.


Anyway i am so happy that i am going to Japan again!! I heard that they have renovated Lumine Est store in Shinjuku, imma pop over and have a look and shop till i drop <3

Update again!


Meanwhile, shop at  EMODA WEBSTORE nao!

22 responses to “EMODA SALES!”

  1. hitomineko says:

    O i like ur ENA inspired outfits! really can remind me of her! cool !!!!!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

  2. Jess says:

    love the second coord…and the shoes from the third… if i hadn’t already spent my money on liz lisa, i’d totally consider an order from emoda

  3. mei says:

    love all of your coordinate! You’re really EMODA fan ! 😉

  4. Sapphira says:

    YOUR SHOESSS!!! I just passed EMODA the other day (while I was getting totally lost trying to find the right exit form Shinjuku station!), it looks great. The staff are so beautiful I was a bit in awe *o*

    By the way, I met RinRin-chan the other week! She’s super nice, isn’t she? I’m looking forward to meeting her again at future lolita events. If I see you in Japan, do you mind if I say hello?

    • cheesie says:

      There’s a Malaysian working there!!!!!!!

      OMG you met her too!!! Yea she is super nice indeed!!! Of course when you see me pls do call out to me <3333

  5. Denise says:

    cheesie, can u tell me how u managed to make ur fringe stays so nicely on 1 side of ur forehead? (eg in ur last coordinate)
    Did u use any product or u just blow dry it? ‘Cause i’ve seen you changing sides many times and it stays nicely everytime!

    plzzz share the magic trick. lol.

  6. ahlost says:

    Waaaahhh.. ♥ ♥ ♥..

  7. Dave Lucas says:

    Great blog layout – pictures are awesome!

  8. FiSh says:

    omg a very very nice layout! 🙂 much simpler and matured. love it to max as well as your daily coordinates! *chasing up to the insta picts too*

    FiSh @ http://www.ohfishiee.blogspot.com/

  9. your coords are amazing! I like them a lot and they inspire me to try new things! Happy to have found your blog.. the spiked emoda collar is pretty cool and looks good on you!… and you look adorable with usamimi 🙂

    byebye, neko

  10. Tracey Marie says:

    This is such a great chance to get cheap EMODA! I went to the store in Shibuya today and NOTHING was on sale! Definitely just online. Thank you for posting this and love your coordinates, as usual. o( ^-^ )o

  11. Misao says:

    Hi Chessie! I love the layout…
    BUT! The text/font is painfully small >__<

  12. Z says:

    cheese, what happened to u? u seems like u lost a lot of weight. To be honest, u don’t look too good…

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