You know what’s funny?

When you tell a joke or make a pun about pencils in your dream you’re like Oh My God that will totally make a genius tweet worth 1000 RTs and then I can sell it to comedians and it will be a big hit and go on TV and shit and then you will get so much money just selling puns about pencils before you go back to dream about some other awesome jokes that will make you million dollars. I’m not even kidding,  dream is the best job ever, except that you don’t even have to work because dream DOES the work for you, and i can’t believe i have only discovered it now! Imagine the kind of money i could have made? I am going to quit being a blogger now. It’s nice knowing all of you.

Except when you woke up and you are like, DAFUG, how would anyone in their right mind even think that the joke/pun is even remotely FUNNY? And you proceeded to sigh about how unfair life is and kick dream in the crotch for ruining the dream of your life, which is kind of ironic when you think about it.

So I would like to apologize here for the genius funny tweets worth 1000 RTs that I didn’t have every morning. I’m sorry. And i am back being a blogger instead of working for dream.

Also, i actually tweeted about this so i’m basically just copying all these from my timeline into this blog. BECAUSE I DIDN’T GET THAT 1000 RTs, YOU JERKS. I blame dream. Also  because probably only one and a half people have seen my tweets, so i’m writing it here now. Just in case.




You know what? Let’s start again from the top.


You know what is not funny?

DREAM THAT IS NOT FUNNY. That is what not funny. END OF STORY.

Have a good day. And don’t dream.


And the only good thing that came out of this whole catastrophe is that i now have a new twitter profile.


In conclusion, dream is an asshole.


PS: Also, notice the category this post is in? It’s like dream is mocking me. I am going to creat a new one called “Just Not Punny” and fill it with dream-inspired unfunny posts.  You are welcome.