August 27, 2012 in Commercial Break / Useless fashion

Yay fashion post!

Today i’m featuring Whitesoot, an online fashion store based in KL, Malaysia. 

As i browse through their catalogue, i think they have a vast range of styles suitable for different looks and occasions. And the average price for their items are like RM40+ (top) to RM60+ (dress).



Anyway here are some items i got from Whitesoot, and different coordinates that i did!


Love Confetti dress with Peter Pan collar



I hardly do girly styles anymore but i guess it’s quite a refreshing change! The dress is also available in pink ^^




Polka Dot Swing dress with peekaboo details


A dress potential to look very sweet casual or Audrey Hepburnly or even mode!


Sparkly Night Narrow Cut Shoulder top and textured fringe miniskirt




This coordinate is more party-ish with the shimmer!




Twilight glitter blouse with peekaboo shoulder




Coordinate for autumn!!  Full of studs, spikes and dark red <3


Which coordinate do you like the most?

Whitesoot has new arrivals every day, from Sunday to Thursday at 8PM! And they also mail all shoppers’ parcels the very next working day!


Maybe you will also want to join the Whitesoot Bloggers Circle, which allows bloggers to receive complimentary clothing from Whitesoot every month (submission to be reviewed).

Shop with Whitesoot nao!



28 responses to “Whitesoot”

  1. Jess says:

    i love them all! but maybe the second the most. I make check them out, but of course, i can’t buy any more clothes 🙁

  2. I absolutely adore look #2 it is SUPER cute but so sophisticated at the same time. I’ve never heard of Whitesoot before, but after seeing how wonderful this combination looks, I’m going to look them up and grab a few pieces too! xx

  3. stella lee says:

    I thought that you had fringe extension but why some recent photos of yours still have bangs??? >___<

    anyway, love the last coordination the most!

  4. Kiwi says:

    First of all, I want to say I love this new layout because it loads much faster and it looks so clean and simple =D
    And of course, your clothes are so awesome. #6 is my fave and I love your shoes in the outfit with the polka dot dress

  5. Annyeong says:

    lol in the pic where u wore the textured fringe skirt (i think thata wat it was), u can see the tag for ur top.

  6. Mia says:

    awesome!!!Love all coordinates!

  7. PHOEBE says:

    love the new layout!! it’s so you but the font is really hard to read!

  8. Gisella says:

    I love the new blog layout, sooo pretty!!!
    And of course all the coordinates, especially #3 <3

  9. ef.ae says:

    love both the first n the 2nd!!! so girly, young n fun~~

  10. melody says:

    2 and 3!!!! looking gorgeous as alwayssss!!!!!

  11. Vivian says:

    Love, love, love #3 and #4. You look really adorable! You should definitely go to Disneyland with that outfit and take a picture with Minnie. xD I also think your Hello Kitty bag in the first two pictures is really cute! *A*

  12. Miho-chan says:

    Thank youu! I love your fashion posts *w*

  13. Sanya says:

    I love #7/#8 the most <3

  14. Marellus says:

    What amazes me about fashion in Asia, is that the women, the normal women, are still willing to wear dresses.

  15. rubie says:

    you always got style <3

  16. Jessamyn says:

    Thanks for sharing this post, and for sharing the online store 🙂 I swear it was hard to stop at 4 dresses!!

  17. Daphne says:

    I love the #8 one!!I love cheesie in black!

    LOve maxxxxxxxxxxxx!

    i always have your favorite flag! <3

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